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Breville is well-known for making some of the best kitchen appliances in the market and their toaster ovens are no different. As a matter of fact, their Smart Toaster Ovens are the most popular top-of-the-line toaster ovens that are currently available. If you’re looking for top-end toaster ovens that look great, have tons of user-friendly features, and cooks like no other oven in the market, then the Breville Toaster Ovens are the right appliances for you.

Our Top Pick for Breville Toaster Ovens:

Breville Smart BOV800XL Oven 1800-Watt Convection Oven


  • You have lots of cooking options thanks to its roomy interior
  • Magnetic Auto-Eject Feature
  • Quality and Durability
  • You can always control all aspects of cooking with this machine


  • It might not fit in smaller kitchens
  • The price might be beyond the budgets of most people
  • Some ovens usually stop working after around a year of use


When you have your own toaster oven at home, it is like having a small conventional toaster oven on the countertop, but it uses less energy and cooks food faster. Toaster ovens are a budget-friendly and convenient alternative to the full-size ovens – more so when you have a relatively small kitchen. The best toaster ovens should be easy to use and maintain, offer the preset cooking functions, hold larger portions of food and have safe designs.

Benefits of a Countertop Oven

Finding the right kitchen appliance can be a great money and time saver in the long run. Toaster ovens are nowadays versatile enough to be capable of replacing a lot of the tasks done by your current toaster, full sized oven and microwave. With less preheating required and more concentrated cooking temperatures, preparing your dishes will take less time to complete. In addition, they are also made to be more energy and time efficient. They can also be a great compliment to any kitchen as they can transform the way that you do your everyday cooking.

However, the functions, size and even colour of Breville toaster ovens vary greatly. With many selections, you can always find a toast oven that fits on your countertop and also helps you create a delicious meal using minimal energy. Below is a comprehensive Breville toaster oven reviews:

The Best Breville Oven Toaster on the Market

#1. Breville 800XL Oven 1800-Watt Convection Oven – Best Breville Toaster Oven

The Breville BOV800XL oven does all the cooking for you, all thanks to the IQ element that adjusts the wattage and power of its 5 quartz heating elements for a quicker and more even cooking. In addition, it also adjusts the heat distribution with respect to the type of food being baked or cooked.

This Breville oven measures 18.5 x 16.25 x 11.25 inches and it has a 13-inch pizza, six-slice toast capacity which is fairly large. Both its exterior and interior are very easy-to-clean with a ribbed warming tray and stainless steel housing. Its tempered glass door also ensures that you can always see your food as it cooks whereas a magnetic auto-eject rack is designed to make extraction of the food much easier.

Its nine (9) preset cooking functions include roast, bagel, broil, cookies, bake, pizza, preheat, warm and toast. It features temperature and time dials with auto shut-off and sound alert feature. For more effective cooking, the oven comes with broil rack, baking pan and a pizza pan.


  • Size – You have lots of cooking options thanks to its roomy interior
  • Magnetic Auto-Eject Feature– When you open this oven, the door magnets shall pull the rack out when it’s in the middle position
  • Quality and Durability – The oven is made of high quality materials and it will serve you for a long period of time
  • Quiet – Regardless of the setting that you use, it will always run quietly
  • Cooking Controls – You can always control all aspects of cooking with this machine
  • Easy of Use – The oven comes with an instruction manual, but the toaster oven is so intuitive that you might rarely need it


  • Size – It might not fit in smaller kitchens
  • Price – The price might be beyond the budgets of most people
  • Quality Control Issues – Some ovens usually stop working after around a year of use


#2. Breville Compact BOV650XL 4-Slice Smart Microwave with IQ Element

This product has a capacity of 3/5 cubic feet; therefore it can easily accommodate four pizza slices. This model has a power rating of 1800W, eight preset functions as well as the IQ Element technology.

The microwave features an LCD screen that indicates time/temperature dial, your settings, temp-conversion button as well as the defrost button. The model also features a tempered glass door that enables you to observe the food as it cooks. It has three rack positions, therefore you can easily adjust them each time you require more space for more food. It features a detachable crumb tray so as to make cleaning easier.

The Breville compact smart oven also comes with a ten x ten-inch enamel pan for baking as well as a ten x ten-inch enamel rack for broiling. This microwave model comes a one -year limited guarantee. With the incredible features this product is definitely among the finest toaster ovens.


  • It has an Exceptional color coded temperature setting that helps you to know if the food is well-cooked or if it is still defrosting. Additionally, it saves you time
  • Temperature conversion: some recipes need Celsius to be used instead of Fahrenheit. With this model you can easily access the two temp settings by just pressing a button
  • Personalization: this allows you to pick your own cooking time as well as temperature setting and save them. Doing so saves you a lot of time and also gives you more dependability in using this oven


  • A relatively short power cord: the power cord is just three feet long
  • High wattage: this oven has very high wattage; therefore you have to be very careful when using it with other appliances that require high-power


#3. Breville Mini Smart BOV450XL Oven with IQ Element

With its four quartz 1800W elements, this model is designed for different styles of cooking. Additionally, it features IQ Element technology that allows you to regulate its heat distribution as well as the wattage depending with the type of food that you want to prepare.

The model also has a function dial that features eight preset tasks for bake, bagel, toast, roast, cookies, broil, reheat and pizza. Its four-slice 0.45 cubic ft. capacity can accommodate an eleven -inch pizza. The model has three rack positions which make it easier for you to position your food.

It also has a detachable crumb tray so as to make cleaning it easier. The product features an auto shut-off feature that switches it off automatically if the cooking time is over. It has a steel housing that is powder coated as well as an internal cavity coating that is non sticky so as make it very easy to clean and also durable.


  • Makes flawless toast
  • The Element IQ technology ensures that there is good distribution of heat
  • It has Quartz heating elements
  • It features crumb tray that makes cleaning it easy
  • Automatic power off
  • It has an interface that is user-friendly as well as a back lit LCD screen that is easy to read


  • It does not feature an automatic slide out rack
  • It has an alert system that is Slightly loud


#4. Breville BOV845BSS Toaster Oven – Bov845Bss Vs Bov800Xl

This model is similar to the BOV800XL. It’s also an 1800W oven that features Element IQ technology. It features five quartz elements that are responsible for moving heat to where it’s required.

The advantage of this model is that your food will always be evenly cooked and you can also get the desired effect of the various cooking functions that are more advanced than those on cheaper toaster ovens. For example, toasting requires heat that is even for both top and bottom whereas other foods might need more heat to be concentrated on either the top or bottom. Therefore, the heat has to be adjustable.

This oven has an LCD display that indicates the time as well as the temperature for the cooking function that is selected. You can alter the cooking time as well as the temperature using the corresponding control button.


  • Even distribution of heat
  • Brilliant Heating
  • It is very spacious
  • Versatile


  • It is quite hard to Clean it
  • Inaccurate Controls


#5. Breville BOV900BSS Toaster Oven – Breville Convection Toaster Oven

The Breville BOV900BSS Oven does everything that your conventional oven can’t so as to bring unlimited cooking versatility to your everyday meal making. The toaster oven has an automatically adjustable Element IQ heating system, PID temperature control, super convection with two-speed fan and a total of 13 pre-programmed settings that will let you broil, roast, bake and slow cook with even and precise cooking temperatures.

Whether you are making pizzas, roasting chicken, warming appetizers, toasting bagels or baking cookies, you don’t necessarily have to monitor this toaster oven as it cooks. As such, you will have a lot of time to concentrate on the other cooking tasks, or even relax as the kitchen fills up with tantalizing aromas.

In addition, with the Dehydrate and Air Fry settings, you can always make a wide array of delicious and light snacks that are ideal for health conscious eaters, including crunchy kale chips and crispy French fries. The model is also backed by a manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty.


  • It offers excellent heating
  • The model is quite easy to clean
  • Good For Baking
  • It has precise controls that will ensure your cooking experience is quite easy


  • The model is a bit noisy
  • It doesn’t heat Evenly


Summary – Breville Toaster Oven Reviews

Toaster ovens have greatly transformed the way that we cook. Cooking has nowadays become easier, faster and in most instances, healthier as compared to traditional stovetop cooking. Today’s ovens are nothing when compared those traditional ovens. Advances in both function and design have made modern toaster ovens a capable replacement for lots of the cooking chores of full sized units without sacrificing the quality. There are many different available features, sizes, heating technology and price points to choose from. Whether you want to roast, bake, broil, toast or reheat, the above Breville toaster oven reviews gives you the right appliance that can save both energy and time all while still producing perfectly cooked dishes.

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