How to Clean a Shower Head

Let’s face it: we’re all guilty of not thoroughly cleaning our bathroom. From those hard to reach places like behind the toilet, to those not seen areas like the ceiling fan, we neglect the nooks and crannies of our bathroom way too much. Imagine all the dust, bacteria, and mold that accumulates in such an … Read moreHow to Clean a Shower Head

Light and Lovely Small Space Design

The first thing that comes to mind in decorating the small space is that there aren’t many options. But actually, due to the real estate prices and subsequently popularity of smaller apartments, design solutions for petite spaces are sought out and needed. Today’s designs cover all kinds of styles, from minimalistic to boho-chic, and create … Read moreLight and Lovely Small Space Design

How To Clean a Toaster Oven

So you fell in love with your new toaster oven, we here at Home Addons expected that. Now you’re using it for everything from baking small batches of cookies and muffins to making homemade Texas toast to reheating yesterday’s pizza. But look at that mess: splattered cheese and batter on the sides, grease on the glass … Read moreHow To Clean a Toaster Oven