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Lowe’s may be the retailer that first comes to your mind when you think of shopping for large appliances. And you’re not the only one who’s inclined to do that as a recent survey by Consumer Reports suggests that 1 out of four shoppers think of Lowes when buying for a big appliance. It’s the top-of-mind choice for most shoppers, ahead of other retailers like Best Buy and Home Depot

But you may wonder—what if a big appliance like a washer that you bought from Lowe’s fails to meet your expectations? Or if a refrigerator bought from the said retailer turns out to be defective? What is Lowe’s appliance return policy?  

If these are the questions that are on your mind, then you have found the right article. We’ll tackle the various things concerning Lowe’s return policy on appliances so continue reading. 

How Many Days Do You Have to Return a Large Appliance to Lowe’s?

The short answer: 30 days. 

You can return defective large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, washers, rangers, and microwaves to Lowe’s within 30 days after receiving the product. 

You can also return any large appliance which fails to meet your expectations to a Lowe’s store. 

 Lowe’s refrigerator return policy requires that all original paperwork be returned, including a title. You can return the appliance with its box opened but all accessories that came in the package should be returned, too. 

However, you should remember that Lowe’s appliance return policy requires major appliances to be returned in ‘like new’ condition. Moreover, you have to furnish the store with the original receipt to have the item replaced or for you to get a refund.

 What if you lost the original receipt?

 In most cases, the record of transactions can be retrieved by Lowe’s. 

This can be through the use of the original credit card or a checking account number. It can also be retrieved by your phone number or through your MyLowe’s card. 

You’ll also have to show a valid D if you are to return a large appliance without a valid receipt. The information from the ID may be entered into Lowe’s verification systems. 

 Lowe’s may also accept returns sans a valid receipt and instead issue an in-store credit for the current selling price of the item. But this would be on a case-to-case basis and at the discretion of the concerned store’s management. 

 You must also be aware that trying to return too many items to the retailer without a receipt may result in Lowe’s limiting your returns, or the company denying them completely.   

How Can You Return Large Appliances to Lowe’s?

If the large appliance you bought from Lowe’s was delivered and installed by the retailer, then it will come to your home free of charge to pick up the product you want to return. 

 But what if you bought the appliance at a Lowe’s store and brought it home by yourself? Can you ask Lowe’s to pick up the appliance that you wish to return? 

 Yes, that’s possible. You can call Lowe’s customer service and ask for the retailer to send a team to come to your place and pick up the big appliance you want to return. The retailer will also process the return as long as the 30-day period has not yet lapsed. 

Pickup fees are said to be around $80 although the retailer may waive the fee for you if there is a delivery team around your area to pick up your item. 

Can You Return Appliances Bought Online on Lowes.com? 

Like most retailers, Lowe’s also has a website where you can shop and buy large appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers, among others. 

And just like any other product or appliance bought from a brick-and-mortar Lowe’s store, large appliances bought on Lowes.com may also be returned. 

To return or exchange a big appliance purchased on the online store of Lowes, you should return the item into a strong and durable shipping package. You should include all the original packing materials, manuals, and accessories that came with the appliance. 

Then, look for the prepaid merchandise return slip that came in with the package. Detach this, complete, and include in your shipment. Then ask your local parcel carrier to pick up the package. 

Can You Get a Refund on Shipping Charges?

No, Lowe’s won’t refund the shipping fees you paid for the delivery of the large appliance you intend to return. Original shipping charges that were incurred on a purchase are not refundable as per the company’s return policy.  


In short, Lowe’s offers a reasonable and flexible return policy. You can return large appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase. You’ll have to show the original receipt to get a full refund, however. 

 In case you lost the receipt, Lowe’s can retrieve the record of the transaction through the credit card that you used for paying the appliance. The retailer can also look up your purchase through the phone number that you provided at the time of checkout. 

Lowe’s can also pick up the appliance you wish you return , although you’ll have to cover the fees. You won’t have to pay anything, however, if the appliance you bought was delivered and installed by Lowe’s. 

You can also return large appliances and other items that you bought from Lowe’s online store. You should mail back the merchandise return slip along with the product to be returned. 

Product returns and refunds are a common concern of many shoppers like you. Fortunately, Lowe’s will honor product returns and refunds as long as your complaints or issues are valid.

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