Top 5 Best Rainfall Shower Heads – An Ultimate Luxury

best rain showerhead reviews

Picture yourself being drenched in an endless flow of the perfect temperature water, all of your stress flows away as the drops run over you.

Now, stop picturing it and make it a reality. You’ve likely found this page because you are searching for the above mentioned experience with a rain shower head.

Tired of searching through countless reviews trying to find the top rated rain shower heads? Whether you want the best rain shower head with high pressure, or indeed the best rain shower head for low water pressure, finding them can be a headache. And what we are trying to achieve is the opposite of that.

To help you and save you the headache, my review will list the top rain shower heads available on the market today in order to get you to your personal relaxation zone. You can also read our overall guide of the best showerhead here.

The Best Rainfall Shower Heads

AquaDance® Premium-Plus High Pressure 6-setting 7″ Rainfall Shower Head

The Ultimate Shower Spa Experience! Officially Independently Tested to Meet Strict US Quality & Performance Standards!

This is undoubtedly one of the best rate rain shower heads available today. Manufactured to the highest quality and meeting the stringent US safety standards, this premium wide spread rainfall shower head is one of the best. It’s easy to fit 7 inch rainfall head allows even wider disputation of water coverage, making for an all-round better shower experience.

It’s easy to use control means you can effortlessly adjust the water flow settings, while its swivel allows for simple angle adjustment. Its spray jet nozzles are easy to clean, something which helps to prevent calcium and lime build-up that would ordinarily reduce the shower heads water flow over time.

As if that wasn’t enough, it comes in a stylish chrome finish and a lifetime warranty, now who can say fairer than that?


H2O Natural 6-Inch Fixed Mount Rainfall Shower Head, Chrome

If you search rain shower head reviews then you will be sure to come across this shower head by H20. It is superbly designed making it one of the top rain shower heads on the market. Featuring a 6 inch rainfall shower head, which can deliver a whopping 2.5 GPM with its easily removable flow restrictor, it gives a great overall shower experience.

Other features include easy to adjust brass ball joint for shower head adjustment, easy to clean rubber jets and a great chrome finish. So confident are H2O in your satisfaction with this product is that they are offering a 100% money back guarantee should you be unhappy.


Aqua Elegante 9 Inch Luxury Rain Shower Head

Best Thin Air-Injection Rainfall Showerhead – Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Yet again an Aqua shower head tops the best rain shower head reviews. Consistently said to be the best rain shower head with high pressure, this ultra-luxury shower head gives what is described as a rejuvenating rainforest-like shower from the comfort of your own home.

Ideal for both high and low pressure this wide area shower head is made from sturdy ABS plastic, meaning that it won’t crack or leak. Its self-clean nozzles stops calcium build up to help keep its gently rainfall like shower experience long lasting. East to install, you can now get a $10 discount when purchased with an Aqua Elegante shower arm too.


Ansvip 12-inch High Pressure Rain Shower Head

Luxury Stainless Steel Square Rainfall Showerhead, Chrome Finish, Teflon Tape Included, 100% Warranty

For an excellent shower experience Ansvips full body 12 inch high pressure rain shower head is also hard to beat. The main feature of this shower head its extremely wide spray coverage, something that is hard to match. Its fashionable design is made with stainless steel, is finished in chrome and again features a built in water filter system that keeps its silicon nozzles clean and free of lime scale. With no need to use any tools other than the ones supplied, this shower head installs in minutes without the need of any professional.


AquaDance® 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo

Combines the Best of Both Worlds

One of the best shower head systems on the market, this top rated rain shower head features a dual shower head combination that allows you to use either the fixed shower head or the hand held shower head with ease.

Easily a contender for the best hand held shower head title, it is painless to install and offers a superb shower experience from both the fixed and hand held shower heads. The fixed head features a 4 inch face with easy to use controls, while the handheld shower head features an ergonomic grip handle, both coming in a nice chrome finish.

Both showers can be easily set to one of the 5 settings, power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist, water saving and pause mode. Its patented 3 way water diverted easy switches water flow between the 2 shower heads. For those with a little extra money to spend this is the shower head for you.



If you are looking to buy a rain shower head online, then choose the best rain shower head based on consumer reports. Shower heads can be complicated, reading rain shower head reviews and even watching the best rain shower head videos can dramatically increase your chance to find the best shower head for you.

All the shower heads on this list have slightly different features, so a good tip is before you begin, write a list of features that you want before you begin your search. Then you will be much surer of what you need before you begin. Price is obviously important to all of us, take a good look at the upfront cost as well as any extra costs that you might have to incur later down the road.

Some shower heads for example will have filters which require regular changing, while other that are either made from poor materials and therefore might break easily. Make sure your rain shower head has a good anti clog nozzle design, like all of the shower heads on this list as lime scale and calcium can build up fast blocking the small nozzles quickly.

All of the rain shower heads on this list are great but if you want a straight up winner choose one of the shower heads from AquaDance. You won’t be disappointed.

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