So it’s time to buy a new shower head, but you’re not sure which one is best to buy?

Shower head reviews everywhere claim to have found the best rated shower heads, or which shower heads best without even having tested the products. There are a multitude of reasons why finding the right shower head can be difficult.

Our Top Pick for the Best Overall Shower Head:

Aqua Dance Deluxe High Pressure, 6-Setting Shower Head


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • High Pressure
  • Great Price


  • Fixed Shower Head
  • Basic Design
Best Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

There are a range of factors you must consider, like your budget, your water pressure, your water type, whether hard or soft, and even the level of pollutants such as chlorine in the water that you would like to get rid of, for example. Low water pressure leads to lousy showers, while pollutants such as chlorine cause dry skin and effect how your hair looks.

So here is the best shower head review to help you find out what is the best shower head available for your home. So without further delay is a list of the best shower heads to suit your various needs.

Best Combo Showerheads

Top of any top 10 best shower heads list, this multipurpose shower head from AquaDance is a dual head combo that covers all your possible needs. Easy to install, without the need for a professional, it has to be a real contender for the best ever shower head.

Easy to use controls let you effortlessly switch between the 2 shower heads, while its impressive 5 settings have your shower experience covered no matter what mood you are in. The fixed head has an impressive 4 inch face, meaning you will get a great body coverage.

The hand shower has a really grippy handle which is made from APS plastic and chrome making it really durable. A little more expensive than the average shower head, but if you've got the money to fork out then this is the shower head for you.

Another dual shower head system and again one of the best hand held shower heads. This easy to install shower head combo is an extremely high scorer in customer satisfaction. It conforms to all the highest US quality and performance standards, so as you might expect it’s made from all the best materials.

The shower head features 6 shower settings, power rain, pulsating massage, mist, rain massage, rain mist and a water saving mode. AquaDance's patented 3 way water diverter allows you to effortlessly switch between the two showers, while the hand held heads ergonomic grip and rub clean jets all serve to giving you the best possible shower experience.

Best High Pressure Shower Heads

Ever since Culligan first released this high pressure shower head it has been the reviewers favourite and is one of the most best-selling shower heads on the market today. This is simply due to how much work the good people at Culligan clearly put into its design.

Not only did they focus on making the best high pressure shower head but this also features and impressive filtration systems that contains no chemicals. Featuring 5 different shower spray options, including a high pressure option and an eco-option, its unique 10,000 gallon life span filtration system removes most harmful pollutants in the water while helping to prevent lime scale build-up.

Its filtration system has the added bonus of featuring no chemicals, which also helps with your health. This is a great, reasonably priced shower head system for all those worries about low water pressure and water pollutants. The best shower head money can buy and probably best shower head ever.

This extremely popular high pressure shower head from Aqua Dance is Amazon's number 1 release in the fixed shower head category. Unbelievably priced at only $9.99, it has won countless shower head reviews for quality and performance standards.

Independently tested it meets the latest US compliance regulations which is something many other shower heads cannot lay claim too. It can be fitted by you with no outside help in minutes, while this winning shower head comes with a lifetime warranty meaning you will never have to worry about it letting you down.

Its deluxe head features a high power 3.5 rub clean jet system, which is easily adjustable with its click lever dial that allows you to switch effortlessly between its 6 settings: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Aeration, Rain Massage, Aeration Rain, Water Saving Pause mode. One of the best rated low flow shower heads on Amazon.

Considered by many reviewers as the best shower ever made and extremely popular not just with home owners but many hotels too, the Speakman S2252 is another fantastic low water pressure, high pressure shower head.

Its unique design give a really great all round shower experience that won’t leave you wanting more no matter what your water pressure and shower preference. It is able to create a range of different shower experiences through simple adjustment of its easy to use control system, where you can effortlessly switch between its high pressure shower option, the eco mode, shower massaging mode, and even a rainforest-like rainfall mode, all of which give a delightful and welcome full shower experience.

This shower system works even on low water pressure systems and has been a life changer for thousands upon thousands of families. Speakman's 360 Anystream Technology uses 6 adjustable jets, to produce 48 individual water sprays, something that has seen it become a winner with Amazon's customers and made it into one of the best rated and bestselling shower heads. It might be a little more costly than some but the Speakman S2252 is worth every cent.

Best Water Filter Shower Heads:

Featured earlier in this list under the high pressure shower section, the Culligan WSH C125 has to get a mention here. Its superb filter system removes 99% of chlorine as we as a range of other pollutants, metals and bacteria.

Another best seller on Amazon, this is in fact the best-selling filter system for showers they currently stock. It is an ideal solution to all those who don't want to throw away their old shower head, this shower filter is the solution.

It features a 3 stage filtration system that utilizes KDF 55, calcium sulphate and activated carbon to remove just about every undesirable pollutant in your water. Removing heavy metals, chlorine which damages skin and hair, bacteria and pesticides, as well as inhibiting the growth of algae, mould and fungi, which will save you hours of cleaning time over a year.

All of this leads to a more relaxing shower, giving you peace of mind that not only are you getting the best and most relaxing shower experience, but that you are also safe in the knowledge that your water is pure of harmful pollutants and bacteria.

Amazingly simple to install, you won’t need to call out an expensive plumber, it can be fitted with only the tools provided in minutes. If you are not looking to replace your shower head then this is the shower filter for you.

Best Handheld Shower Heads.

Handheld showers are not hard to find. Literally there are thousands upon thousands on the market.

If you are looking for a great all round shower then this high pressure shower head from Aqua Dance is for you. Its elegant design is finished off in a nice chrome finish, which not only looks great but helps to prevent decay.

This shower head features a large 4 inch shower face, making for a much wider shower spread and overall better shower experience. Its 6 different shower modes; power rain, pulsating massage, power mist, rain massage, rain mist, water saving and pause mode, mean that no matter what kind of shower you want to try, you can find it with a simple click of its easy to use lever.

Its fantastic ergonomic grip handle means you aren't likely to drop it even if your hands are soapy and should the worst happen and you do, it is made from only the highest quality materials to ensure only the longest lifespan. If that wasn't enough to convince you then AquaDance offer a lifetime warranty to put your fears at rest. This truly is the best hand held shower head money can buy.

Deliao's top rated body spa oxygenic shower head is perfect for all those seeking some relaxation from their shower. Receiving rave reviews on Amazon, this shower head uses its patented design to shower the user with its huge pressure jets via its 3 settings, massage, rainfall and aeration.

Any one of these settings will give you a shower you will not want to finish. The massage setting provides a great relaxation effect to your muscles, while the rain setting offers you time to relax and just enjoy. The aeration mode adds oxygen to the water, which not only soothes your skin but makes it healthier too.

It also features an anti-clog system to prevent lime scale and calcium build up from ruining your shower experience. This truly is a great amongst hand held shower heads and now Deliao offer a 5 year warranty to give you perfect peace of mind.

Best Large Face Shower Heads.

Another really good option for those of you with who want a good water pressure, is this shower head from Destiny. It is sold as an ultra-luxury hand shower, whose 3 setting spiral shower head gives a great shower experience.

The main sales point on this shower head it is super-sized, 12cm wide to be exact and incorporates a special pressure booster that give the 103 nozzles a great pressure rain like spray coverage. It features an easy to clean design and is made from ABS plastic and a great chrome. The shower head also features a superb oxygen integration system that boosts the oxygen in the water, helping with skin healthy, while special anti-bacterial coating helps to kill unwanted germs.

The best hand held shower head and one of the shower heads best rated by customers, if you are interested then try to search what has to be one of the best shower head videos for a much better view of what this shower head can do.

This is another great dual combo fixed and hand held shower head. No matter whether you are using the hand held head or the fixed shower head, Ansvip’s chrome finished shower system provides a superb high pressure shower experience that when using the huge 12 inch fixed rain shower head makes your shower experience a real delight.

Loved by reviewers everywhere for its fantastic spray coverage, this sleekly designed shower head features a built in water filtration system that efficiently keeps your shower clean and free of build-up of lime scale or calcium, meaning that you won’t have to spend hours and hours cleaning it like you will other systems.

It is made with good quality materials like stainless steel meaning you won’t need to worry about it breaking easily whether you drop it or through the ravages of time. This easy to install shower head is a winner so far as its customers are concerned and repeatedly scores top marks on Amazon feedback.

Other Great Shower Heads

Delta's great H2O technology sends a wave pattern of water spray onto your head making for a truly great shower experience. Made in a stylish chrome finish this is a great shower head no matter if you water pressure is high or low.

Even at low pressure it can generate a superb 2.5 GPM while its 360 degree head rotation means it can be adjusted to suit your needs. Highly regarded by customers this is a superb shower head that will truly change your shower experience.

One of Amazons best sellers and unbelievably priced. This fixed shower head is another one that is top of the pile. Aqua Dance pride themselves at always being one of the few shower heads that pass US shower head regulations, in terms of quality and performance.

To back this up they offer an unlimited lifetime warranty to kill any doubts you might have. Featuring 6 shower modes, which range from a rain like shower experience to a downpour, this shower head can be easily installed and cleaned, which when coupled with its outstanding performance make this shower head nearly unbeatable. The best rain shower head on this list from one of the best shower head brands.

What are the best shower heads?

Well as you can see a shower head is not as simple as just being a shower head. There are lots of different designs on the market to cover a range of different needs and customer bases.

In terms of the best shower head to buy if money, low water pressure or water pollution is not an object then the choice is simple. Buy the Aqua Dance® 7" Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo. It is a high quality shower head system that will simply do everything you could want from a shower and is widely considered the best shower head in the world.

However, if you need best shower heads for low water pressure, or suffer from polluted water, then buy the Culligan WSH C125, probably the most popular shower head on this list. It will not only give you a great shower experience but also give you the cleanest water too. For a large face shower head then try the handheld shower head by DENISY.

It is much loved by customers for its great design and shower performance. All the shower heads on this list are the best quality shower heads, but these 3 really are the best shower heads on the market. But even if you prefer one of the other then no matter which one you buy from this list, you will be showering happy for a very long time.