Neff Slide and Hide Oven USA : Reviews

Cooking can be a crazy endeavor. Even if you’re not working in a crowded space, there is so much to deal with: the mess of pots and pans and cutlery, needing to chop, boil, mix and bake.

The risk of cuts and burns is a real problem. When you’re flustered to take Sunday dinner’s roast out of the oven, with family all around and limited space, the last thing you want to happen is to burn yourself in the process.

It’s not easy to avoid regular ovens, but you can prevent this catastrophe altogether with a Neff oven. Curious as to how? Keep reading as well go into an in-depth slide and hide review in this article.

Neff Slide and Hide Oven Door USA Overview:

Before we go further, let’s detail what makes a Neff oven unique and how it works. Specifically, we will be going over Neff slide and hide oven for the USA.

Neff ovens have a lot of features that make them better than your generic ovens. However, they are more of a professional type and are not as cheap. That being said, it is worth it if you find yourself using your oven a lot.

Depending on the type you are going for, the average oven costs roughly $2,000 – $5,000. We will go over the different types of ovens that you can get and how the features can benefit you. This oven is perfect for people who have smaller spaces, for which we will explain why.

Special Features of the Neff Oven With Slide In Door:


This feature allows you to open the oven door, then slide it underneath the entirety of the oven. The best part of this is that while you’re busy checking the status of your food or taking it out of the oven, you can make sure that the door is entirely out of the way, making the chances of you burning your arm as you do a balancing act of keeping the door open and taking that turkey out is zero!

Vario Steam:

This feature lets you keep your food moist during cooking by steaming the food in a very gentle way that will not hinder the taste or texture. This feature is perfect for roasts or casseroles that can get dried out while being cooked. It’s convenient because it has three different settings that allow you to make sure everything is perfect.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning:

No one likes cleaning their oven, and usually, when you use the self-cleaning feature in an oven, you tend to get burned areas that you don’t adequately dispose of. Pyrolytic self-cleaning is perfect because it gives you three different settings that allow you to access the amount of mess your oven has. After pressing the cleaning button and leaving the allotted time to clean, wipe out the oven with a paper towel.

Full Steam:

This is a great healthy way to cook your vegetables. This steamer runs on a liter of water that is easily refillable and then administers an ideally administered amount of steam to cook the vegetables evenly.


This feature is a fan that administers heat to evenly cook food for up to four different trays depending on the oven.

These are the different features you can get in your oven, but whether or not you get a specific feature depends on the oven you get. So first, let’s go over some of the best Neff ovens. Keep in mind that each of these ovens includes the slide and hide feature.

Neff Appliances USA – Oven Reviews:

Neff B57CR22N0B

Neff B57CR22N0B

Description: Affordable price for such a professional functioning oven, this item uses Circo-thermal technology to cook multiple meals simultaneously evenly. Twelve different functions allow you to perfectly cook whatever food you want, including doughs, meats, cakes, etc. There is even a grill feature to better cook your meats. This oven has a sleek design that offers up to 71 liters of space and does require professional installation.

Price: $1,078


  • A mechanism that stops trays from falling out
  • Fast heating and long retention
  • Effective self-cleaning


  • Only heats up to 200C when in circotherm mode
  • The timer alarm is quiet


Neff B47FS34N0B

Neff B47FS34N0B

Description: A dark, sleek, and modern oven with a simple interface offer many cooking options. 71 Liter capacity, fitted with telescopic shelving, which can accommodate even the heaviest dishes. This oven requires professional electric installation.

Price: $1,155-$1,390


  • Easy to use features
  • Quietly operates
  • Many cooking options
  • Telescopic Shelving


  • Poor trays. Difficult fitting and removal
  • The timer only offered in seconds


Neff B17CR32N1B

Neff B17CR32N1B

Description: This oven is complete with Circo-thermal cooking, which allows for maximized food being cooked. This is a perfect oven for those who bake a lot because it gives even heating. Also, this oven has a hot air grilling that allows for thorough cooking that makes sure to cook all the way through without losing its moistness. It is a beautiful oven that is made of stainless steel and allows for 71 liters of space. This requires professional installation.

Price: $627-$1,102


  • Cost
  • Many heat/cooking settings
  • Easy to use interface


  • Heavy/ difficult install
  • No telescopic shelving


Neff B12S32N3GB

Neff B12S32N3GB

Description: This is a modern-looking, stainless steel oven that holds up to 67 liters. It offers three different cooking options so that you can cook a whole array of foods. This includes a defrosting setting to make your cooking experience as easy as possible! This product heats quickly, cooks evenly, and cleans easily. However, it does require professional installation.

Price: $404


  • Extremely cheap
  • Proficient cooking
  • Quickly cleans


  • Smaller oven
  • Not as many trays


Neff B47CR32N0B

Neff B47CR32N0B

Description: Black, sleek, simple design, yet offering an extensive array of cooking options, this oven gives you a lot to work with. 71 liter incapacity, this large oven gives you up to three levels to cook. Oven with the Slide and Hide door, Circo-therm for even cooking, eco-cleaning for easy, self-cleaning, bottom cleaning for the oven floor, and navigation control for easy use of the control panel. This product, like all Neff ovens, requires professional installation.

Price: $798- $1060


  • Energy saving
  • Quick, even heating
  • Slide and Hide oven door helps safety


  • Quiet timer
  • The grill doesn’t detach from the pan


Are Neff Ovens available in the United States?

A frequently asked question is, are Neff ovens available in the United States? And the answer is Yes, sometimes. You will see them on Amazon & eBay occasionally, in the USA.

We are currently looking for a supplier of Neff Ovens to the United States, as there doesn’t seem to be a product like it readily available!

Why Should You Buy A Neff Oven in the USA?

There are many reasons that you should try out a Neff oven. Let’s summarize. Firstly, on a superficial level, Neff ovens are always sleek, modern, and simple look. The stainless steel or black items can make sure that it always blends well with your kitchen. Another significant aspect of Neff’s products is the plethora of unique options that they give you. You have to make sure that specific options are a part of the oven you’re looking at. Of course, we specifically want to look at the ovens with the slide and hide oven door. This is one of the most innovative and unique features that Neff offers. It causes the removal of food to be easy and safe. For specific cooking needs, you have the Circo-thermal that evenly cooks and specialty steaming if you want. The self-cleaning feature also causes your cooking and cleanup to be more accessible than ever. Perhaps the most important thing is that this product is made well. Time and time again, customers rave about the quiet, quick effectiveness of their Neff oven. Food comes out evenly cooked, moisture intact, and tastes at its ultimate best.

This product is mainly a UK-based one, and that might make it difficult for you if you want to get a Neff oven in the USA. But it is possible to own your Hide and Slide oven if you look in the right places. Unfortunately, it is not available on their website as a USA option. This is because their products require professional installation, which is not a popular type of oven in the States. That being said, you can get your hands on one of these great ovens. If you go onto eBay, you will be able to find Neff ovens. You can also contact the Neff Canadian headquarters and have their product shipped to you to the States. (800-268-4527).

It might be a bit more of a headache to get your hands on a Neff oven, and it might even be more difficult because you need to get it installed. But don’t let this dissuade you; getting it installed isn’t that hard. The cost is rounded up from $98-$182. Considering some ovens are as cheap as around $450, then it’s a doable thing. Ultimately, if you want to have a quality, long-lasting, and professional-looking oven, then this is an investment you want to make. The Slide&Hide feature is unique and life-changing in terms of cooking. Out of all the pros and cons of the several slides and hide oven reviews, it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons. Neff ovens are an investment you want to make.

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16 thoughts on “Neff Slide and Hide Oven USA : Reviews”

  1. Not sold in US. Ebay has only the steam ovens. Canada doesn’t sell the ovens, you will be referred to the factory in Germany. Real shame. I would love to own one, too. It’s a safety issue at my age.

    • Hey Lynne,

      Thanks for your question. I can’t seem to find any slide-n-hide ovens from any major retailers in the US or Canada. It seems as though they are only available in the UK and Australia.
      It’s too bad as these are great ovens! Bosch makes a side opening door oven, left or right – check it out here.

      I hope you find what you need, take care!

      • Bosch says not sure when it will become available again. Aldi, while the door is cool, it’s gotten mixed reviews about the functional parts such as electronics. I would say that for other Bosch products I’ve sent quality decline over the past 10 years

        • There are other mainstream companies that sell side opening doors. GE has one that looks promising, and I plan to check it out. I fell in love with this Slide & Hide door, but maybe a side-opening one would be a good compromise. However, there still might be a ray of hope for this one. Check their web-site; they list stores in several areas in the U.S. now. I plan to call one tomorrow to see if they’ve worked out the electrical issue. If so, I’ll probably take a road trip to see one.

  2. My wife and I are not getting any Younger either and we would love to have a “Slide and Hide” Neff. We first saw this oven on “The Great British Baking Show” and thought the ovens quite handy.

  3. I think that the biggest issue with these appliances is more than their availability in the US and/or Canada. It’s the electrical requirements. In the US we generally have 110 or 220 volts at 60Hz. In Europe the voltage tends to be 230 or 240 volts at 50Hz. While the voltage difference can be overcome by a step-up or step-down transformer the frequency is a different matter all together. There are adapters available to convert the frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz but the good ones tend to be large, heavy and bulky and they still don’t work all that well. The mismatched frequency will eventually destroy the appliance. How long is “eventually” ? Don’t know. Please let me know if this has gotten better since I lived in Europe and I’ll remove the comment

  4. Yes, those would be the issues. It just doesn’t feel an impossible task to resolve them. Greed so drives US business — not uncommon, true but to such an unnecessarily detrimental extent. I guess this is a first-world privileged problem, true, but it is sad how other than they could be things are.

    • I believe greed is a world wide problem, not just US, the biggest issue with these is the electrical differences in Europe avs the US, these neat little ovens would have to be completely remanufactured to be able to be used in this country. Perhaps a the Great British Baking Show grows, so might the popularity of these ovens…. fingers crossed.

  5. I just started streaming the Great British Baking Show and love the safety concept and design of the oven also. I would like to be able to get, but, understand the electrical constraints. I know many people that buy high-end appliances that also love the design … the sliding and hide oven door alone would be huge hit! Very interested to see if any vendor takes on the challenge:)

    • Hey Mab,
      Thanks for your message! I also love the Slide-n-Hide concept, they are very well designed. It’s too bad we can’t find them easily in North America, but I’m keeping an eye out!
      Take care 🙂

  6. Its almost 2022 for goodness sake. Where is the US version of this?? Seriously?!? the brits can eat our american food, watch our american shows and movies but wont share their ovens with us…??? I don’t know but you brits, germans could make a fortune off these.. I would love to own one but the electrical makes me question it.. we eventually got the Aussie magnetic baking stoves.. why can’t we get the slide and hide ovens?? I think an american manufacture should make these.. in a better way that works with 2 oven trays instead of one.. like why do the brits bake one thing at a time.. must take forever to do xmas dinner.. LOL>. well get it eventually but you guy will lose in the end.


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