The Best Handheld Shower Heads and 2-in-1’s for 2017

For most of us, a relaxing and restorative shower is an important start or end to our day. Not only does jumping in the shower clean and freshen us up but it also acts as a recharge, something that many of us often don´t put enough emphasis on in our busy days. Taking time to relax, restore, and recharge is vitally important to our long term health and getting started with taking better care of ourselves can be as easy as showering under the best stream.

Selecting the best handheld shower head for your bathroom will not only provide better ease of use but it will also make your showering experience that much more enjoyable.

Our Pick for the Top Rated Handheld Showerhead:

DENISY Ultra-Luxury Hand held Shower Head


  • Resists Corrosion
  • Beautiful Design


  • Only comes in white
  • Needs better installation instructions

If you prefer more flexibility than a fixed shower head,  handheld shower heads and combination, 2-in-1 shower heads are a perfect solution for you.

Best Handheld Shower Heads

Fixed or Handheld Shower Heads?

Since each of us has a differing idea as to what constitutes a good shower, any good shower head with multiple spray settings should be enough to keep us all happy.

best moen 2-in 1 shower head

Increasingly, in recent years the battle between fixed shower heads and handheld shower ones has swung back in favour of handheld shower heads as more and more of us want the flexibility that a handheld shower offers.

Finding the best hand held shower head for your water pressure can be a challenge. It is not as simple as walking into your local DIY store and asking for the most powerful handheld shower head or the "top rated" handheld shower head.

Stay tuned for our ​FAQ where you can get the inside scoop into more information on combination and the best 2 in 1 shower heads, hoses, and answers to some of the questions you may be asking yourself on our recommended top 5  

Let´s face it, the last thing you want to do once you have decided to replace your shower head or switch back, is to spend hours on end reading through all those top 10 shower heads reviews. 

We have taken the best of the best and condensed them into a list of the 5 best handheld and 2 in 1 shower heads on the market today.

The Best Rated Handheld, Combination 2-in-1 Shower Heads:

This best rated luxury, hand held shower head features an incredibly large head. Its 103 nozzles and internal pressure booster create a paradise rain like shower experience which is one of the many reasons that makes this the best handheld shower head on the market today.

Most welcome is the shower head´s self-cleaning design which utilizes silicone gel to help prevent lime-scale or calcium build-up, while its top quality ABS plastic handle allows for effortless cleaning with just simply a light wipe with a cloth. The connection faucet comes with an antibacterial composite which also helps to prevent corrosion too.

Meanwhile, the shower hose is made with interwoven stainless steel wires which prevents rust as well as making the hose extremely long lasting and durable. It scores best in hand held shower head reviews amongst stiff competition from other high ranking shower heads, coming out on top as the best removable shower head.

Want more than just the best shower head in the handheld category?

This is most likely the best combination shower head on the market, which offers the best of both worlds. It features both a separate fixed and a hand held shower head, something which is ideal for those who can’t choose between the two types.

Though the design appears to be a little unattractive, this shower head system provides a great shower flow from both heads and lets you chose easily between the types of shower experience you want. The different shower modes are available features on both of the  shower heads. It is also incredibly simple to switch the water flow back and forth between the two heads depending on the water flow you desire in every moment.

Another great feature is that it offers a high output pressure option simply by detaching it’s easy to remove flow control piece; when this piece is detached, the water output immediately is boosted. Available in a chrome finish this shower head is easy to install and has you covered no matter what type of shower experience you may desire.

This detachable-fixed shower head combo is one of the best handheld shower heads and one of the top rated hand held shower heads out there.

Another great option, and also one of the best dual shower head systems, the AquaDance 3-way shower head. This easy to install shower head combo is an extremely high scorer in customer satisfaction. It conforms to all the highest US quality and performance standards so as you might expect it’s made from all the best materials.

The shower head features 6 shower settings; power rain, pulsating massage, mist, rain massage, rain mist and a water saving mode. AquaDance's patented 3 way water diverter allows you to effortlessly switch between the two showers, while the hand held head´s ergonomic grip and rub clean jets all serve to giving you the best possible shower experience.

It's no surprise that this premium shower head, featuring one of the best hand held shower heads, as well as a powerful fixed shower head, is one of our top picks.

Need the best handheld shower head with high pressure?

Independently tested for quality this premium hand shower head has a large 4 inch shower face and ergonomic grip handle, helping to give you the best shower experience. 6 shower modes can be easily selected via the high power click lever dial, giving the user plenty of options of different shower styles to suit their day by day needs.

With the simple addition of a wall mount it can be used as both an overhead and a handheld shower too. Its stylish modern design is made with all the best materials ensuring a nice long lifespan, while for any who doubt its lifetime warranty we´ll put your remaining fears to rest.

This is the best dual shower head and one of the best handheld shower heads for high pressure and so much more than simply the best shower head with hose.

The best top rated handheld shower head for those seeking more relaxation. This body spa oxygenic shower head utilizes a patented design to spray high pressure water jets on the user throughout its 3 settings; rainfall, massage and aeration. All settings are made possible by its patented design which also increases the oxygen content in your shower water, something that is better for your skin too! In addition to an oxygenic shower head being great on your skin, these shower heads will also help you save money by reducing your energy costs! Oxygenic showers use as little as 1.5 gallons of water per minute without there being a sacrifice on water pressure.  

This best-selling detachable shower head has easy to use controls and a clog prevention system, making this a great handheld shower head. Made from ABS plastic and Chrome this is a shower head that will never disappoint. It´s the best handheld shower head for low water pressure and with a 5 year warranty why not give this one a go.

^^^^Inaddition to an oxygenic shower head being great for the skin, theyare also incredible aids to helping you decrease your energy costs aswell; they use as little as 1.5 gallons of water per minute withoutthere being a sacrifice on water pressure

Handheld and Combination Shower Head FAQ:

1. Are 2 in 1 shower heads the same as combination shower heads?

Yes and No - 2 in 1 shower heads and combination shower heads are essentially the same thing. You could consider a handheld shower head a 2 in 1 as it does have the option to be fixed as well as handheld.  Meanwhile a combination shower head generally refers to a shower head combination with two water outlets.  Really though, the terms are used interchangeably.

2. Do combination shower heads always come with a fixed and handheld option?

As above, combination shower heads can refer to a shower head with two outlets.  This is really based on your opinion, what  you want to call it?  Either way, you can choose what's best for you, but who doesn't like that extra showerhead spraying while you wash with the handheld.

3. Can I adjust the height of my fixed or handheld shower head?

Handheld shower head units can be removed from their fixture and used at any height, as long as the shower hose is long enough to reach.  Most combination and 2-in-1 shower head units have a vertical adjustment pole and lock, so you can pick a height and secure it in place.

4. Can I get a longer hose for my hand held shower head?

You have to check the particular model you have or are planning to purchase.  Some combination shower head models have the ability to interchange different lengths of shower hoses while others unfortunately don´t have the same option.  You will want to decide on the right length if you are getting a unit with no option to change it.

Generally, single hand held shower heads more often have the ability to attach different lengths of shower hose.

5. Can I divert flow to only one of the two shower heads?

Shower head assemblies with multiple heads most often come with knobs to adjust flow to each outlet.  These are small valves can be adjusted to allow flow to only be released from one shower head, or to reduce the flow from one to the other.

Let´s get into some questions relating to specific models in our list of top 5!

1. Will the gel formula on the Denisy need to be replaced during the lifetime of the shower head? 

The handheld circular shower head by Denisy uses a silicone gel formula to help prevent lime-scale and calcium build up. There is actually no way to replace the silicone gel formula because it is in fact a part of the handheld outlet nozzle itself. Simply wipe off the surface of the nozzle and watch the dirt wash away for a quick, simple, and hassle free clean every time.

2. Both the AquaDance 30 setting 3 way shower head and the AquaDance high pressure 6-setting chrome face handheld shower head hold the Official USA Standard stamp. What exactly does it mean for a product to have this stamp? 

When a product has this stamp of standardization it means that it has been independently tested to meet strict US compliance standards of quality and performance. Not all products sold will have this stamp therefor, it is important to check before purchasing if compliance standards are of high importance to you.

3. Which of the shower heads in our list can be classified as oxygenic?

Shower heads that are oxygenic are beginning to grab more attention. When oxygen is combined with flow water molecules, the two act together to help avoid the production of bacteria inside the wall of the head. Trapped particles and bacteria in the walls could not only cause build up but may cause damage  to your health over time. 

Deliao handheld shower head increases the oxygen content in your water by propelling it through an accelerator fin, thus increasing the velocity at which the water flows, then directing it through a channel where oxygen is injected. 

 4. Which is the best shower head in our list for low water pressure? 

If you happen to have low water pressure, we´d recommend checking out the Deliao shower head. Its patented design helps provide you with the best powered shower even if you have the lowest pressure to begin with. 

the other.

The Best Hand Held Shower Head on the Market Is…

Believe it or not the world of shower heads is quite a complex one. With so many different designs on offer, which are catered to a variety of needs, choosing the best quality shower head for you can be a real challenge. I'm sure we all would love a 3 GPM shower head which is the most powerful handheld shower head money can buy, however when this is not a possibility, there are still great options out there. 

This is why it is recommended that you do your research before you buy. Reading plenty of reviews to find the best hand held shower head to suit you is always a good idea however, as mentioned in the beginning, this process can be quite long and rather boring which is why we put together our top list to help you out.

Whether you need the best high pressure handheld shower head, best shower head and handheld combo or best hand held shower head for low water pressure, rest assured that by choosing one of the shower heads listed above, that fit your bill, you´ll leave with a purchase that will more than satisfy you.

If you´re still stuck between any in our list, try comparing them to each other by typing 'best handheld shower head reviews' or 'handheld shower head reviews' and the name of the product, to read up on customer opinions of each product. Do your research by starting with figuring your which features you desire, read up on the customer reviews of the products you are considering and by then, your decision should be 100% clear.

Our guide is here to get you started in your search and help you narrow down your selection. We are confident that you now have a better basis for what to look for in the best handheld shower head and are sure your handheld shower head shopping experience will be that much more enjoyable. 

5. Can I divert flow to only one of the two shower heads?

Shower head assemblies with multiple heads most often come with knobs to adjust flow to each outlet

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