Azuna Odor Eliminator Review

Do the odors in your home linger? Does it seem impossible to have a nice-smelling home thanks to kids and pets? Now, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Azuna is a brand that offers all kinds of different products that are meant to keep the air you breathe clean and fresh. The best part of all is that Azuna products are all made with natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about harming your children or pets with harmful chemicals.

In this Azuna odor eliminator review, we’ve compiled information on all the products offered by the brand, as well as everything else you need to know. According to 2020 Azuna Facebook reviews, this remains the ideal product proven to eliminate odors throughout your home. Keeping your home or other space clean is no longer an issue with odor eliminators!

About the Brand

Azuna is an innovative brand that focuses on keeping your home clean and fresh using all-natural ingredients. With Australian tea tree oil being the main ingredient in all of the Azuna antimicrobial odor eliminators, you can be assured that the air you and your family are breathing is safe and clean. Australian tea tree oil has both antibacterial and antifungal properties, which also makes it a great way to purify the air and eliminate mold, mildew, fungus, odors, and so much more. It has non-toxic air purifying and preservative benefits.

You also will be able to rely on Azuna antimicrobial odor eliminator products in virtually any part of your home. As long as you place your Azuna product on a flat surface, it works for 60-90 days. It’s not the best for rooms with heavy pet or cigarette odors, and you shouldn’t place the product right next to a fan. Otherwise, the brand’s products can be used almost anywhere, including in bathrooms, basements, bedrooms, single rooms, and kitchens.

You can purchase Azuna odor eliminator products through their website or Amazon.

Azuna Odor Removal Products

1. Azuna Pet Kit

Azuna Pet Kit

If you have pets and find it difficult to eliminate their odors, don’t despair! The Azuna Pet Kit is the right choice for you and one of the brand’s top products. Made with the best all-natural ingredients to be safe for pets, you can rely on the Azuna antimicrobial odor eliminator kit to keep the air in your home filtered and fresh.

This original air purifying kit comes with two small room treatments and one Azuna spray. The treatment works up to 200 square feet, and you can use this near litter boxes, toy bins, and your pets’ food bowls. The spray, in addition, can double up as both an odor remover and a surface cleaner.

2. RV and Boat Kit

RV and Boat Kit

People who have RVs or boats know that they’re not the easiest places to keep clean. You’re always on the road or in the water, which makes your RV or boat a nice spot for some dirty things to grow. Luckily, if you take the Azuna RV and Boat Kit with you on your next adventure, you’ll find yourself wondering what you did without it all these years. Customers were pleased with the clean content and air purifying properties.

The kit will work to keep the air clean while neutralizing it against mold, mildew, and bacteria. It comes with two large room treatments and one all-natural spray. In addition to that, you can rely on the kit to work in rooms that are up to 800 square feet, which means that you’re not only limited to using the kit in your boat or RV.

It can also work for basements or other large rooms. The jars may work for 60-90 days depending on the level of odors in the room. And, as always, these products are made of pure and natural ingredients.

3. Automobile Treatment

Azuna Automobile Treatment

Ever find yourself noticing that your car smells something like a zoo? The Azuna Automobile Odor Treatment was made specifically for those who find themselves wondering how to keep their cars clean and fresh without needing to use harmful chemicals. It also helps to eliminate mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria.

The Azuna antimicrobial odor eliminator kit comes with three Azuna antimicrobial odor eliminators, and the best part is that you will be able to choose the scent you want.

The scents are available in Natural, Simply Citrus, Pure Vanilla, and Aromatherapy. You can rely on these to keep your car fresh for 60-90 days. Now, you don’t have to worry about using harmful sprays or getting chemical treatments for keeping your car clean.

4. All-Natural Spray

Azuna All-Natural Spray

Here is a great product to substitute all of your other odor eliminator sprays. The All-Natural Spray from Azuna is made of tea tree oil and other essential oils, making it a safe and environmentally-friendly air freshener to add to your collection. Besides that, you can trust that you and your family won’t be breathing any harmful chemicals when you spray this in your home or car.

The Azuna antimicrobial odor eliminator spray can double as both an odor remover and surface cleaner as a refresher. The product is meant to protect against bacteria, mildew, fungus, and mold in addition to getting rid of odors.

In order to use the spray, all you need to do is spray it directly onto the item that needs to be treated, whether it be sneakers, sporting equipment, or anything else that simply smells terrible. The spray comes in a natural scent.

5. 24oz Refill Pouch

Azuna 24oz Refill Pouch

As we mentioned, the gel jars provided by Azuna can last anywhere between 60 and 90 days. This will largely depend on where you place the gel jars, as well as the level of odors and other particles in the air. When the time is up, however, you don’t need to go out and immediately purchase a new jar.

Azuna created a 24-ounce refill gel pouch for this purpose. Simply empty the old Azuna jar and pour in some of the gel from the refill pouch every two to three months. Once again, you will be able to choose between different scents that please you, including Natural, Simply Citrus, and Pure Vanilla.

You may even feel cautious given the price tag, but the entire pouch goes a long, long way.

6. Large Room Treatment

Azuna Large Room Treatment

For larger rooms, you will be able to rely on the Azuna Large Room Treatment jar to help keep the air fresh. Many other odor eliminators don’t work in large areas, but this jar is different. It is able to effectively treat any room that is even up to 800 square feet. This can include your basement, living room, den, or even a boat or RV.

Once again, the jar will stay effective for a span of 60 to 90 days. The scent this treatment is available in is Natural, which pleases anyone who doesn’t care for strong scents. It has antimicrobial properties and is made of fully natural ingredients to help keep the air in your room clean and fresh. The large room treatment jars are 8 ounces.

7. Small Room Treatment

Azuna Small Room Treatment

If you need to keep odors and bacteria away in smaller rooms, the Small Room Treatment option is a great option for you. Whether you want to keep this in a garage, small office, or room for your pets, you can easily rely on the Azuna Small Room Treatment to get the job done.

For only $14.99, one small 2-ounce jar is all it takes to protect the air you breathe against mold, fungus, and bacteria and have your home smelling fresh and clean.

In fact, this little jar is able to work in rooms that are up to 200 square feet. You can choose between a variety of scents for this product that will please you, including Natural, Simply Citrus, Pure Vanilla, and Aromatherapy depending on your tastes. As with all Azuna products, this jar will remain effective for 60-90 days, and it is made of key natural ingredients that you can trust.

8. Whole Home Kit

Azuna Whole Home Kit

The Azuna Home Kit is one of the most popular products that the brand has to offer and for good reason; it includes so many of the products on this list for a package deal!

The contents of the kit include 4 of the small room treatment jars and one 24-ounce refill pouch with 12 pod refills. You can use the Azuna Home Kit for treating four rooms that are small or medium in size. Depending on the size of your home, this can be suitable for the whole house, or it can work effectively in bedrooms, bathrooms, and more.

You can also choose between several different scents, such as Natural, Simply Citrus, and Pure Vanilla.

9. Premium Whole Home Kit

Premium Whole Home Kit

Finally, you can choose to get the Premium Whole Home Kit. The contents of the kit include four small room jars, one large room jar, one all-natural spray, and 12 pod refills of the 24oz refill pouch. This is very convenient if you want to use the Azuna products in several rooms. You will also end up saving money if you choose this option.

You can select between different scents for the small room treatment and the refill pouch, which include Simply Citrus, Pure Vanilla, and Natural.


Very often, customers wonder about the effectiveness of all-natural products when it comes to cleaning and refreshing purposes. However, you can rely on any of the odor eliminating products offered by Azuna when it comes to keeping your home clean. The ingredients in the products are meant to neutralize the air against bacteria, fungus, mildew, and mold while keeping the air clean at the same time. And with all the fun scents it has to offer, you will get a pleasant breath of fresh air.

These products have all received top customer reviews and ratings for their effectiveness and contents. Keeping your home smelling clean has never been easier!

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