Top 5 Best Shower Heads & Height Extenders for a Tall Person

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Shower heads for tall people have always been challenging to find. Some houses or rentals come with low shower heads and are irritating for tall members, sometimes, the water flow and water pressure are not good enough, and the shower head you have does not meet your specific needs.

While not everyone is willing to waste time searching for adjustable shower heads, there are numerous easily adjustable heads right in front of you.

Before you start typing into the Google search engine “How do I find the best-rated shower heads?”, ask yourself these questions to know what you want – “Do I need a handheld shower head? How big is my shower? Is my water pressure the issue? What kind of style am I going for?”

Like everything else for house decor, there are various options for shower heads choices. Here is a tip: you should know the best options you have out there and which ones work most efficiently.

The first step is to find out what’s available, and that is because there are plenty of different shower heads to choose from, depending on your budget. Although many others have specific requirements and preferences for their showerheads, these shower heads can meet all requirements.

Shower Heads for Tall People

1. Waterpik NML-603 Flexible Shower Head with Power Spray for Tall People

Waterpik is known for producing hygiene products distributed throughout the world. The Waterpik NML-603 Flexible Shower Head has an adjustable shower head height extender that can fit any preferences for your household’s needs. This showerhead automatically stays where you put it and has six different spray settings, including the full-body power spray.

This is the best shower head adjusting for low or high shower pipes. Poor shower head performance is often irritating and correlates to a design issue made by the manufacturer. Waterpik’s shower head optimizes your shower experience and maximizes water flow.

Installing a Waterpik shower head doesn’t require a plumber – it takes minutes! In addition, Waterpik offers a lifetime warranty to purchase this shower head, considering the quick and easy installation process.

This product is an excellent solution for those with incredibly low shower pipes in their homes. Despite the singular piece, its flexibility allows it to reach high and low areas. Additionally, if you have an awkwardly shaped shower, it is a great solution to maneuver the spray at angles the conventional shower head could not.


2. HotelSpa Emerald Ultra-Luxury 8-inch Chrome Face Rainfall Shower Head

HotelSpa offers a variety of different luxurious shower items for all customers. This particular shower head fits any standard shower arm — no tools are required. It includes an adjustable high to low shower arm extension with a swivel ball joint. The rainfall shower head maximizes water pressure, making sure your entire body is covered at once; moreover, it does not waste water with every use.

The circular appearance is easy to install. It comes in a Chrome finish, and it’s easy to install. HotelSpa Emerald Ultra-Luxury 8-inch Chrome Face Rainfall Shower Head has 120 easy-to-clean jets and provides superior performance with a removable flow regulator. It fits well with any bathroom style. The large and even rain shower head allows you to be covered and have a great shower every time.

Showers with low water pressure have no match for this head. This product improves water pressure and provides a nice, relaxing shower for the person underneath.


3. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra-Luxury 3-way 2 in 1 Shower Head / Handheld Shower Combo – Tall Shower Head

Hydroluxe has many products to offer to all customers with different preferences. For example, you can use each shower head separately or both together. This shower head has twenty-four different water flow patterns and five different water settings, including power rain, massage, stay warm mist, water-saving economy rain, and pause.

This shower head is unique and special because of its different water settings. The default water setting, Wide Rain, is beneficial to those who prefer the ordinary shower flow. Power Massage is a fast, strong water flow that helps soothe knotted muscles. The Stay-Warm Mist water setting surrounds you with a thick mist of tiny water droplets and no stream of water projecting toward you. The Eco Rainwater settings are equivalent to the Wide Rain setting. Despite its similar appearance, it saves water with the flow and pressure of the water. Pause mode pauses water flow, but not completely. That is to avoid water pressure buildup and avoid the burst of the pipes.

It includes an angle-adjustable overhead bracket and a five-foot flexible hose. In addition, the 2 in 1 showerhead includes a handheld shower system. The 2-in-1 handheld showerhead is helpful for tall people because it can reach places the ordinary shower head may not be able to. In addition, it is an easy installation process with no tools required.


4. HANEBATH Brass S Shaped Shower Arm – Brushed Nickel – Shower Head Extension/Extender

This product is a high-rise shower arm in brushed nickel. The gooseneck arm maintains a high shower head position and provides plenty of room for the person underneath. It easily attaches to the shower head with easy installation. This shower arm is really only meant for rainfall shower heads. There is not enough adjustment with a regular shower head, and it sprays outward rather than straight down. However, it works excellent with rainfall shower heads and adjusts quite easily.

It fits eight to twelve-inch shower heads without having to tilt them. The brass material has corrosion protection and many aesthetic qualities. For this shower arm, lubricity is best because water will flow more easily through the arm and out of the shower head.

Raising shower heads for taller people can be a bit of a hassle. So here’s how to raise the shower head height in your bathroom!

The first step is gathering your materials. You will need a new shower arm and possibly a new shower head. For tools, you will need an old toothbrush to clean old fittings and a crescent wrench to remove the old pipe.

Next, you will need to unscrew the whole assembly from the wall and remove old fittings. After unscrewing the assembly, you can use your (old) toothbrush to remove unwanted debris.

Now it is time to install your new fittings. You will need to wrap both ends around your pipe with Teflon tape and position the pipe so it comes out of the wall and aims at the spot you will be showering. Do not over-tighten your pipe. Here is the point where you stick on your shower head. Screw into the place over the tape and aim it where you will be standing when showering.

Test out your shower head to make sure there are no explosions, sprays, or drips coming from parts of the shower. If everything works, there probably is not.


5. HotelSpa Giant 10” Stainless Steel Rainfall Square Shower Head with Solid Brass Adjustable Extension Arm – Pivot Shower Head Extension

HotelSpa offers this product with a chrome finish and solid stainless steel construction. The stainless steel construction allows water to perform healthier. Its height and angle adjustable has a two-foot vertical movement range and 180-degree adjustable ball joints. In addition, it includes the rainfall shower head and the adjustable extension arm. Both the shower head and extension arm are easy to install. They connect within minutes without tools or plumbing required.

The ten-inch stainless steel rainfall shower head includes easy-to-clean jets and nozzles for water flow coverage. The height and angle adjustable extension arm is designed to hold heavy shower heads at any angle. This product’s flow rate is 2.5 GPM. The aesthetic properties of this product have the quality of those found in top-rated hotels. In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty when you purchase their products.  

This product provides a rain-like spray. In addition, it has a slim profile, so it fits up near the top of your bath stall.


FAQ on Tall People Showerheads

How do I make my shower head taller?

The ideal way to make your shower head taller is by using an extension; you will not have to redo any plumbing.

By following some basic instructions, you should be able to install an extension arm on your existing shower faucet or install one of our recommended flexible or pivoting shower heads.

How to install a shower head extension arm?


Searching for showerheads has become easier if you know what you are looking for. Waterpik’s shower head is your best option if you are looking for great water pressure performance and flexibility. Hydroluxe’s 2 in 1 system is best if your household members have various heights. Hane’s gooseneck is good if plenty of room is needed for the person underneath. Finally, HotelSpa’s adjustable shower head and arm have excellent aesthetic qualities to fit appropriately in your bathroom.

Choosing the best shower head is easy if you know which one to go with. Stainless steel shower products are far better than brass construction products though they both can meet the requirements of anyone. If you have a low budget cost, most of the shower heads you will receive will be durable plastic. Although that is not always preferred, it tends to be the best solution and works great for those who need it. You can still get plenty out of what you purchase with your money.

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