Taylor Food Scale Reviews

Taylor kitchen scales are a must have for everyone’s kitchen! Whether you are trying to proportion your meals in efforts to lose weight or simply to lead a healthier lifestyle, Taylor has the right scale for you! This is one of many Taylor Kitchen Scale reviews that will help you in making a great purchase.

The Taylor Food Scale

Features at a glance:

  • Large LCD Display that can be viewed from any angle
  • Brushed stainless steel form made to fight stains and food carry over
  • Slim design makes storage a breeze!
  • Auto-off helps to reserve energy
  • Lithium Battery that keeps going and going


  • Long Lasting
  • Many different uses
  • Great at measuring smaller quantities
  • ​Easy to Use
  • A breeze to clean
  • Very accurate


  • According to Taylor food scale reviews measurements can be inaccurate when measuring food in a container. However, this problem can be fixed by putting the empty plate or food container on the scale first and then when you turn the scale on, add the food and the reading will be accurate
  • According to another Taylor compact food scale review, it can be harder to measure dry ingredients such as flour and sugar. A Taylor food scale measuring cup will fix this small issue


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Our Taylor Food Scale Review:

The Taylor scales are an awesome product because they last super long!

These scales have a nice sleek design so that they are large enough to weigh just about any food item but compact enough to be stored out of the way, on a kitchen counter or table, without taking up a lot of space.

The Taylor compact kitchen scales are better than competitors because they are covered in stainless steel, which aids in keeping away stains and food carryover that some scales get.

Great Quality for It’s Price

The Taylor food scales are also more affordable than their competitors. Not many other scales include a glass plate. The glass plate, you will find, is beneficial when you are trying to see the weight around the size of the plate.

We know that it can be tricky trying to look underneath the plate and get a reading. Which is why we have other Taylor kitchen scales that are not glass, and the weight result screen sticks out farther than the plate.

Allowing for an easy, stress-free reading. Another benefit is the accurate readings. Not all readings are accurate but you can be sure to get an accurate reading with the Taylor kitchen scales.

Easy to Use Features

Why buy and overpriced kitchen scale when you can just about split those prices in half and invest in a lower priced and more accurate scale. The compact design of these scales make it easier to move around and clean. Whereas, other scales can be bulky and hard to move. The measuring bowls are very roomy, allowing you to measure out larger quantities.

The Taylor kitchen scales have a very expensive design with an inexpensive price. If you choose another scale, aside from the Taylor compact kitchen scale, you will find great difficulty in measuring larger quantities. With the Taylor kitchen scale, you can weigh larger quantities due to the large bowl on the Taylor scales. There are some ultra-thin scales that can be beneficial for certain things.

However, you don’t want a scale that is so thin that it can easily slip from your grasp and break or that items can roll off. This is exactly what will happen if you go for a slimmer design with another scale. On an ultra-thin scale, it can be hard to get an accurate measure on apples and other round food items that may just roll off the scale.

There are many benefits that come to mind when thinking about the Taylor scales. Most importantly, they are durable. We all understand that things happen and when we are in a rush things get dropped. Depending on the distance of the fall. The Taylor scales can survive little mishaps in the kitchen. Whereas, if you drop one of the competing scales you are going to be disappointed and find yourself replacing this scale.

Why Should You Get a Taylor Kitchen Scale Instead of the Competitors?

If you buy one of the top contenders as opposed to buying one of the Taylor compact kitchen scales, you can look forward to paying much more. Not only will you pay more, but you will be buying an expensive item whose quality won’t add up to its price.

This not to say that none of the other scales are good but they do not compare to the Taylor kitchen scales. If you choose one of the other scales mentioned, you can look forward to needing help just to move the scale from the counter to the kitchen table.

Many other scales have bulky designs that make transportation hard. Who wants a dirty scale? The idea is to just clean the scale, right? With some of the other scales, it’s not quite that easy.

As you may already know, cleaning a kitchen scale is not the same as washing dishes and when something gets a stain it can be hard to remove the stain. Maybe you are someone who still loves the good old fashion scales. Well, if you buy a scale from one of the top contenders, your chances of finding a non-digital scale will be slim. The Taylor scales do offer a variety of scales, one of them being the non-digital measurements.

Where to Buy This Great Kitchen Product:

You can find the Taylor kitchen scales in so many stores. As a matter of fact, these scales are available in over 100 stores, physical and online locations. Some of the locations that carry these scales are Walmart, webstaurant store.com, true value, newegg.com, and Dean Supply store.

Go on out and pick up one of these wonderful scales or hop online and order and have the scale delivered right to your door! You will find that a Taylor scale is exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you want something with a cool, sleek, light weight design, or even a slightly heavier scale for more support, the Taylor scales have it all. Enjoy your new Taylor kitchen scale!

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