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I’m sure you’ve found yourself reheating last night’s dinner on more occasions than you would like to admit. It’s a reality for many of us that between our busy schedules of running back and forth to work, school, the gym or whatever it is you find yourself doing in the day, our limited schedules don’t allow much time for cooking everyday. As a result of the hectic lives we live, we’ve come to almost rely on our microwaves to deliver us that quick hot piping meal no matter what. So what’s the best microwave when it comes to heating your food quickly? We’ve gone through over the range microwave reviews and standard microwave oven reviews to find the top 10 best microwaves available today and have included a handy buyer’s guide to help you know what to look for when buying a microwave. Unfamiliar with the brands, take a look below for a quick overview.

Whether you’re switching out your microwave for a more efficient one, compact or buying one for the first time, we’ve got a selection that offers something for everyone.



The companies that come to mind when you hear the word microwave are most likely Panasonic, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, Sharp and Hamilton Beach to name a few but what about the others that are just as good if not better? Here are a few of the top, lesser glorified brands that are worth checking out.


Going by the tag line of ‘Life Essentials. Thoughtful Support. All Under One Roof’ really does exemplify what HOmeLabs is all about. Offering a small variety of kitchen and home products, this brand really nails it when it comes to manufacturing products that provide solutions to homeware woes. Thanks to their small product line, they are able to offer the highest quality, and are consistently reevaluating their current lines and noting improvements for future products. If you don’t yet own a HOmeLabs appliance, we’d highly suggest checking them out, they’re a perfect option for the budget savvy shopper.


A company with over a century of experience manufacturing products with the intent to make life easier. Westinghouse is more than well established but not as well known as you’d think. Their superior high quality products coupled with incredible customer service and consistency throughout the years make them one of the best manufactures for home, electronics, lighting, and power. They are a market leader in innovations you can trust.


It’s not until we see the logo to RCA that we recognize the iconic brand. Known for their entertainment electronics, this brand has been around for roughly 90 years and is a true symbol of American Integrity. Their tag line of ‘Made for Moments’  helps define the brand as a common household name that has all your homeware needs covered.

Top 10 Best Microwaves – Breakdown of Core Features

Model Specs/Design Power (Watts)
Weight (lbs)
Outside Oven Dimensions (HxWxD)
Inside Oven Dimensions (HxWxD)
*In inches
Type of Microwave Countertop
Over The Range
Price Under $100-$ Under $200 -$

Panasonic NN-SN936B

Power: 1250
Weight: 37
Material: Aluminum
Outside D: 14 x 23.8 x 19.4
Oven D: 10.9 x 18.4 x 18.5
Countertop Price


Power: 1050
Weight: 38
Material: Stainless Steel
Outside D: Not Listed
Oven D: 12.4 x 20.4 x 16.8
Countertop Price

Westinghouse WCM

Power: 600
Weight: 29.9
Material: Stainless Steel
Outside D: 11.1 x 19 x 15.2
Oven D: Not Listed
Countertop Rotary Price

Panasonic NN-SN686S

Power: 1200
Weight: 25.5
Material: Aluminum
Outside D: 12.2 x 20.7 x 15.8
Oven D: Not Listed
Countertop/Built-in Price


Power: 1200
Weight: 40
Material: Stainless Steel Outside D: 13.6 x 23.9 x 19.2
Oven D: 11.2 x 18.1 x 16.1
Countertop Price


Power: 900
Weight: 31.4
Material: Stainless Steel
Outside D: 10.9 x 19 x 15.5
Oven D: 5.5 x 11.5 x 10
Countertop Price

Panasonic NN-SD372S

Power: 950
Weight: 20.9
Material: Stainless Steel
Outside D: 11 x 19.2 x 14.8
Oven D: 8.1 x 12.4 x 13.9
Countertop Price

Farberware FMW011AHTBKB

Power: 1000
Weight: 25
Material: Stainless Steel
Outside D: 12 x 20.2 x 16.9
Oven D: 9.1 x 14.5 x 13.9
Countertop Price

Bella 900

Power: 900
Weight: 27.7
Material: Chrome
Outside D: 11.5 x 19.1 x 15.4
Oven D: Not Listed
Countertop Price

Daewoo KOR-7LRER

Power: 700
Weight: 23.4
Material: Unknown
Outside D: 10.6 x 17.6 x 12.7
Oven D: Not Listed
Retro Countertop Price


The Top 10 Best Microwave Reviews!

Panasonic NN-SN936B

Introducing our pick for the #1 overall best microwave available today. The 2.2 CuFt black countertop unit isn’t only our favorite; labelled as an Amazon’s Choice item, the Panasonic NN-SN936B comes in at top of countless Amazon microwave reviews. User friendly, the unit has easy to work touch controls, 14 pre set auto cook settings, 10 power levels, and is equipped with Inverter technology to help cook food faster and more evenly by distributing a continuous stream of power no matter the temperature setting. Automatic one touch Genius Sensors alter the power and time required for cooking depending on the type of food you have in the microwave.

The Panasonic NN-SN936B does an incredible job at simmering delicate foods without overcooking. The large internal cooking surface with 16.5’’ turntable has been designed in a way to provide optimum space inside without having to increase the external dimensions of the unit.

Reviews Rave: Huge interior – larger than expected, Cooks evenly, Takes up minimal counter space, High powered.

Criticism: For those having to make returns, customer comments concluded, the support from Panasonic wasn’t the fastest and many complained about having to go through multiple steps to get the information they were after. This shouldn’t be a deterrent though; if you do have problems with your unit, we’d recommend contacting Amazon directly to sort out a replacement. Their protocols are not as long and complicated as Panasonic and customers have only positive things to say when the’ve gone this route on a Panasonic return or exchange.  



Another one of Amazon’s Choice items, this black, 1.3 CuFt, 6 qt capacity microwave , is an incredible buy; for the price you’ll spend and what you get, value is definitely the unit’s strong point. With 10 power settings, 11 cooking functions and 7 pre-programmed options, you really can cook anything in this hOmeLabs microwave. The LED display makes it easy to read and the touch buttons with functions such as its pizza mode, defrost by weight or time, and speed cooking or reheat all provide extremely customizable options.

The company provides a two year warranty on this microwave which is a definite bonus should anything go wrong and you wish to return it.

Reviews Rave: If you master the settings then this microwave will be your favorite at properly heating any type of food you put inside.

Criticism: Not recommended for older individuals or anyone who has difficulty pressing firmly due to the pressure required on the buttons in order to activate them. Also, many reviewers comment that the unit is difficult to operate or has not done a good job in cooking/reheating their foods. After analyzing numerous reviews we’ve concluded that although their comments hold merit, it seems to be that they were not properly using the settings whilst heating their item. If you have patience to read the manual and take the time to understand how to use the settings, then we don’t believe you’ll have any problems.The only other criticism by microwave reviews was that the unit was louder than the typical microwaves.


Westinghouse WCM

Looking for a no fuss, no frills microwave that works great and is easy to use? The 0.9 CuFt countertop rotary microwave by Westinghouse is a great option for anyone who wants to skip all the bells and whistles of a ‘fancy’ microwave but still wants top quality. With a small compact design, this unit is great for bachelor suites or studies. Coming with a 10.5 inch turntable, the internal capacity offers enough space for cooking or reheating meals for two. A 30 min timer ensures that you’ll never overset the time on your microwave and 6 power levels offer options for cooking or reheating a variety of foods. One rotary dial controls the power and the other, displayed in minutes, adjusts the time.

Reviews Rave: The small unit consumes very little electricity making it a great energy saving option. Older individuals love the rotary style operation and comment how user friendly it is. The timer bing that notifies the user when the microwave has finished heating is also a more desirable sound, according to reviewers, rather then the digital tone by many microwaves.

Criticism: None substantial to note by reviewers, The lack of power may be a downside for some however most people are extremely happy with their purchase.  


Panasonic NN-SN686S

Arguably a better microwave then the #1 in our list, also a Panasonic, this model is a smaller and lightweight version of the NN SN936B. It’s roughly half the size in CuFt as our #1, 1.2 CuFt and with a turntable slightly smaller, 13.4 inches across. The wattage is roughly the same and the unit is considerably less weight than most. The other main design differences between this version and our #1 is that this model is compatible with a cabinet trim kit. If you are interested in purchasing the kit, you can search it under the model number NN-TK621SS. A much loved feature of this microwave is its delay start and timer, allowing you to pre set your microwave and head off on an errand if you so wish without having to worry.

Additional features/options include a membrane keypad, 10 power levels, 14 pre set auto cooking options, and 5 menu buttons. Another win of this fabulous unit is that it complies with the 2016 DOE environment standards meaning that is a great energy efficient option for a microwave if that’s what you’re after.

Reviews Rave: Incredibly powerful for its size, Quality built, Long lasting, The option to turn off the beeping sound is loved by many reviewers! Customers also rave about the Inverter technology.

Criticism: It’s difficult to find criticism for this microwave; we have to be quite picky in order to come up with something. One of the very minor things reviewers did reveal was  they didn’t like that the door doesn’t swing entirely open when you press the button. Reviews commented that this was not a deal breaker by any means however was worth noting.



Let this 2.0 CuFt, LG microwave do the thinking for you. The patented TrueCook Plus technology allows you to simply enter a unique food code which tells your microwave the proper settings to cook your food for optimal results. Most food distributers have this unique food code written on their packaging. Another innovative technology which makes this model one of the best microwaves is its 7 option Sensor Cooking settings. Able to sense the humidity in the microwave, the unit automatically adjusts the cooking time and settings to ensure a perfect end product.

Additional features include, LED display, 6 auto pre settings, EasyClean technology, and child lock out for safety.

Reviews Rave: Customers love the round internal cavity making the microwave easy to clean and also allowing for even cooking.

Criticism: High price. Some users comment of having been sent a unit that failed after a few months. From what we’ve concluded it seems like there was a batch of units that were shipped out which had some manufacturers defects. Anyone who had identified themselves as having a poor quality unit, were able to easily contact LG for a replacement without problems.


Remaining 5 in the Top 10 Best Microwave Reviews

Considerations Before Buying

After you’ve decided on your budget you’ll want to take a look here at the most important consideration to keep in mind before buying a new microwave. Keep in mind, the function of the best microwave is to efficiently and effectively heat or cook your food to the optimum doneness therefor, this should be your immediate concern before anything else.

Type of Microwave

The answer to this question will be determined by the amount of space you have in your kitchen. Smaller space kitchen, bachelor suites or studios would most likely be able to accommodate a small countertop model; this is also the cheapest option to go with.  If there is virtually no counter space then you may want to consider installing an over the range microwave. Another common type of microwave is a built in which is often installed in the building of the property.

Capacity & Turntable

The best microwave for a mid sized family will be one that is at minimum 1 CuFt. For larger families, we would recommend looking for a microwave that is anywhere from between 1.5 CuFt to 2 or higher. The larger capacity the microwave has, the more space it will take up of course.

A typical size turntable is around 10 inches however can go upwards of 15’’. If you plan on places larger plates in the microwave then you will definitely need to find a microwave with a turntable to accommodate.


A microwave with a lower wattage will take longer to cook or reheat your food. In general, the smaller the microwave the lower the wattage. Also important to note, the higher the wattage, the more power you will be consuming, thus meaning you’ll be incurring a higher energy bill at the end of the month.


You’ll want to check the number of pre-settings and power settings the microwave has as well as if it comes with any additional features that assist with the cooking/reheating process. On average, microwaves will have anywhere from 6-10 power levels and up to 14 pre settings. Many microwaves will also have quick cook buttons for items such as popcorn, pizza, and a quick defrost. Microwaves such at the Panasonic NN-SN936B and Panasonic NN-SN686S have what is called inverter technology, which allows your food to be more evenly and efficiently heated in less time; this feature is highly desirable. The sensor cooking feature, a seen with the LG LCRT2010ST is also a much loved addition; it detects moisture from the food you are heating and automatically shuts off when complete.

Digital or Rotary

Sometimes you simply want a microwave without all the digital bells and whistles; in this case, you can specifically search for a microwave with rotary dials such as the Westinghouse WCM. If LED digital displays are more your thing, then there will be plenty of suitable options.

Company Support & Warranty

Although this comes at the bottom of the list, these are arguable two of the most important secondary considerations to make when you’re looking at purchasing any new appliance. Make sure you are clear with what exactly the company will offer in regards to warranty and support and what their protocols are for handling returns or exchanges. In the end, remember that when purchasing from Amazon they too offer their own support as well. In the case that the company won’t provide adequate assistance, always check back with Amazon; we’ve found them extremely helpful.


Choosing the right microwave for your kitchen isn’t a difficult task but considering you’ll most likely be using it on a daily basis you’ll want to ensure that not only the microwave you’ve chosen heats your food properly, it is also user friendly, long lasting and provides all of the functions you require. Although we’ve listed the Panasonic NN-SN936B as our #1 pick and the best countertop microwave, we’re confident you will be happy with any of the selections in this article, as long as you have noted the buying considerations to find the best microwave. Whether you’re looking for the best over the range microwave or researching the best microwave oven reviews for the top picks, keep those considerations in mind and you’ll find the best product suited to you.

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