Gray Bathroom Ideas & Decor

Gray tends to get a bad rap as a color used for decorating. But lately, people have been turning to the muted neutral color to update their homes and bathrooms. Many have found that gray gives off an elegant and beautiful vibe in any space; however, it primarily will go with almost anything. So if you were thinking of turning to a gray color scheme in your bathroom, it might be worth checking out any of these gray bathroom ideas.

Gray Bathroom Ideas

gray bathroom

1. Gray bathroom decor

If you don’t want to take the plunge and paint your entire bathroom gray, you can always get some gray decor to give your bathroom that vibe. This could be in bath rugs, towels, curtains, or other accessories such as wall art. Here are some fun gray bathroom decor ideas.

Gray cabinet

Aside from the vanity cabinet under your sink, you can also get a separate cabinet for holding all your belongings. This cabinet can serve multiple purposes, such as storing toilet paper, towels, washcloths, and personal hygiene products. You can always get one that is a shade of gray, even if the rest of your bathroom might not be gray. This is a versatile color that will match virtually anything.

Gray shelves

It might be a little challenging to come by gray floating shelves, but it certainly is possible. Or, you could create a fun DIY project and paint a few shelves on your own. Shelves are an excellent way to maximize space in your bathroom by adding storage on the wall. It is so much you can store on these shelves or use them to place decorations such as candles, plants, and pieces of art.

Gray hamper

You can even choose to get something as simple as a hamper in gray. If, for example, the overall color scheme in your bathroom is blue, getting a gray hamper can be a pop of color, and it would match well with the rest of your bathroom decor.

Gray accessories

Finally, you can choose to get gray accessories, such as soap dispensers, soap holders, towels, curtains, and shower curtains. This is an excellent way for you to incorporate some gray into your bathroom without having to go all the way. The best part is that you can surely match the other colours in your bathroom with gray, no matter the different colors.

2. Gray bathroom tile ideas

Gray bathroom tile

Gray is a popular color for people to use on their bathroom tiles as well. Here are some gray bathroom floor tile ideas for you to consider. It’s always best to have a professional tile contractor help you install your new bathroom tile.

Gray backsplash

You don’t just have to limit gray tilework to the floors. You can also include some gray on the backsplash. For example, a glass tile mosaic in gray can be a great way to add a touch of modernity and innovation to your bathroom. It will give your bathroom a nice touch and be unique if you’re someone who shies away from bright colors.

Gray floors

The options are endless when it comes to gray floor tiles. There are so many bathroom ideas with gray tiles for you to choose from. Whether you prefer dark gray or light gray, it won’t be difficult for you to get gray tile work done in your bathroom. Once again, it will provide a contemporary touch to your space without being too overwhelming.

Gray shower

Finally, if you have a shower room, you can also have the tiles in gray. Once again, there are so many different shades of gray for you to choose from for the gray shower tiles that it all simply depends on your tastes and preferences.

3. Gray vanity bathroom ideas

Gray vanity bathroom

A vanity is imperative in your bathroom if you’re looking for extra storage space and want your bathroom to look more elegant. But, of course, the type of vanity you’ll get will depend on the size of your bathroom.

Double sinks

A large vanity for double sinks works well if multiple people will be using the bathroom. It means you will have extra space to store all your belongings, giving less space for clutter.

Choose your color

Whether you prefer light or dark gray, you can choose between several different hues of color when you’re picking out your vanity. Many bathrooms look elegant with light gray vanities, especially if you have chosen a different color layout for the rest of the bathroom.

For example, imagine a light blue bathroom with a light gray vanity. Dark gray would work well in this instance, or you can pair dark gray vanities with a light gray layout in the rest of the bathroom. To put it short, you will be able to customize the color of your vanity as there are many shades of gray to choose from.

Powder room single vanity

Who says that you can’t have a vanity sink in a powder room, too? Although a powder room, also known as a half bathroom, might be a bit smaller than a regular bathroom, a single vanity is an excellent choice to give you more room for storage of items such as towels, soap, and toilet paper. Once again, you will be able to customize the vanity according to the color you like, the number of drawers, and other features.

Guest bathroom

Lastly, you can easily use gray as the main color scheme in your guest bathroom. Gray is a neutral and muted color, so it’s a versatile color no matter the age or gender of the person using the bathroom. It will provide a stunning new look to a bathroom that you may have otherwise ignored. You can choose to make the entire bathroom different shades of gray, or you can choose a different color scheme and incorporate a few things that are gray otherwise. The choice is all yours.

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4. Dark gray bathroom ideas

Dark gray bathroom

Dark gray is a fun color that many people have been turning to. For those who prefer dark colors, black can be a little too dark to be used in a bathroom or other space, but dark gray is a great alternative. Here are some different ways in which you can implement dark gray in your bathroom.


Dark gray cabinets provide a chic and elegant look to any bathroom. They don’t get dirty easily, and they look great no matter what other colors you incorporate in the space. You can customize your cabinets to look the way you want to and provide as much storage space as you need.


In addition, you could paint the walls of your bathroom dark gray. Or, if you don’t want the entire bathroom to be one dark color, you could paint one of the walls dark gray and the rest of them another muted color. Another popular choice is painting half of the wall gray, getting a divider, and painting the other half a lighter color. Dark gray is a popular color for paint, and it provides an elegant touch to any space.


If dark gray elsewhere isn’t quite your thing, one of the best ways to incorporate it in your bathroom is on the floor. As we mentioned earlier, dark gray tiles or laminate floors in your bathroom are a gorgeous way to give it an upgrade without worrying too much about using bright colors. In addition, dark gray is easy to clean and won’t show unsightly footprints, either, making maintenance simply a breeze.

Different shades of gray

As the book title says, “50 Shades of Gray,” you shouldn’t shy away from trying different hues, either. Although it might initially seem as though various shades of gray might clash together too much, that certainly isn’t the case. A simple Pinterest search will show you how well dark and light gray can work together.

For example, you may choose to have light gray cabinets in your bathroom and a light gray paint job, but dark gray floor tiles and accessories. It can look contemporary and elegant without looking too overwhelming. This is a great way to add a focal point to your bathroom if you’re someone who doesn’t particularly like bright colors. You can also break it all up with a white countertop and white appliances.


Gray is a color that has been growing in popularity for bathroom decoration. It is so versatile and can easily match virtually any other color. Gray decor provides your bathroom with a contemporary and chic vibe, and the best part is that it requires little effort on your part. Many people have found that incorporating gray in their bathroom’s design scheme has been worthwhile due to the elegant look that it provides.

As you can see, there are so many ways in which you can incorporate gray into your bathroom’s theme. No longer is gray a dull color. Now is the time to use gray to get creative and turn your space into something unimaginable!

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