How to Use a Toilet Auger

How to Use a Toilet Auger

Oh no! The toilet won’t flush. This is a nightmare situation and, to be frank, pretty embarrassing, especially if you don’t live on your own. The first thing you might try to do is keep flushing the toilet, but that might cause it to overflow. Next, you might grab the plunger, which will unclog the … Read more

The Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

Kohler has been a common household name for over 100 years and is, without a doubt, a brand that you can trust. It’s great that you’ve decided to purchase a Kohler toilet, but now you face the problem of which one to choose. We’re here to simplify your selection process and break things down so … Read more

Best Toilet Brush Reviews

Every household has one, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to go without it. Yes, the toilet brush is something that’s been around as long as you can remember, and no, they’re not all the same. With that said, if you have any interest in finding out more about which toilet brush will be … Read more

Best Moen Shower Head Reviews

Introducing a brand that puts it best, ‘our products aren’t just stylish additions to your home. They’re the connections that help make our everyday lives just a little bit better… a little bit easier. Our days begin and end with a refreshing, reviving, and rejuvenating shower, which is precisely why we should start to ask … Read more

How To Install A Dual Shower Head

In the first section of this article, you can take the mounting bracket of the wall shower and drop the shower arm holder as discussed in the first section. In this case, the installer will crack the wall of the standard shower head to install the new pipe, remove the existing pipe and insert the … Read more

Kohler Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews

For example, make sure there is enough room on the side of your toilet to install the seat controls on the sides of the toilet seat. The remote control for your toilet seat needs to be compact, and you also need to replace the battery in the remote control, and bidet seat remotes can be … Read more