Molekule Review – Air Purifier

Air purifiers can be lifesavers for people suffering from allergies and asthma. They can manage to keep the air you breathe clean and pure to improve your health.

One of the most innovative air purifiers on the market is the Molekule Air Purifier. It comes in 2 different sizes and has a unique technology that has the ability to destroy air pollutants instead of simply filtering them out.

In this article, we will tell you what to look for in a good air purifier, as well as what makes the Molekule Air Purifier so special and whether or not you should purchase it.

Criteria of a Good Air Purifier

When people go to purchase an air purifier, there are generally a few factors that they want to consider first.

Are they easy to maintain? The air filters in air purifiers must be replaced every so often. The frequency at which they need to be changed will depend on the type of air purifier you choose. The three main types are pre-filters, carbon filters, and HEPA filters.

  • Pre-filters: These need to be changed every 3 months, but some can be washed in the washing machine.
  • Carbon filters: These last for 6 months on average.
  • HEPA filters: Some of these can last for 5 years, but generally, these filters can last for 1 year.
  • There are also some air purifiers on the market that rely on the use of heat or UV light to work, which means that they do not need filters.

What do you need it for? There are plenty of different reasons why people choose to get air purifiers. Here are some of the most common:

  • Pets: There are air purifiers that are designed to remove pet odors, hair, and dander from the air.
  • Allergies: For those who suffer from horrible allergies, these could be major saviors. They work to help remove allergens from indoors for relief.
  • Smoke: If you live with someone who smokes or have been exposed to other kinds of smoke, soot, or other odors in your home that could cause you to have trouble breathing, there are air purifiers geared towards this.
  • Breathing problems: For example, air purifiers can provide lots of relief for people suffering from asthma. They remove odors and chemicals in the surrounding air.

What size do you need? It is also important that you consider the size of the air purifier before you purchase it. There are different air purifiers meant for different sized rooms. For example, some of them can only be used in smaller rooms. Knowing how many square feet the room you want the purifier in will help you determine the size that you need to get.

What is the ACH rate? ACH stands for the air change per hour, which means how many times the purifier will be able to filter a volume of air every hour. If you want an air purifier to help ease some of your breathing problems, then this could be important.

Molekule Air Purifier Review

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Molekule has two air purifiers- the Molekule Air and the Molekule Air Mini. The one you choose will depend on the size of the room you intend on using it in. For example, the Molekule Air purifier is best for larger rooms, such as the living room or master bedroom, and the Molekule Air Mini is great for children’s bedrooms or your office.

The price of the Molekule Air is $799 and the price of the Molekule Air Mini is $399.

So what is it that sets this product apart from others of its kind? The brand was created with the goal of eliminating indoor air pollutants. The founders of the brand suffered from allergies and asthma, so they wanted to create a product that would help to relieve their symptoms.

These air purifiers have a different kind of filter called PECO, which stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. Unlike HEPA filters, which simply collect pollutants, PECO filters will actually destroy substances such as bacteria, mold, and allergens at the molecular level. This will prevent the mold from escaping the filters and being passed back into the air. You will get filter refills once the 6 months’ worth of filters the devices come with are used up. The air purifier works by pulling air through a fan at the bottom into the pre-filter, then is pushed through the PECO filter to destroy pollutants. This clean air is then filtered out through vents at the top.

The pre-filters need to be changed every 3 months and the PECO filter needs to be changed every 6 months.

  • Where to buy Molekule air purifiers: You will be able to purchase these air purifiers on the company’s website.

Here’s a YouTube video introducing the Molekule Air Mini.

Pros and Cons

According to customer reviews, there were several pros and cons of the Molekule Air Purifier.


  • It can destroy mold, allergen, and other pollutants in the air. Unlike other air filters on the market, the ones that are included with the Molekule air purifiers actually have the ability to completely eliminate mold spores, allergens, dust particles, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and more. This helps to truly clean the air where you live.
  • The purifier is easy to maintain. Plain and simple, you get the air filters delivered right to your door whenever you need them. It’s easy to clean and you can be assured that it will always look brand new.
  • You can control it from your phone. This is a totally unique feature that you might not find elsewhere. This air purifier comes with a companion app that allows you to schedule when you want it to turn off and on (perfect for nighttime). You can track the filter’s status to know when you should be changing them and you can also control the speed of the fan.


  • It’s totally overpriced. As we said before, the price of the larger air purifier is $799 and the smaller one is $399. You can easily purchase air purifiers that are a lot cheaper. The company does allow you to finance the device, but it might not be worth paying all that money altogether.
  • It’s large and heavy. Here’s one thing that might be surprising- this air filter is huge. It weighs 18 pounds and the larger purifier is 2 feet tall. You might have the need to reorganize your room.


There are some people who think the Molekule air purifiers aren’t worth the money, and then there are people who believe that these are the best air purifiers on the market. They certainly come with many important features that you won’t be able to find elsewhere, but we’ll let you decide whether or not you want to buy this product.

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