Best Upflush Toilet (Macerating) Systems & Pumps in 2021

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It is time to look at purchasing a toilet for your new bathroom, but you’ve run into a big problem. The location you plan on installing the toilet lacks the necessary plumbing for a traditional toilet; your options are limited.

Rather than ripping up floorboards and dealing with costly construction and installation of a drainage system. The best solution to your toilet problem might be to purchase an upflush toilet system (otherwise known as macerating toilets).

It is pretty natural if you are still confused about what you should be looking for when investing in an upflush toilet system. Well, don’t be scared about it!

Today, we’ll look at what makes the best macerating toilet and what you should keep in mind before purchasing one. We will also list some of the top models based on a series of upflush toilet reviews. So read on and have a look at our macerating toilet reviews written below…

Our Top Choice of Upflush Toilet

Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet


  • Beautiful Design
  • Larger Drain Input
  • Elongated Bowl


  • Quite Heavy


The Best Macerating Toilets

What is an Upflush / Macerating Toilet? – Pros and Cons

As the name implies, this type of toilet flushes waste upward after it is dropped into the tank. Maceration of the waste is achieved by grinding the waste so the pump can pump it through a discharge pipe. Isn’t it just super amazing? It works well and in the simplest way.

This process takes place with every flush, so no waste sits in the macerator or pump unit. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping the toilet system clean; it can clean itself independently.

To keep in mind, only waste materials that are easily broken down should be put into the toilet. Also, not to use corrosive cleaning products that may lead to damage of the macerator. 

Upflush toilets are excellent solutions for anyone with a limited water supply or low-pressure water systems. This is the best toilet for a basement option as well, with no floor drain. 

Additionally, these systems are relatively easy and quick to install. They save more water than standard toilets because maceration helps waste flow through pipes easier. This eliminates the need to use high-pressure toilet systems, significantly reducing water usage.

Macerating Upflush Toilet & Pump Brands

Many of us can’t tell the difference in toilet brands from one to the next, so we may not see the need to compare brands. However, selecting the right brand ensures you buy a toilet that suits your needs and space. It will also ensure your new toilet is functional, effective, and easy to install. 

If you’re not sure which brands are the most trusted and reliable, take a look at three of our favorite ones.


From the beginning, the SFA Group has stood by its objectives and values of maintaining excellence and innovation. The high-tech products designed and built to comply strictly with technological and environmental standards make SFA one best.

Devoting tons of time to research and development elevates SFA Group to a status of global power. In addition, SFA is committed to maintaining industry efficiency, high customer service, and high-quality goods.

Designed and manufactured in their ISO 9001 certified factory in Brégy, France, SFA was the inventor of the Macerating system. SFA continues to be a leader in its field. However, when you compare bathroom Anywhere vs Saniflo, the Saniflo is better. 

Liberty Pumps

Here’s a company manufacturing and supplying pumping products for wastewater and groundwater removal for quite a while. Liberty Pumps’ mission is to build customer relationships that will last for the long haul. 

They achieve their mission by providing customers with high-quality, innovative products at a great value. In addition to their exceptional quality, Liberty Pumps offers a level of customer service that is second to none. The company has demonstrated its quality system providing pumps and thus has allowed them the ISO 9001 certification.

Offering a variety of pumps, sewage systems, upflush toilets and more, Liberty Pumps is committed to ongoing advancements ensuring improved design and manufacturing. When you compare Liberty Ascent II vs Saniflo, the Saniflo is better. 


The Thetford Corporation is a leader in innovation and excels at providing top customer service. Through extensive product development, engineering and manufacturing, Thetford has managed to stand out above the competition.

Thetford can provide top-quality products that hold value now and in the future. New product lines are developed with the customers in mind.

Since their first design, the First Slide-Action Valve for RV holding tanks, they have been developing a product line consistently. As a whole, the company has developed a reputation for being the most responsive to its product users.

Top 5 Macerator Toilet Reviews

#1. Standard SaniPLUS Pressure Assisted Toilet – (Best Rated)

It’s no surprise that the two-piece SaniPLUS from Saniflo comes in first for the best upflush toilet system. Install into any bathroom space without needing to break apart floorboards to access piping; its simple behind-the-wall installation won’t leave you with headaches.

The small internal macerating motor is activated by a micro switch in the pressure chamber. This starts the stainless steel macerator blades going, effectively breaking up waste. The waste then passes through the oil-filled and sealed macerating pump. Finally, you can fit it into a sink, bathtub, urinal, bidet or similar.

Weighing in at 99.71 lb, this round standard bowl upflush toilet comes equipped with a 1.5-inch drain input (extremely effective for waste discharge). The Saniflo SaniPLUS measures 1.28 GPF and has a power of 10 PSI, pumping upward at 15 feet and 150 feet horizontally.


#2. Elongated Bowl SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet – (Best Large Bowl)

There’s a reason why Saniflo continues to steal the top spaces when it comes to pressure-assisted macerating toilets. They are the originators of the technology and continue to innovate.

The pressure chamber of the toilet is set inside the macerating upflush pump. A motor powers the system pumping out waste, just as the Standard Bowl model does.

You can also install this pump onto a bathtub, sink or shower. Thanks to the small micro switch that starts the motor, the pump rotates at an incredible speed of 3,600 RPM. By connecting the sink, bath or shower to the discharge pipes, you can also release the accumulated wastewater.

Featuring ten psi, the maceration pump can spray upwards with an impressive distance. Fifteen feet, while horizontally spraying up to 150 feet. It consumes 1.2 gallons per flush and runs extremely quiet compared to competitors.

This one is slightly more expensive than the Standard Bowl. However, the difference is minimal. The other main difference between the Standard and Elongated models is the toilet bowl on the Elongated version is deeper.


#3. Liberty Pumps ASCENT II Macerating Toilet – (Low Price Upflush Toilet)

The ASCENT 11 with elongated seat is most likely the best budget-conscious upflush toilet on the market.

With a sleek, compact design and running on 1/2 horsepower, this Liberty Pump toilet uses razor cut technology to effectively reduce waste to a sludge so that it can flow smoother through the macerated toilet system. Learn more about Liberty Pumps products.

With a WaterSense certification, you can be sure that your water consumption will be less with this toilet model, thus helping you reduce your impact on the environment while saving money at the same time.

Consuming a mere 920 watts of power and only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, this is truly a water-saving fixture for your bathroom. Additional specs worth noting; the toilet has a depth of 29 inches and conforms to specifications of height set out by the ADA. When you compare liberty ascent ii vs saniflo, both have excellent features.


#4. Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Macerating Elongated Toilet – Best Upflush Systems

Coming as a complete set, this macerator pump, bowl and tank trio system is fantastic. It packs power even while operating on only  0.8 horsepower. Plus, it has a capacity of 60 gallons per minute.

The Thetford Bathroom Anywhere Toilet runs horizontally at roughly 150 feet and vertically at 18 feet. Also ADA compliant like the Liberty featured above, the seat’s height is ideal for all.

Design features such as the chrome handle make the Thetford more durable and sturdy, and stylish. The slow closing toilet seat is an attractive bonus. You’ll never accidentally slam the seat down again. 

What makes this model the best macerating toilet is its versatility in integrating with an existing plumbing system in your home. The split design of the pump has a sink, bathtub, discharge outlet, and a 1.5-inch vent to keep it cool while in operation.

Rated as one of the best toilets for basements, Thetford is also quite popular for lofts and garage spaces installations. All you need to have is a water supply, the proper plumbing fittings, and a GFCI electrical outlet.

Backed by a 3-year limited warranty. Included in the purchase is a 6-foot long power cord with a grounded plug.


#5. Saniflo SaniBEST – Basement Toilet System

Looking at the Saniflo toilet reviews in 2019, this product is an incredible one, and it has received the best customer response ever with 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, the Saniflo has introduced this upflush toilet kit that includes both the tank and macerating pump; the two things work together very effectively as well as efficiently break down the waste so that it can be effortlessly pumped upwards to be expelled through the sewer line without really causing any problem for you.

Basic in design and with a straightforward installation, this SaniBEST toilet is just that, one of the best-rated macerating toilets on the market. However, it is essential to note that if you plan on purchasing this 1.6 gallons/flush elongated toilet, you’re going to have to bear in mind; it does come with a reasonably hefty price tag, making it one of the finest products you can purchase.


The Remaining 5 In The Top 10 List

Buyer’s Guide – How to Select A Macerating Toilet

When selecting the best macerating, up-flush or pressure-assisted toilets, it’s best to keep some considerations in mind. So if you want to make sure you buy the proper toilet for your needs, take a look below.

Although there are other considerations to look at, we’ve highlighted some of the most important ones below.

Macerating Pump (or Upflush) Toilet Pump

Make sure that whichever toilet model you buy is an effective macerator pump that makes the whole system work better. To analyze the effectiveness of a pump, you will want to look at the specs of the toilet. The most critical specs include voltage, horsepower, amperage, and anything else that contributes to the reliability of the pump.

And don’t forget to scroll the market and check the macerator pump reviews before purchasing an actual item.

Gallons per flush

Also measured in litres, depending on where in the world you live. You can easily tell whether the toilet is water-saving and efficient by the gallons per flush it cycles through. The fewer gallons per flush required, the more water you will save.

Basement Toilet Installation

An upflush toilet must be easy to install. To install a toilet of this kind, you will first require a water supply and a reliable electrical source. Finally, you will need a small discharge pipe and someone who can assist in the installation. You can read our guide on how to install a basement toilet here.

The installation process should take no more than a couple of hours to a day, depending on whether it includes the entire bathroom or not. If you’re a savvy handyman with a knack for home bathroom renovations, you may even feel comfortable enough to do the installation yourself.

Upflush Toilet FAQ:

We have gathered a list of common questions about upflush toilet systems. There are many aspects to consider, so browse through the following to ensure all your bases are covered.

Do macerator toilets work?

Macerating toilets work great. It is highly reliable because the waste is sent through a grinding (macerating) system behind the toilet before being pumped to an overhead waste line. However, standard toilets rely on gravity and water and run through a trap into a sewer line, sometimes problematic.

How much does it cost to install an Upflush toilet?

The total cost of an upflush toilet system is $800-$1200. Macerating toilets themselves cost $600-1000, as seen in our review. It will take a trained plumber 1-2 hours to install, with a rough $100-$200 for their time. Our above analysis included toilets with macerating pumps, but you will also need a sewage ejector system; these cost roughly $450-$700 and don’t come with the toilet.

How long do Macerators last?

This depends on how much it is used. For example, a basement toilet may not be your main bathroom, but expect the macerator to last about ten years if used often. With a lower amount of usage, the macerating pump should last up to 15 years. 

How far can a macerating toilet pump?

You can install macerating toilets up to 15 feet below the existing sewer line or 150 horizontal feet from a discharge area. With a 1/2 HP upflush pump, greywater, human waste and toilet paper are macerated and effectively disposed of.


There you have it, the quick guide to the top ten best upflush toilet systems on the market today.

The macerator pump toilet solves one of the most challenging bathroom installation problems you will encounter when re-modelling or installing a toilet in an area with no plumbing system.

Selecting any one of the top 10 best pressure-assisted toilets listed will leave you satisfied. However, remember to look closely at the considerations, as mentioned, along with the durability rating of the model.

Our number 1 pick is the Saniflo SaniPLUS Standard bowl model for the best toilets for basements or pressure-assisted toilets. If you’re looking for a no-hassle product that will come with everything already included, you’ll be delighted with our top pick!

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