The Best Massaging Shower Heads in 2020 – Reviews & Ratings

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By now, most of us know that taking a good shower at the start or end of each day leaves us feeling relaxed and refreshed. But we often find ourselves at the receiving end of a shower head that produces a depressing sprinkle rather than the rejuvenating stream that pounds away the tensions and tight muscles.

Bring some excitement back to your bathroom with a massage shower head.

Our Top Pick for Massaging Showerheads:

Hydroluxe Ultra-Luxury 3-in-1 Massaging Showerhead Combo


  • 5 High Power Settings
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • 24 Massaging Water Patterns


  • Limited 10-Year Warranty


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One of the ways to achieve an invigorating shower experience is to swap out our old shower heads for one equipped with massaging capabilities. Perhaps the best shower head type, they can greatly improve your current shower experience. But finding the best massage shower head can be daunting and the trick is to combine affordability and a quality massage. We have scoured many massaging shower head reviews and the following are the best massaging shower heads we have identified thus far.

The Best 5 Massage Shower Heads​

Massaging Shower Head Reviews

#1. Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Shower-Head/Handheld-Shower Combo​ – Best Shower Massage

Hydroluxe has been in the shower head business for the past two decades and are known for their high quality shower products. For just under $30 this best seller gives you the most for your money. The shower head boosts 5 high power spray settings that include massage, stay-warm mist, power rain, pause and water saving economy rain.

The tool free installation removes the hassle from having to do any major renovation works to your bathroom and offers 24 full and combined water flow patterns. And if you are looking to get a good massage on your lower back or neck, having both heads can help you do hydrotherapy on two areas at the same time. The switching of the heads during your shower is as easy as turning a lever. With its 10 year limited warranty, this handheld shower head is one of the best massaging shower heads in its price range.


#2. Culligan WSH-C125 – Best Massage Shower Head

This handheld massage shower head can filter the sulfur odor and chorine from the water on top of having a massage function. By reducing the chemicals you expose to your skin, you can expect better skin and hair. This is especially useful for areas with hard water.

The adjustable pressurizer makes for a great shower experience and the pressure regulator is also removable for high or low water pressure systems. Similar to the Hydroluxe, you will not have much trouble installing since it is also tools free. You can choose from the five spray settings ranging from a full body spray to an energizing pulse to relax your muscles.

This massage shower head is also a Level 2 Wall-Mount Shower head which means that you can adjust the shower head on the wall accordingly. A relaxing massage on top of having filtered clean water is surely a great bargain.


#3. Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High Pressure Adjustable Shower Head – Best Pulsating Shower Head & Massager

The Speakman shower heads are no strangers to the industry, brothers Allen and Joseph Speakman had begun a humble plumbing business in 1869 and now their shower heads are a fixture throughout the world in many hotels and resorts.

This shower head allows you to turn the dial without interruptions from one setting to another – simply turn the lever. You can expect to move from intense to massage spray patterns without any hassle, there is also a combination of the two.

Because of the size of the shower head (being five inches across), the massaging mechanism is also maximized to its full potential. The plungers are also patented by Speakman to offer optimized water pressure for the best massage shower experience. The five jets are adjustable and give 50 individual steams with 8 pulsating massage sprays. It is also fitted with a lifetime warranty that allows you the ease of mind while using. And although it might not look much at first, it sure packs a punch!


#4. WantBa Disassembly Capacity Shower Head – Massage Shower Head

Fancy a scalp massage at home? This shower head can help you do just that. As the name denotes, having a shower is similar to experiencing rainfall. The pressure is just nice by most standards and is not like most powerful shower heads when the water pressure can hurt.

Unlike other shower heads, this one can be disassembled if you are worried about dirty nozzles or any unwanted debris. The spray is consistent and powerful, allowing for an entire body massage for those who like to take some time in the shower.

Most of the reviews for this massaging shower head has been positive and users report their water pressure improving tremendously even with less water. While the brand name seems obscure, it is up and coming and offers excellent performance.


#5. YOO.MEE High Pressure Multi-Function Handheld Shower Head – Shower Head Massager

Like the WantBa, the YOO.MEE high pressure shower head can enhance the low-pressure water supply and give you a consistent strong output of water. We all can agree that the first step to a good massage is definitely appropriate water pressure.

The high strength water pause feature provides a strong massage that can help relieve any aching muscles. And while it does not have many different massage features as compared to the other shower heads mentioned previously, the simple strong water pressure it provides on massage mode is suitable for those who want a massage and don’t want to go through all the various modes to find what is best. What it lacks in variety it makes up for in simple reliability and consistency.

This handheld shower head is beautifully crafted and will elevate any bathroom design.


#6 – Six Function Adjustable Luxury Shower Head, by Aqua Elegante

There are many reasons why this product is one of the best massage shower heads on the market. First, you can choose from 6 spray settings, such as: saturating power blast setting giving you an invigorating shower. If you want to relieve stress after a long day at work, you can try the pulsating massage setting. There is also blast and massage, high flow deluxe, water saving flow and more.

Secondly, the spray nozzles have a self-cleaning design and are made from mineral resistant silicone. This means that the won’t clog and will last you a long time. You’ll be happy to know that you can buy the showerhead in one of four colors: brushed nickel, chrome finish, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass. This product is available in two sizes: 2.5 GPM and 1.8 GPM, which meets California energy regulations.


#7 – High Pressure Handheld Shower Head 6-Setting, by Lokby

Even if you have low water pressure in your home’s supply pipeline, you can still install and enjoy this handheld shower head. You can choose between six spray functions, which include: high pressure, power, spray, power spray + mist and pause mode. Everyone in your family can choose the appropriate spray setting that either relaxes or massages.

The shower head has silicon anti-clog nozzles, which prevent lime buildup. It’s also made from ABS plastic material which is durable and lightweight. The shower hose is made from stainless steel and is 4.9 feet long. It comes in chrome finish and is available in 1.8 GPM water flow restrictor. This shower set is made from rustproof materials, which means that you can also use it outdoors, for example: beach, RV, etc.


#8 – Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure 30-setting Rainfall Shower Combo by AquaDance

Here you have a shower head / hand shower combo, which you can enjoy separately or together for the ultimate luxurious shower experience. It features 6 massage settings, such as: pulsating massage, power rain, gentle mist, and more. You can choose from a total of 30 different water flow patterns.

One of the best features of this product are the nozzles, which are made with Antimicrobal Microban Technology. This protects against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew inside and around the shower nozzles. They’ll be kept clean and clog-free and will extend the life of your shower head.

The size of the rainfall shower head is 7 inches, which is big enough to cover your whole body, while the small hand held is 4 inches big and is great for shampooing. It comes with 5 foot stainless steel shower hose. There is also a water saving mode, which is very useful if you need to reduce the water flow and save water in an RV or boat for example.


Types of Massage Spray Settings to Choose From

When you’re shopping for a massage shower head you’ll notice that each brand and model has different spray settings to choose from. The most popular ones include: pulsating massage, power massage, rainfall massage, mist, jet turbo massage, and a few others.

Each setting massages your skin in a different way and relieves tension in your body. In some cases it can even help alleviate pains and aches. Therefore, it’s important to look at the spray settings when you’re making up your choice about which shower head is the best.

Pulsating massage

This is one of the most common and best spray settings, which creates a relaxing massage for your body. The water is delivered at rhythmic pulses at high pressure, which interchange between strong and weak flow. When the water hits your body it causes your muscles to relax.

This is particularly beneficial for people who have a stressful job, play sports or who live an active lifestyle. If you have a handheld pulsating shower head, you can target and apply it to different parts of your body, such as your upper or lower back. This is one of the best ways to relieve tension and aid muscle relaxation at home.

Rainfall Massage

Rainfall showerheads have gained popularity in recent years. Before they used to be considered a luxury, however nowadays you can find a lot of budget friendly options, which have a quick and easy installation process.

Generally a rainfall massage shower head is hung from the ceiling or is wall mounted, and the water falls just like rain water falls from the sky. Many people like the soothing experience they get when using the rainfall showerhead. Usually you can adjust the pressure from light sprinkling to intense downpour (power rain), depending on your preference.

Mist Spray

The mist spray setting delivers fine water droplets, which create a gentle and soft spray experience. The mist spray setting shouldn’t be used if you want to massage your body, since the water is delivered at low pressure. Instead you should use it if you want to have a therapeutic and calming shower experience.

Water Saving Trickle

When choosing a showerhead you’ll notice that some models have a feature or setting which saves water. They are designed in such a way that they deliver a low flow stream of water, however you don’t really feel like you’re getting less water.

With some showerheads you can easily switch between a normal and low-flow pressure setting. This allows you to save and preserve water. This is a good option to have if you’re shaving or applying soap and you don’t need a high pressure stream at that moment.

Dual-Setting Massage

If you choose to buy a head and handheld shower combo, this means that you can use two shower heads instead of one when showering. You can use them simultaneously and set them to different settings.

For example, you can set one to rainfall massage, while the handheld attachment can be adjusted to a power stream. This dual setting option allow you to get two shower experiences all in one. They also allow you to shower much more quickly.

How to Choose a Massage Shower Head?

Before you decide what is the best massage shower head for you, there are several key features and factors you should take into consideration. We already discussed the massage settings in this buying guide. However, water pressure, size, warranty, assembly and installation, water saving technology and other factors are also important. Let’s take a closer look at them below, before you choose the best massage shower head for your home.

Water Flow and Water Conservation

Water flow can be measured by evaluating the gallons per minute (GPM) that come out of the shower head or faucet. A normal flow rate is considered to be 2.5 GPM, which will allow the water to be disbursed effectively and for you use a massage showerhead to its full potential.

However, you should keep in mind that there are certain regulations aimed at conserving and saving water. For example in California shower heads sold and used there should not exceed 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute) water flow. Therefore if you are a resident of California state you should choose a showerhead with 1.8 GPM or less.

You can still find some good low flow showerheads that use a unique technology which introduces air into the existing water stream, creating an illusion of greater flow. If you want to be water efficient, then consider investing in a low-flow massaging head.


Generally the design and look of the showerhead will depend on your personal preference as well as your bathroom interior. Most have a contemporary and sleek design, which will look very well in a modern bathroom.

Overall, most message shower heads come in a chrome finish which has a universal appeal. However, you can find some models that are available in different colors, such as: brushed nickel, polished chrome, brushed chrome, polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, etc.

Materials and Durability

When looking at different massage shower heads, you should pay attention to the materials that were used to make it. The materials used should be high quality, so you can use the product for many years. The two main problems that can occur with low quality shower heads are internal leaks and clogged spray nozzles.

Low quality shower heads usually clog up or spray in different directions after you’ve used them a certain period. Another problem that can occur with having a low quality product, is water barely trickles out or needles your skin with thin streams.

To prevent these problems from occurring check the design of the nozzles. For example, nozzles should be designed in a way that prevents the build-up of minerals. They should be made from mineral-resistant silicone or anti-clog rubber.

In addition the shower head should have corrosion resistant finishes, and a thick layer of robust ABS plastic resin. This will ensure that the shower head withstands operating at high temperatures. Also, look for a product with stainless steel hose.


Make sure you check what is the installation process before buying the product. Some models are easy to install and will provide with you detailed instructions. Some even require no tools and can be done in minutes.

You may want to do some research beforehand and read some massage shower head reviews left by customers. This way you can see what other people who bought the product had to say about the set up and installation. If you’ve picked a shower head that requires a more difficult installation, you can always use the help of a local plumber.


Even though your buying a smaller household item, keeping in mind its warranty is also important. When choosing what product to buy, make sure you’ve picked a well known brand that also offers a warranty.

The length can vary between 1 to 10 year warranty or in some cases it can be a lifetime warranty. You can check and read the warranty terms before finalizing your purchase. Also, in some cases you need to purchase the product from an authorized distributor, otherwise the warranty may be void.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between full warranty vs. limited lifetime warranty. A full warranty means that the company must repair or replace the product within the specified period. On the other hand, a limited warranty means that it doesn’t cover the entire product, but only specified parts. It can also mean, that the warranty is limited to certain types of defects.


If you have kids or pets at home, you’ll find that having a hose on the shower head can be very convenient. A hose lets you clean or shower your kids or pets quickly and easily. You won’t have to worry about getting yourself wet, since you can hold and move the shower head as needed.

Usually the length of the hose can be around 5 to 6 feet long. The longer the length the easier it is to reach places that are further away. However, if you have a smaller bath or shower cabin you don’t want a long hose to tangle or get in your way. You should also check what materials the hose is made of. Most showerheads have a stainless steel hose, which is an excellent material and won’t rust over time.

Which brands make the best massage shower heads?

There are many companies that manufacture massage shower heads. We’ve included some of the best brands below, so you can read more about their history and product offering. Other brands include Delta Faucet, Moen, and others.

1. Hydrolouxe

Hydrolouxe manufacture several high quality shower heads with handheld shower combo. They have a patented on/off pause mode switch. Their products have several messaging settings so you can have a relaxing or powerful shower depending on your preference. You can use each showerhead separately or both together. When used together you have a choice of 24 full and combined water flow patterns. Their high quality products have an easy installation and come with 10 year limited warranty.

2. Culligan

The Culligan massage shower heads have five spray settings such as: full body spray, invigorating pulse, and more. They have a patented filter which limits the passage and growth of bacteria. Their filter also reduces sulfur odor, chlorine and scale buildup providing you with a softer shower. Overall your hair and skin will feel softer and cleaner after you’ve taken a shower.

Their showerhead filter system has been independently certified and tested by IAPMO to reduce chlorine. Keep in mind that you need to replace the filter every 6 months or after use of 10,000 gallons. You can find several Culligan wall mounted or handheld showerhead, in chrome finish, with 1.8 GPM flow rate.

3. Speakerman

Speakerman is an American company that has a long history and experience in designing and engineering shower and bath fixtures. Their company was founded in 1869 in Wilmington, Delaware. Some of their products include: fixed shower heads, combination showers, faucets, bathroom hardware, as well as commercial plumbing and emergency products.

They use strong and durable materials, and they offer limited lifetime warranty for consumers and 1 year limited warranty for commercial customers. The Speakerman shower head has 8 center massage jets plus 50 powerful full body sprays, creating a truly satisfying experience. Their products are one of the best on the market.

4. Aqua Elegante

Aqua Elegante is a small family owned company that sells high quality shower heads and various other bathroom products. You can choose from six spray modes (or massage settings), that can either massage or sooth your body depending on your mood.

Their massage showerheads have durable brass fitting and brushed nickel ABS Resin body. The jet nozzles on the messaging showerheads are made of mineral resistant silicone, which prevents calcium build-up.

The Aqua Elegante high pressure showerhead resist corrosion and doesn’t rust. It’s easy to install in as little as 1 minute. The company focuses on their customer’s needs, providing fast and reliable shipping and great customer service.

Their customer’s satisfaction is their top priority, that’s why if you are not 100% satisfied with your product, you can return it within 5 years and get full refund. If you live in California you’ll be happy to know that you can order the 1.8 GPM California size shower head.

Massage Showerhead FAQ:

You might have a few questions, a shower head with massage can be a great experience.

What is a Shower Massager?

A massage showerhead is different from a regular showerhead, because it has several spray or massage settings that you can choose from while taking a shower. The spray settings regulate the flow and force of the water, which means that you can get a massage while you shower.

The number of settings will depend on the model and brand, and can range from 5-7. The most common massage setting is the pulsating massage, which provides an intense massage experience. It helps relieve muscle tension and will help you recover after a stressful day at work.

You can also select the rainfall or mist setting, which creates a more therapeutic and spa like experience. You can control the water flow and massage settings by using the click lever dial.

How long does a massage shower head last?

Some of the showerheads listed in this article come with limited lifetime guarantee. If you use them as instructed and take all the necessary measures to clean and maintain them, they should last you for several years. It’s even possible that they last a lifetime and you never have to replace your showerhead again.

However, you should still keep in mind that minerals such as calcium and sulfur within the water in your home can negatively impact the condition of your showerhead. If you live in an area that has hard water with high amount of minerals inside, then chances are that your showerhead will need to replaced sooner than average.

If you notice that your showerhead has started to leak or there are problems with the spray nozzles, you can clean it (read more below). If that doesn’t work, then consider investing in a new showerhead.

How to clean your massage showerheads?

Not many people know this, but if you don’t keep your shower head clean the nozzles can clog and cause them not to work so well over time. Minerals, such as calcium and sulfur can build up and clog the nozzles. It can also cause the water to spray in weird directions.

To prevent this from happening and keep your showerhead at its best condition, you should clean it regularly. You can use a toothbrush to gently scrub the nozzles, once every month. Another effective way to clean the showerhead is to soak it for a few hours in a bucket or plastic bag filled with vinegar.

When can I buy massage showerheads?

One of the best places to shop for your new massage showerhead is Amazon. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of high ranking products there, including the ones mentioned on this list.

You can find lots of different massage showerheads, that are sure to meet your personal preferences and criteria. Amazon is the preferred shopping platform because you can also read reviews and see if other customers were happy with the product.

Reading reviews and feedback from other customers is sometimes very helpful because you’ll get an idea about the quality of the product, how easy it is to install, etc. At Amazon you can also compare prices between competitors. Alternatively you can visit a local home improvement store, however you might not be able to find such a wide choice of massage showerheads there.

What is The Best Massage Shower Head?

Often people don’t put much thought into what they look for in a shower head, they use what is given or maybe left over by the previous home owners. But as many would testify, having the right shower head makes all the difference. It forms the most part of a satisfying showering experience and can impact your body in a positive manner overall.

Our top pick overall is the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Shower-Head/Handheld-Shower Combo​. This is one of the best products because you can choose from 5 massage settings and 24 full and combined water flow patterns. It’s an affordable and high quality shower head that also comes with 10 year limited warranty.

It is certain that there are many types of shower heads on the market and the reviews can be overwhelming. This compilation will hopefully help you make an informed decision and enhance your quality of life today.

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