What is the Home Depot Appliance Return Policy in 2020? What You Need to Know

what is the home depot appliance return policy?

When dealing with things in our home, it’s great to have piece of mind when trying out something new. This is why I love the Home Depot return policy; it gives me piece of mind – something we all can appreciate when purchasing appliances.

If you are going to be bringing a fresh to look to your home, you should get to know the return policy in detail, to avoid any surprises.  Here is the Home Depot appliance return policy in more detail…

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Home Depot Return Policy – 48 Hour Return Policy:

These items include: “Washers, some Microwaves, Dryers, Refrigerators, Dryers, Ranges, and Dishwashers.”

If you went to the store to purchase these appliances. Then the item will be delivered to your house. Upon delivery, the item should be inspected thoroughly. If you have noticed any defects the product will be issued, as “refused delivery”. You have 48 hours to issue the product as “refused delivery”. After that 48 hour period, you have no option to return it, even if you have proper receipts and documentation.

If you would like to return an item contact the following number, (800) 455-3869.

Compare with Lowe’s Appliance Return Policy.

Home Depot Appliance Return Policy – 30 Days:

Home Depot return policy appliances is very easy and simple. These items include: “Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators) Gas Powered Equipment and Tractors Consumer Electronics (Televisions & Computers)”

Simply return these items in-store to receive a refund. If you do not have the receipt, then present the card that you used to pay for the item. If you did not pay with a card or do not have the card, you may be able to present your id and they will trust you with a refund.

It should also be noted that items that have been used will most likely not be returned. To prevent this always save the original packaging.

How do I return without a receipt?

Finding a purchase within the system without a receipt is not a problem. As long as you purchased with a debit card, credit card or in-store credit card, you will be issued a receipt. Using an in-store credit card, your order can be reviewed back to 365 days. Using a debit or credit card, an order can be reviewed for the previous 90 days. Unfortunately, if you have a missing receipt for a purchase made with cash, you are out of luck. Purchases made with cash are not tracked within the system.

Home_Depot,_appliances aisles

Home Depot Exchange Policy – How do I know if my item is returnable?

It is important to discern whether or not your item can be returned. You may have an appliance that is an exception to the rule and can be returned. One place to check is the Home Depot Online catalog. In the description of each product, there is an indication of Returnable or not. For example; in the case of this GE washer / dryer, this item cannot be returned after 48 hours. This is when you should also understand the Home Depot exchange policy, in case the model isn’t quite right, then at least you can exchange it. 

What is the Home Depot online return policy on appliances?

“For your convenience, items purchased online can be returned to any of our stores within 90 days of purchase, subject to the Return Exceptions listed below…
If your online purchase was made with a The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account, you have 365 days from date of purchase to return the items to any of our stores to receive a full refund.  All existing Return Policy rules apply.”

Home Depot

How Do I Return an Appliance?

Simply contact customer support at, 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337). Tell the operator the details or your appliance as well as the condition of your item. Another option is to bring into the store. Often, appliances brought into the store will require a call to Home Depot headquarters. It’s best to call Home Depot support line before going in.

What do customers say of returning appliances?

It should be noted that returns are done on a case by case basis. One store may give you a return while one may not. There are hundreds of factors that go into returns. For this reason, I have included a number of complaints about Home Depot’s appliance return policy. Keep in mind that, every refund case is different.

Home Depot Appliance Return – “Returning through the phone is tedious and frustrating.”

It’s no secret that company’s don’t want you to return their items. Home Depot is no exception. A recurring story throughout the online comments is that Home Depot has a very tedious return process.

Home Depot Restocking Fee – “They may charge a restocking fee.”

According to Home Depot, if an item is purchased out of buyer’s remorse a restocking fee will be charged. An item being returned is that the product is subjected to a 15 to 20 percent restocking fee. Adding up to over 100 dollars in some cases, this can be a problem. Although the charge is deducted out of the refund money, it is still something to consider.

“Free shipping is not free shipping.”

If you would like to return a product by shipping it back, you will not be compensated for shipping. You will only be compensated for the product. This is also on top of the fact that there is a restocking fee. The only time you will be compensated for shipping is if Home Depot commits an error.

** What you should know about Home Depot returns:

There are many conflicting stories about the return policy. Even if your appliance does not meet the criteria to be returned, you may still have a chance. I recommend going through all the sources listed. Ask nicely and be persistent. You will be surprised how often a product is returned even though it shouldn’t be.

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      • I have the same issue. It is a piece of crap. Clothes don’t even get wait and the repair man said that is just the way it is. Really $450 for something that doesn’t even wash clothes.

    • I bought a washer from Home Depot and the installer guys did a clean cycle on the washer then left. As soon as they left, the washer started banging & jumping. I figured maybe there’s no clothes in there so it’s doing that. The next day I had to go out of town so I didn’t do any load. 2 days later I came home to use my washer for the first time. It’s banging, rumbling, making so much noise like a jet engine or there a tornado in my laundry room. It’s been 3 days so Home Depot won’t exchange it. Now I’m sitting on a pile of dirty clothes bc I’m too scared to run the machine again

  1. If I purchase a washer and the item has not yet been delivered and I find a better deal elsewhere, Can I cancel my order before the product is delivered without a restocking fee?

    I found the same washer, same price, but a less expensive additional extended warranty offer.

  2. I bought a $660 Maytag bravos cmt he impeller washer on Aug. 15th, 2018 from Home Depot. After 2 weeks of following the instructions to calling Maytag, I realized no matter what setting I used, clothes came out dirty, dry in spots and smelly. I tried to return the washer within 2 weeks. The mgr. stated I’d have to get proof from a Maytag repairman that the machine was defective before they could accept a return. A service call bill was $99 if they found no defect. Plus I’d have to pay 15% restocking fee. I gladly paid that to get an agitator washer that actually cleans clothes.

    • On March 12th, 2020 I purchased a Maytag washer and dryer from Home Depot. Worse junk I’ve every bought. The water level is a joke, the agitator barely turn but worst of all the salesman told me I had 30 days to return it if I was not satisfied, well I was not satisfied so I reached out to Home Depot and the manufacturer immediately . Neither one had a solution for me so look like I’m stuck with a big mess.


  4. I just buy a new Maytag jen 5 .2019 top lid I been have the worst experience ever the clothes the come out dirt e some spot looks like the not even be washed .the water control doesn’t cover the close even so I put little I try to contact the company end home depot the tell Mi there is nothing there K doing

    • Purchase a Samsung refrigerator had it delivered to the house within two weeks it stopped working called Home Depot they gave us a number to an appliance place got a hold of them they said they have somebody come out and look at it another week went by called again they said they have somebody coming out to look at it another week went by somebody came to look at it two more weeks went by didn’t hear anything called back again they said that the guys waiting on the parts another week went by the guy come out to fix it didn’t have the right parts another week’s going by and the freaking refrigerator is still not fixed. Not happy at all my son purchased this for his new home and still no refrigerator! Will never buy another appliance from home depot!

      • You need to make a complaint to the state attorney cosumer protection agency very easy online to do after many complaint maybe enough to have a major class action suit. I see so many of these complaints of new appliances!!

    • Have the same issue but with Amana. Home Depot is going to lose a LOT of customers if they don’t resolve some of these issues with garbage washers that don’t even wash. They have lost me for sure!

  5. Hi. I just bought a refrigerator from Home Depot online. It’s way too small and way too loud. How can I get thiscreyrned ir make an exchange?

  6. Just purchased a Samsung range, within 24 hours of delivery I reported to samsung customer service that I had an error code and the oven didn’t work, and I wanted to return the range. That is what the paperwork from home depot said to do. No help from them, called a second time, again no help. Went to home depot and they said because samsung didn’t give a specific reference number, they wouldn’t take it back. Meet with store manager, he was nice enough to say he would take it back, but I needed to get it repaired first. So, after another week, repairman comes, will be back a week later, says he has to put $700 worth of parts in the range (plus his time for two visits). Waiting on him to return. In conclusion, paid $1900 for range that needed repairs, will have no often in our house for three weeks, still hoping the store manager will keep his promise to take back the appliance. Tube moral, make sure you get a reference number from Samsung – and, call home depot within 48 hours, or you may get stuck with something you don’t want. A big, big hassle for our household.

  7. Purchased a refrigerated from Home Depo. It was not what I. could use due to arthritis went back to home depot talked to store manager I wanted to exchange for a side by side and pay the difference but they would not take back the refrigerator. Poor policy for refrigeratores at Home Depot.

  8. I Purchased a Sharpe Microwave oven from Home Depot online on 5/31/2019. I had it installed by calling the apartment manager who sent a workman to remove it from the box and connect it. To get rid of the old one I asked him to put it in the box and take it away. My assumption was that the new unit would be operable. When I came back and turned it on, I found that it was defective. I called Home Depot who sent me around a loop and then connected me to Sharpe. They offered to replace it if I sent the serial number to them. I found that it was unremovable. I suggested that I send it out for a repair on warranty. They stated that it was an exclusive item and could not be repaired. Upon hearing this, it was time for me to return it to Home Depot for a refund and to select a different unit. Since I am old and decrepit, I cannot lift or carry the item. Therefore, it would make sense to have it picked up and returned without a box. Please let me know if this is possible.

  9. Purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator for a remodel. After 2 weeks when I plugged it in, it did not work. NO RETURNS for any reason is ridiculous. Lowes has a 30 day return policy. I won’t give my business to Home Depot anymore.

  10. I was not aware of Home Depot’s return policy on refrigerators when I purchased it online.
    It was too small and I would like to return it and exchange it for a better fit, but they won’t.
    Wish I had bought it at Lowe’s now! They have a 30 day return policy.

  11. Surprisingly Home Depot staff never tell you that their return on product that is too loud, too big or other issues for major appliances is only 48 hours. When you work you might not get to see the problems until days after delivery. I just learned this. Our “energy efficient ” freezer is making our light bill higher. It also is too loud. Runs constantly. I will never buy a major appliance through them again. Stick with local vendors. A little extra cost is worth it.

  12. We’re trying to return a glasstop stove to Home Depot because they did not inform us that you could not use cast iron or ceramic cookware on it. We told the saleslady that we only used cast iron — crickets from her. No signs in the appliance department to explain the “manufacturer recommendations” either. And the saleslady did not mention the return policy either. If she had, we would have never made the purchase. We found out about the “manufacturers recommendations” concerning the use of the glasstops after taking the stove out of the box! Manager at the Home Depot in Kingman, AZ said that “they are not responsible for educating their salespeople.” Stove is sitting in our living room unused and it has been less than 24 hours. They are stalling us and playing ping pong between Home Depot and GE. We’re turning in a dispute to our credit card company and considering a smalls claims suit (all within their 48 hour return period!) Moral, don’t shop at Home Depot for big ticket items.

  13. Incorrect! I purchased a stove, it was delivered today. My husband expressed to the driver it looked like a cheap piece of crap. Driver said no worries, you have 3 days to file for a return, so he waiting for me to come home from work. I came home and said no. Called Home Depot and asked if we could drive it back to the store ourselves. The answer is NO. Appliances are not returnable for “Buyers Remorse” and had to be refused at delivery. So, they don’t sell them in store for you to look at, and you can’t return them once you see them in person, even if it was not installed yet. Worst customer service ever.

  14. Home Depot absolutely the worst retailer for returning appliances!!! Have a brand new GE gas range sitting in a box, trying to exchange for an electric range. Called within 30 days…. No help at all. Go to Lowes!!!

  15. I will never purchase another appliance from Home Depot. A damaged range was delivered to my house. The delivery guys tried to hide the fact it was damaged. I have surveillance video of them causing the damage and wheeling it in with the dent. I showed the photo to the manager. He refused to do the return even though they used deceptive practices. Manager and employees keep stating we signed the contract. I will purchase my items from Lowe’s from now on. They have 30 day window. I will purchase less from Home Depot due to their unethical behavior.

  16. Purchased a Whirlpool gas dryer on 6/20/19. It squeels loudly. Appears to need repairs what should I do to get it repaired under warranty?

    • Hey John,

      If you still have the receipt you could contact the retailer where you purchased the dryer. You may have to appeal to Whirlpool for warranty support as it’s been over 6 months. We can’t say for sure what the solution is, but it appears Home Depot may not honor it after this time period, worth a shot though!

      Best of luck to you!

  17. my dishwasher was delivered on 5/12/20 and after opening box on 05/14/20 discovered a broken door, a motor housing broken and tried to return it to the Watertown store the morning of 05/15/20 and they said i missed the 48 hour window. An appliance technician came out on 5/21/20 as it is under warranty for 1 year. he took pictures of the side of the front door that was dented and others of motor not attached etc saying it had been dropped at some point and the cost to repair was $1021 when it cost $507.77 new. he advised me to return and show the store the estimate. i am in disbelief after carrying the dishwasher in expecting a full refund or replacement and getting nothing but stress.

  18. Do not do business with Home Depot. I live with my granddaughter and family. She has been trying for almost a month now, to get a new refrigerator, that’s not leaking, or scratch and dented. She paid for a NEW. Total nightmare. 1st refrigerator, after waiting 3 weeks, arrived dented and scratched, she refused. A week later, another one came, scratched and dented, refused again. Lastly one delivered and paid for EXPERT installation and now you guessed it, it’s leaking and damaging her floor. NO one will help her and pass her around from one person to another.

  19. This makes me sick. I bought an lg dryer on June 23. It was delivered on July 16. On July 18 it stopped working. The machine hums when I go start, the drum doesn’t turn. I’ve tried all the resets. It doesn’t work. Called HD got transferred to a phone thSt was never answered. I went to the store on July 19, to be told we missed the “48” hr window and were given a new number for repair service. Who told me LG would call me on July 21 that they would have repairman come on August 21. This is a nightmare. We plan to return appliance for a refund but after reading these comments, I have a feeling we are in for a real battle.

  20. Just bought a Dishwasher from Home Depot, took them 6 weeks to install, they started it up and left. Washer did not dry,
    Called H.D. And they sent 2 people out, they said not their job to fix and left. Called HD and was told time up on return. Calling Frigidaire to day. Warning do not buy from Home Depot can not trust them a bunch of crooks .

  21. Front of freezer scratched bringing into house. I do not want to return it—just get a discount for damage. Picture was made by delivery person and he indicated he would let HD know—did not indicate I had to contact HD within 48 hours. I cannot find this on any of the papers I was given.

  22. Odered my wash machine and dryer on Aug.9th. Just got it today September 12th. Not happy about it. The guys that brought it broke the dryer. So they are going to bring us a new one. I used the dryer and I don’t like the door on it.You can’t put the clothes basket up to the opening because the door opens down. We had a appointment for delivery on Aug. 22 the guys got off the wrong exit and couldn’t get threw a underpass. So they never showed up or called to cancel. I will not buy appliances from home depot again. God only knows when we will get new dryer

  23. Had a $2800 wall oven/microwave installed on July 7th 2020. On August 24th the oven quit working. Maytag sent a local repairman out, said he had to order a part. “7 to 10 days for the part to come in” That was September 7th. Have heard nothing back…. I have been without my brand-new oven for 35 days! Home Depot will not take it back, Maytag is in no hurry to repair it… what should I do next? Live without or find a Lawyer???

  24. Bought two Frigidaire freezers from Home Depot. One would not even come on and was taken back by delivery service and another ordered. The replacement was delivered over a month later and seemed to be working okay. A week later, I have $800 plus spoiled meat in my freezer and Home Depot will not take it back and I have only had it two weeks. I will be telling everyone I know not to EVER buy appliances from Home Depot. Also, the freezer that did work had a crushed corner of the door which they concealed with a piece of tape. They refuse to replace the door or the freezer.

  25. On July 4, 2020, I bought an LG washer on my Home Depot credit card. The machine was on “backorder” so I did not receive it until September 16, 2020. My “deadline” for returning the machine had long since passed since I purchased it in July. Unfortunately, not receiving it until September, I couldn’t possibly have known that it was a piece of junk. The machine started leaking from the bottom on October 6 and leaked again at approximate two week intervals through October and November with the last leak being this past Friday, November 28. I thought LG was the “crown jewel” of appliances. Not so…..waste of money. LG provides poor customer service. The technician has been to my home after each leak (I sent pictures to him to verify). He just comes, watches the machine through a cycle. As my luck would have it, it doesn’t leak while he is here. He then tells me he can’t fix anything if he doesn’t know the cause. Home Depot doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Will never shop there again. Canceling my credit card. I have looked up the machine on Home Depot’s website and find that it is now “Discontinued”. That’s suspicious. I noticed a lot of recent negative reviews on this machine since my purchase. I think LG simply mass produced a piece of junk to peddle to Home Depot. Demand was great that’s why they were on backorder.

  26. I bought all set in The Home depot in August 2020, and refrigerator worked only 1 month after that compressor was locked, i called to The Home Depot, they said I have to call to Samsung for repairing , but still no lucky, nobody come to me to fix it and my family still without fridge, what should I do in this case? Who should i complain to? I am in Florida.

  27. I brought a washer and dryer from home depot and on the first-ever use the will not hold water and the actuator broke into and millions pieces have had all kinds of problems with home depot and I think I am stuck with this piece of junk.please don’t buy appliances from homedepot.


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