The Best Shower Head – Reviews in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

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So it’s time to purchase a new shower head, but you’re not sure which make, or model is the best shower head to buy.

Are you simply interested in replacing an old one for a new one that will get the job done, or are you looking for that shower spa experience?

There may be a certain type of showerhead that you are looking for to suit your situation; we have covered these in our ultimate guide to shower heads which you can find on the market today.

The Best Shower Head:

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  • High Pressure
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  • Fixed Shower Head
  • Basic Design
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Don’t sweat it if you have no idea where to start your search or what to look for. We’ll begin by detailing the available models and shower heads with different features, sharing our basic overview of shower heads, list the attributes used to rate them and then follow it up with the top picks in categories such as best handheld and best high-pressure shower heads.

Note: Since the publishing of this article, we have come across another exceptional model that we have shared with you at the end of the article, so stay tuned! 

Showerheads for All Needs

Looking for a specific shower head?

There are many shower heads available just for you! If you want to cover a situation you may be experiencing or emphasize a certain feature in your next showerhead; this list is your guide.


High-pressure blasts mixed with pulsating sprays make the best massaging shower heads something you need in your life. Don’t have your own servant to massage you each day? These shower heads will do the work for you.

Handheld and Combination & 2-in-1

Spray your back with one shower head while the other covers you from a stationary height of your choice. This is what you get with the best handheld shower heads and combination 2-in-1 shower heads. These have become quite typical in many places with enough water pressure.

Rainfall Shower Heads

Let this large-faced wonder cover you from head to toe in warm, relaxing water from above. So many people love the best rainfall shower heads because they drape you in such a volume of water and provide an unbelievable experience.

For Low Water Pressure / High-Pressure Jet

Is the water coming to your house or something in your plumbing, leaving your water depressingly under-powered? Then, you need a shower head for low water pressure. Unfortunately, if you live in a municipality, there is really nothing you can do about your water pressure, but there is something you can do about your shower head.

Do you have moderate or high water pressure and want to have the most powerful shower ever spray your body? Then, we’ve picked out the best high-pressure shower heads. Low water pressure shower heads only improve the situation, whereas these shower heads are meant to blast you with your already high or moderate water pressure.


Perhaps your opinion differs, and you want to tone down your water pressure intensity for a nice relaxing spray. Low flow and water-saving shower heads take your current pressure and output a restricted flow.  The best water-saving shower heads will not only assist in masking your high pressure but are friendly to the environment by requiring less water.

Filtered or In-line Showerhead Filters

Water generally contains minerals and other chemicals; some of these can be harmful to your skin and, over time, reduce the effectiveness of your shower head. If your water tests as high as mineral content, you may want to consider one of the best filtered shower heads or shower head filters to place in your shower arm before the head. These are effective for hard water.

Height Extensions (Shower heads for Tall People)

Stepping into the shower and having to crouch down to get underneath the spray is no fun for anyone. Tall people always face the problem of spaces designed for shorter people. Looking to raise your shower head? Read our reviews of shower heads for tall people and the included extension arms that make them so perfect.

With Bluetooth Speakers

Well, if singing in the shower isn’t on your list of favorite things to do, then you could just listen to some tunes while you are in there; if it is, now you can sing along! Bring your music with you in the shower safely with a shower head with a Bluetooth speaker in it. Sync your device and make your next shower more exciting.

With LED Lights

Music is not enough; how about adding some colored lights in?  The best-LED shower heads shine a light through the streams of water to give you a unique light show experience while you cleanse. Get one with a speaker and LED lights, and throw yourself a bathroom dance party (don’t slip!).

Within these categories, you can also find…

Multi-setting If you want to easily adjust the flow pattern of the water coming from your shower head, a multi-setting option will be great for you.  You may encounter the term, Flipstream technology while searching for multi-setting models. This technology allows you to flip the shower head depending on the spray face you desire.

Single-Setting: Fewer options are sometimes better. A simple, one-setting shower head with an effective spray pattern may be more reliable and hassle-free in the end.

Two-in-one: Not sure if you want a stationary unit or a handheld…why not have both! These heads come with a wall-mounted unit and a handheld head that you can remove for greater mobility.

Shower Towers:  Not satisfied with any of the above? A shower tower will give you everything you want and more. The stationary unit of the shower panel often has rows of massage faucets/jets, a removable handheld unit and let´s not forget the rainfall shower head sitting above, giving that true spa shower experience.

Overview of Shower Heads

Before we get into the products and attributes, we’ll first explain shower heads and share with you why buying the right one is so vitally important not only to your shower experience but to your daily expenses as well.

Shower head reviews everywhere claim to have found the best one, but we have truly unveiled the top models that are available on the market today. When reading through our top picks later on in this post, keep in mind the considerations, which we’ll go into depth on, and make sure that whichever you end up picking has all the attributes you want.

As you’ll see directly below, we’ve listed the AquaDance Deluxe as our favored product for the top-rated shower head. So take a look below to see why; it definitely does tick all the boxes on our considerations list!

Does selecting the perfect showerhead actually matter? Definitely! For starters, comfort and experience play a big role in the enjoyment of your shower. This is something you don’t want to be skimping on since, for many of us, the time we hop in the shower is the only moment of peace we have in our day. There’s no point investing in a shower head that doesn’t offer the options you need, whether multiple water release mechanisms for a relaxing massage-like experience or maximum water coverage.

How to Select The Perfect Shower Head

Once you understand what a shower head is, there are many reasons why finding the right one can be a difficult process. First, it would help if you considered a range of factors, such as your budget, water pressure and water type, whether you have hard or soft water, and even the level of pollutants you would like to get rid of, such as chlorine, for example.

Remember: Selecting a shower head that isn’t suited for your water pressure or type will affect how it functions and may lead to inefficiency, which could later result in a higher-than-expected water bill.

Low water pressure can lead to lousy showers, while pollutants such as chlorine cause dry skin and affect how your hair looks and feels. There are specific situations in which the type of shower head you buy is critical; therefore, the shower head you choose may or may not be the most beneficial to you, depending on your needs and desires. For example, maybe you want to get drenched by a huge stream of water but sometimes have the option for a lighter shower.  You can accomplish this easily with the shower heads on the market today that host many different settings.

What Attributes Have We Focused on to Rate These Models?

You may be wondering what we decided to focus on while we made our top choices.  Since there are so many options available, we had to narrow it down to the most important.  For simplification, we have divided our choices into different categories based on what each specific shower head is best at.

It may be helpful to ask yourself these 4 questions before reviewing the category attributes; doing so will help you stay focused on what you want while conducting your search.

  • In what shower space (guest bathroom, master bedroom) will the installation take place?
  • How many people will be using the shower? Will varied heights or mobility requirements need to be taken into account?
  • Is your focus on finding the best high-efficiency and effective showerhead, or are you also looking for a shower experience that offers sensory options?

Useful Features

You may just want a basic shower head, but we have considered the number of “useful” features for each model. We will avoid going into detail on the so-called useless features that some have, like the Kohler Moxie shower head, designed with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Although a unit such as this may seem like the new must-have, make sure that shower heads coming with features like this still do cover all the basics you need.

Some features you may read or hear about are:

  • Touch-Clean: Tired of clogging? A shower head with touch-clean technology lets you wipe off any build-up of lime and/or calcium from the soft rubber nubs. Guarantees that you won´t ever have to deal with showering under a trickling stream.
  • Rite-Temp: We all dislike that unexpected cold and hot blasts of water, normally resulting from someone flushing a toilet or running the water in a sink nearby. The Rite-Temp technology ensures that the water temperature is regulated to provide the optimal temperature setting.
  • Cut-off Valve: Great for reducing the amount of water consumed (ex. to be used while shampooing).

Key Attributes & Considerations

Water Pressure – We want to make sure that the shower head is not limiting the flow of water or pressure coming from your tap.  Our top selections take water pressure into account. As a general rule, the larger the diameter of a shower head, the weaker the pressure.

Note: Maximum flow rate on new shower heads is listed at 2.5 GMP at a pressure of 80PSI. If you have low water pressure in your home, consider purchasing a specifically low-pressure use unit. 

Ability to Filter – With the presence of minerals and other microscopic elements in our water, you may want to filter the water as it leaves the shower head, even if you have a basic water filtration system at home.

Handheld Option – It’s always nice to be able to maneuver the shower head into places we can’t reach.  This is also handy to wash other things in the shower, such as pets or large items. If you want a handheld option with more mobility, we suggest purchasing one with a rubber hose.

Water Coverage – Quite simply, we have selected models that will not disappoint if you want to get covered in water.  Check out some of the rainfall shower heads for your greatest amount of wet coverage per second. Rainfall showers will not let you down when it comes to promising a gentle and smooth water flow. The wide spray pattern on these shower heads will also reduce pressure; therefore, if this is something you are concerned with controlling, you´ve found the right shower head for you. Other spray options include fine mist, sharp spray, and massaging swirl, to name just a few.

Quality & Materials

Among all of these other attributes, attention to the item’s base quality has been made.  If the manufacturer is known for making faulty products, or if the product is made of poor materials, we have covered this. We’ve also considered the materials each of the top-rated shower heads are made from; some of the more common finishes are:

  • Chrome: Incredible durability and is easy to clean; the downside is that it will show watermarks more than other materials.
  • Nickel: Classic stylish look; it´s best to look for a model with a titanium finish to resist scratches and tarnishing.
  • Brass: Looks great in a traditional bathroom with an antique feel.
  • Bronze: For a rustic look, bronze is the way to go!
  • Stainless Steel: Modern look that doesn´t show water spots.

Keep in mind that you can always check out shower heads with more specific uses; you can find additional resources within the text of this page.

Shower Head Reviews – Top Picks for Each Type

So, without further delay, here is a list of the best shower head reviews to help you find out the best and most suited shower head available for your bathroom.

Combination Showerheads

# 1 AquaDance® 7″ Premium High-Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo Combines the Best of Both Worlds

You will find this bad boy at the start of any top 10 shower heads list. This multipurpose shower head from AquaDance is a dual head combo that covers all your possible needs. Easy to install, without the need for a professional, it is a real contender for the best shower head.

Easy-to-use controls let you effortlessly switch between the 2 shower heads. Its varied 5 settings have your shower experience covered no matter what mood you are in. The fixed head has an impressive 4-inch face, meaning you will get great body coverage.

The handheld unit has a solid grip handle made from ABS plastic and chrome, meaning that it is built for durability. A little more expensive than the average shower head; however, if you’ve got the money to fork out, then this is the shower head for you. For a luxury bathing experience, the AquaDance will not disappoint.


# 2 AquaDance® 30-Setting 3-Way Shower Head / Handheld Shower Combo – Best Shower Column Reviews

Another dual shower head system and one of the best handheld shower heads are coming out near the top of our list. This easy to install shower head combo is an extremely high scorer in customer satisfaction. It conforms to all the highest US quality and performance standards, so as you might expect, it’s manufactured from all of the best materials.

The shower head features 6 shower settings: power rain, pulsating massage, mist, rain massage, rain mist and water-saving modes. AquaDance’s patented 3-way water diverter allows you to switch between the two showers effortlessly. In addition, the handheld head’s ergonomic grip and rub-clean jets all serve to give you the best possible shower experience.


High-Pressure Shower Heads

# 1 Culligan WSH C125

Ever since Culligan first released this high-pressure shower head, it has been a reviewer´s favourite and is one of the highest best-selling shower heads on the market today. This is simply due to how much work the good people at Culligan clearly put into its design.

Not only did they focus on making the best high-pressure shower head, but this unit also features an impressive filtration system. Featuring 5 different shower spray options and including high pressure and an eco-option. Its unique 10,000-gallon life span filtration system removes the most harmful pollutants in the water while helping to prevent limescale build-up.

Its filtration system has the bonus of featuring no chemicals, which also helps ensure that your health will not be compromised. This is a reliable, reasonably priced shower head system for those who tend to worry about low water pressure and water pollutants. The most diverse showerhead money can buy and probably top-selling ever is the Culligan WSH C125.


# 2 AquaDance Deluxe High-Pressure 6-setting Shower Head – Best High-Efficiency Shower Head

This extremely popular high-pressure shower head from AquaDance is Amazon’s number 1 release in the fixed shower head category. Unbelievably priced at only $9.99, it has won countless shower head reviews for quality and performance standards.

Independently tested, it meets the latest US compliance regulations, which many other shower heads cannot claim. It can be fitted easily, unassisted by outside help, by the average user. This winning showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you will never have to worry about it letting you down!

Its deluxe head features a high-power 3.5 rub clean jet system, easily adjustable with its click lever dial, allowing you to switch effortlessly between settings. This AquaDance has 6 settings: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Aeration, Rain Massage, Aeration Rain and Water Saving Pause mode. One of the best-rated low-flow shower heads on Amazon.


# 3 Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream – Best Shower Tower Reviews

Considered by many reviewers as the top shower head ever made and extremely popular not just with homeowners but many hotels too, the Speakman S2252 is another fantastic low water pressure, high-pressure shower head.

It can create a range of different shower experiences by simply adjusting the rotating handle and its easy-to-use control system. In addition, this system lets you effortlessly switch between its modes. For example, going between the high-pressure shower option, the eco mode, shower massaging mode, and even a rainforest-like rainfall mode, all of which give a delightful and welcome full shower experience.

This shower system works even on low water pressure systems and has been a life-changer for thousands of families. Speakman’s 360 Anystream Technology uses 6 adjustable jets to produce 48 individual water sprays. This feature has been elevated this model as a winner with Amazon’s customers and made it into one of the bestselling shower heads. It might be a little more costly than some, but the Speakman S2252 is worth every cent and is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Filtered Shower Heads:

# 1 Culligan WSH C125

Featured earlier in this list under the high-pressure shower section, the Culligan WSH C125 cannot go without gaining a mention here. Its superb filter system removes 99% of chlorine and a range of other pollutants, metals and bacteria.


# 2 AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter with Replaceable 3-Stage Filter Cartridge – Chrome

Another bestseller on Amazon, this is, in fact, the best-selling filter system for showers they currently stock. It is ideal for those who don’t want to throw away their old shower head; with this shower filter, they have the solution.

It features a 3 stage filtration system that utilizes KDF 55, calcium sulphate and activated carbon to remove just about every undesirable pollutant in your water. The filtration system removes heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and chlorine – which damages skin and hair. This system also inhibits the growth of algae, mould and fungi. By placing the 3 stage filtration system on your shower head, you will save hours of cleaning time over a year as well!

All of this leads to a more relaxing shower and gives you peace of mind knowing that not only are you getting the most relaxing shower experience, but you are also safe in the knowledge that your water is pure of harmful pollutants and bacteria.

Amazingly simple to install, you won’t need to call out an expensive plumber; you can fit it with only the tools provided in minutes. So if you are not looking to replace your shower head, this is the shower filter for you.


Handheld Shower Heads:

# 1 AquaDance® High-Pressure 6-Setting 4″ Chrome Face Hand Held Shower Head With Hose

Handheld showers are not hard to find. Literally, there are thousands upon thousands on the market.

If you are looking for a great all-around shower, then this high-pressure shower head from Aqua Dance is for you. Its elegant design is wrapped in a nice chrome finish, which not only looks great but serves the purpose of preventing decay.

This shower head features a large 4-inch shower face, making for a much wider shower spread and overall better shower experience. Its 6 different shower modes, power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist, water-saving and pause mode, meaning that no matter what kind of shower you want to try, you can find it with a simple click of its easy to use the lever.

Its fantastic ergonomic grip handle means you aren’t likely to drop it even if your hands are soapy. However, should the worst happen and drop the unit, it is made from only the highest quality materials to ensure high durability and longevity against wear and tear. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then AquaDance offers a lifetime warranty to put your fears to rest. This truly is the best handheld shower head money can buy.


# 2 Deliao Bathroom Handheld Shower Head

Deliao’s top-rated body spa oxygenic shower head is perfect for all those seeking some relaxation from their shower. Receiving rave reviews on Amazon, this shower head uses its patented design to shower the user with its huge pressure jets via its 3 settings; massage, rainfall and aeration.

Any one of these settings will give you a shower you will not want to finish. The massage setting provides a great relaxation effect to your muscles, while the rain setting offers you time to relax and just enjoy. Finally, the aeration mode adds oxygen to the water, which not only soothes your skin but makes it look and feel healthier too.

It also features an anti-clog system to prevent limescale and calcium build-up from ruining your shower experience. This truly is a great product amongst handheld shower heads, and a bonus is a 5-year warranty now offered by Delia, to give you perfect peace of mind.


Best Large Face Shower Heads:

# 1 Handheld Shower Heads (Circular) by DENISY – Hand Shower Reviews

Another excellent option for those concerned with a good level of water pressure; this shower head from Destiny is worth checking out. It is as sold as an ultra-luxury hand shower, whose 3 setting spiral shower head gives an enjoyable shower experience.

The main selling points of this showerhead are that it is super-sized, 12cm wide to be exact. Furthermore, it incorporates a special pressure booster that gives the 103 nozzles a good pressure level with rain-like spray coverage. It also features an easy to clean design and is made from ABS plastic and high-quality chrome. In addition, the shower head features a superb oxygen integration system that boosts the oxygen levels in the water, helping with keeping skin healthy. At the same time, a special anti-bacterial coating acts to kill unwanted germs.

Rated highly by customers as one of the best handheld shower heads, if you are interested in learning more, take a look at some videos for a much better understanding of its full capabilities.


# 2 Ansvip 12-inch High-Pressure Rain Shower Head – Best Shower System Reviews


This is another great dual combo fixed and handheld shower head. Whether you are using the handheld head or the fixed shower head, Ansvip’s chrome-finished shower system provides a superb high-pressure shower experience. When using the huge 12 inches fixed rain shower head, your shower experience will be a real delight.

Loved by reviewers everywhere for its fantastic spray coverage. This sleekly designed shower head features a built-in water filtration system that efficiently keeps your shower clean. It also keeps it free of build-up from limescale or calcium, meaning that you won’t have to spend endless hours unclogging and cleaning as you will with other systems.

Made with good quality materials like stainless steel means you won’t need to worry about it breaking easily if you drop it. As a result, this simple-to-install shower head is a winner so far as its customers are concerned and repeatedly scores top marks on Amazon feedback.


Other Great Shower Heads

# 1 Delta 75152 3-7/8″ Single-Function Shower Head with H2Okinetic Technology, Chrome

Delta’s great H2Okinetic technology sends a wave pattern of water spray onto your head, making for a truly great shower experience. Made in a stylish chrome finish, this is a great shower head, whether you have high or low water pressure. To save water without the worry of compromising on performance! Another great features are its clog-free holes, ensuring that you will have consistency in spray patterns in every shower.

Even at low pressure, it can generate a superb 2.5 GPM, while its 360-degree head rotation means it can be adjusted to suit your needs. Highly regarded by customers, this is a superb shower head that will truly change your shower experience.

Not only does this unit sell for an incredibly affordable price, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty.


# 2 Aqua Dance Deluxe High-Pressure 6-setting Shower Head -Best Fixed Shower Head

One of Amazon’s best sellers and unbelievably priced shower heads. This fixed shower head is another one that is on top of the pile. Aqua Dance pride itself as one of the few manufacturers that pass US shower head regulations in terms of quality and performance.

To back this up, they offer an unlimited lifetime warranty to kill any doubts you might have. Featuring 6 shower modes, ranging from rain like shower experience to a downpour. This shower head can be easily installed and cleaned, which makes this shower head nearly unbeatable when coupled with its outstanding performance. The best rain shower head on this list from one of the best-rated shower head brands.


# 3 Moen S6320 Two-Function Rain Shower Head

Since this article was published, we have been introduced to an incredible insider´s pick. After many months of testing various shower heads, the experts have spoken again and shared the Moen S6320. A rain-style shower is the answer to relaxation and enhancing your shower experience. Depending on your mood, you can easily change between the spray patterns it has, ensuring that every shower is ideal for how you feel in the moment.

With various features, including a concentrated jet spray, we´re guaranteed you´ll be satisfied with your purchase. Although one of the more expensive options, the Moen S6320 is worth every penny. You´ll for sure be reminded of the quality and performance every time you hop in the shower and use the Moen. The actual shower head is 8 inches and has a powerful water pressure level. Available in almost any finish you want, choose from chrome, antique bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, and brushed nickel.

Customer reviews and ratings of this rain-style shower head all share the same conclusion, and that is, showering with this product is an absolute joy of an experience. With a perfect and astonishing flow, at a rate of 2.5GPM, this shower head really does perform.

Lastly, the lifetime warranty should help ease any worries of having to dig a bit deeper into your wallet for this purchase.


Shower Head Brands to Consider

As you have seen, there are many different brands of shower heads on the market.  It can be hard to choose with so many options. To narrow your search, you may want to start looking at some of the most reputable brands, then focus on the type of shower head you want. Below are some of the highest recommended brands by quality.

Speakman Shower Heads

Speakman is highly acclaimed as one of the best manufacturers of shower heads. However, they focus only on making shower heads of all different types.  Notably, they make high-pressure shower heads with massaging sprays. Read our Speakman shower head reviews here.

Moen Shower Heads

Moen is a heavy hitter in the home fittings and faucets category. This brand is well known for making kitchen and bathroom taps that are high quality and look amazing. Quality is forefront with Moen as they have been producing fittings for most of the last century. Read our Moen shower head reviews for more information.

Have You Chosen Your Favorite Shower Head?

Well, as you can see, a shower head is not as simple as just being a shower head. There are lots of different designs on the market to cover a range of needs and customer bases.

In terms of the best shower head to buy, if money, low water pressure or water pollution is not an object, the choice is simple. Buy the Aqua Dance® 7″ Premium High-Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo. This high-quality shower head system will simply do everything you would want from a shower and is widely considered the top shower head in the world.

On the other hand, if you require a shower head for low water pressure or suffer from polluted water, buy the Culligan WSH C125. Probably the most popular shower head on this list; It will give you a great shower experience and provide you with the cleanest water. Finally, for a large face shower head, then try the handheld shower head by DENISY. Customers much love the Denisy for its great design and shower performance.

Final Notes

All of the shower heads on this list are the best quality shower heads you can find right now, with the 3 just mentioned above being the best shower heads on the market. In the end, if you prefer to buy one of the others on our list, rather than these top three, we are sure you will still be extremely satisfied. All of the ones that appear in our list are models we believe are the best based on trusted reviews.

Lastly, no matter which shower head you decide on, make sure you keep up with a regular clean of the shower face and nozzles. Regular cleaning will guarantee yourself an incredible shower day after day. In addition, an unclogged shower head will also ensure you have an enjoyable shower experience.

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