The Best Traveling Food Scale Reviews

In our calorie-crazed, health driven world that we are currently living in what could be more advantageous than having a portable food scale. Having a food scale on you while traveling helps you to keep track of your calorie intake for the day, helping you remain on track, therefore, guilt free!

But with a vast world of portable food scales on the market, with numbers of favored features necessary such as LED display, micro gram measure, size and ease of use it can be challenging to know which scale is the best traveling food scale for you.

However, we have put together a list of the best top 5 traveling food scales out at the moment to help you make your shopping easier!

Top 5 Traveling Food Scale Reviews

#1. Escali PR500S Pico HP High Precision Digital Scale 500g

Escali’s PR500S Pico HP high precision digital scale is a brilliant option when looking for a compact, precise, stylish food scale for traveling. Offering a large bright LED display with an easy two-buttoned programming system makes it a breeze to use. The PR500S Pico HP is only 8x6x1,2 inches and only weighs a pound making it extremely portable.

It has the impressive capability of being able to weigh up to 11 lbs of produce and is accurate enough to measure in 0,1 oz increments at a time. Powered by a simple 9-volt battery that is included, it also has a smart timing function that allows it to conserve battery by turning off after five minutes of no use. Adding that it is completely spill-proof and super easy to clean makes this a brilliant buy.


#2. SimpleTaste Professional Touch Digital Kitchen Scale, Electronic scale

SimpleTaste’s Professional Touch Digital Kitchen Scale is a multifunctional scale that is perfect for any kitchen or carry bag. With its modern display and size, the scale becomes highly lovable for its portability. Sporting its bright LCD back-lit display that reads in ounces, grams, milliliters and pounds the scale is easily readable.

This little wonder of a scale can surprisingly hold up to 22 lbs with its four high-precision, new generation sensors that succeed in measuring in increments of 0,2 ounces a time. With a classy glass surface finish the scale is super easy to clean with a simple wipe.


#3. Greater Goods Digital Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Nourish’s Digital Precision Kitchen Food Scale is a key tool to have for any gourmet situation, helping you enjoy your food wherever you are and whatever the occasion. The scale has a modern, clean display that proves to look after your health by consisting of completely BPA-free materials that are also chrome free. This helps by preventing any erosion coming into contact with your food upon weighing.

This scale also gets brownie points for being made out of environmentally friendly materials. It has a lovely large weighing surface giving you ample space to measure with an easy to read LCD screen positioned in a way that makes it easy to read while weighing your food. Measuring up to 11 lbs in 0,1 oz increments the scale is accurate enough for any challenge while being able to measure in pounds, grams, ounces, and milliliters.

It has two simple buttons for use, with an auto-sleep function after 2 minutes of being idle saving you battery power. The scale only weighs 1,1 pounds relinquishing you of any excess weight that you don’t need when traveling. This scale comes with a two-year warranty so that you gain peace of mind knowing you are using a high-quality product.


#4. Accuweight Digital Kitchen Scale

The Accuweight Digital Kitchen Scale is a light, versatile, modern scale that is thin enough not to be noticed in your bag, making it the perfect portable food scale for a busy lifestyle. It has a measuring platform made from stainless steel, allowing it to be easily cleaned and remains sanitary for a longer period. Encompassed with four modern, high-precision sensors that allow the scale to work accurately and efficiently.

The two inch LCD is easy to read and helps to not only indicate weight but also low battery and over-load indicators. The scale also saves you money on batteries by having a built in lithium battery with a longer life that is fitted with an auto sleep function when not in use. The scale weighs up to 11 lbs accurately with increments of 1 gram. Not only is this scale easy to use but it is just as easy to clean.


#5. Mira Digital Easy to Use Kitchen Food Scale

Mira’s digital easy to use kitchen food scale is a simple, yet highly functional scale that serves its purpose in a simple, compact way. The Mira scale is a reliable kitchen companion allowing you to carry on with your daily nutritional routine with peace of mind.

The Mira is extremely accurate measuring from its maximum of 11lbs all the way down to 0,1 oz while offering readings shown in pounds, grams, and ounces.

It has a lovely tempered glass surface that allows you to weigh your food without restriction while still being able to read the measurement. With an even surface, the scale has sensitive touch buttons for programming that prevents any dirt from getting into hard to reach places, allowing you to wipe the surface clean with one wipe.



In conclusion, it is clear that there is a variety to choose from when looking for the right scale for you, and with this breakdown of the top five, your choice can be made easier. Through simply knowing all the functionality there is to get out of a portable food scale, you will be able to find and buy the best traveling food scale for you. Whether it be that it is thin, or made of environmentally friendly materials, there is a scale for you among these top five that will help to live your healthy life with maximum ease.

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