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For those of us who do not have a proper heater the prospect of getting a new heating system can be stressful and financially burdensome. The average cost to buy and install a new furnace system averages around $3,600, and this is a cost that many of us do not have to spare. Growing up our furnace only covered the bedrooms in our house. That left the main rooms in the upstairs and downstairs drafty and cold. In our home, we had chimneys and my father installed pellet stoves to keep us warm in the winter. That worked well enough for my family. A space heater is another option that might work for others however, for big rooms that need a substantial amount of heat this just won’t cut out. When you want long lasting heat, oil heaters are your best bet. In this article we will discuss the top five oil filled radiator heaters for large rooms.

Types of Heaters:

It’s important to understand how different heaters work to understand why an oil heater will be best for you if you have a large area to be warmed. Here we will how each heater works and what the pros and cons are so you can determine if you are indeed in need of an oil heater.


A furnace is a large structure fueled by gas, oil, or wood, that is connected to the entirety of the home that heats the house through ventilation ducts. Although highly effective, it is very expensive.

Space Heater:

A space heater is a small, electric appliance used to heat small areas. They are used in offices or in small rooms when one is going to be near the heater. These are easy to transport, convenient, and normally pretty cheap, but they do have some drawbacks. The heat does not permeate long distances and does last long once the appliance has been turned on. This is troublesome because you cannot leave a space heater on unattended for long periods of time. If you want a warm room while you sleep, you cannot get this from a space heater.

Portable Heater:

These heaters also plug in and are, as you might imagine, portable. They are great for bigger areas as they emit a lot of heat and the heat lasts for a long time. They are also relatively cheap. However, they are made for garages and workshops, and are not suitable for the home. The heat transmitted might damage softer flooring. Like all heaters, this cannot be run overnight, however, the heat continues longer than the space heater when it is shut off.

Hot Water Heater:

Hot water is distributed by piping is pushed through by either convection or or a pressure pump, which gathers the heat and releases it on the other end. This device can either be within the floor boards to create warmed floors and subsequent heat floating up to the air or be external like is the case with steam radiators. This type of heating system requires installation which can be pricey, and it would need to be accompanied with another form of heating to keep bigger rooms warm.

Electric Taping:

It is possible to install in the baseboards or flooring electric tape with conducts heat that subsequently is released through the walls and flooring. Although you can get constant heat this way, much like hot water heating, it is not enough to successfully heat large rooms and requires a great deal of installation.

Oil Heater:

This is a heater that can resemble the space heater but uses oil instead of electricity to conduct its heat. It is also portable, and for larger rooms it is able to heat a far greater distance. It also maintains the heat of the room for much longer periods of time, allowing, for instance, a large bedroom to keep warm all night once the heater has been shut off. It is also not very expensive unlike a furnace or a baseboard heater like previously mentioned.

Now that we’ve discussed the different strengths and weaknesses, you can determine if you indeed would want an oil heater for your home. If you do, please continue to read as I discuss the pros and cons of the top 5 Oil Heaters as seen on Amazon.

Best Oil Heater Reviews


  • 3 Settings that can provide constant heat
  • Works silently
  • Easily portable- equipped with wheels
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over


  • Weak heat output
  • Slow to heat up

Summary: This oil radiator is one of the cheapest on the market for only $39.99 with free shipping. For those of who are looking to heat up your home on a budget, this is a great deal, but don’t click “buy” just yet. Although the appliance has some great features like it’s automatic shut off system and wheels in order to move from room to room, this product is known for taking a long time to heat up and does not heat up large rooms like promised. This product might be better for smaller rooms, but since we’re specifically looking for oil filled radiator heaters for large rooms, this one might not be for you. However, you could buy two if you’re already committed!


  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Heats faster- sealed oil
  • Easily portable- equipped with wheels
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over


  • Slow heating
  • Poor plug in placement
  • Older looking design

Summary: The Costway radiator is another cheap option for those looking to heat on a budget, for only $44.99 with free shipping. This product has various heating settings, is easy to transport, and has a safety system. There are a few minor issues, however. It is slow to heat so you might need to start it up before you intend spending time in said room. It also has a curiously placed plug, being where the controls are, so you would have to have the front of the radiator face the plug , subsequently the wall, which is minorly annoying because it makes things awkward if you want to change the settings/ turn of the appliance if the heater stays close to the wall. That being said for the price you are getting a good deal.

  • Timed heating system
  • Easily portable- equipped with wheels
  • Safety- heat managing slots, rust resistant, and automatic shut off system


  • Shut off glitches
  • Confusing interface

Summary: For only $49.99 with free shipping, timed heating system, and easy transportation, this product might be great for you. There are some drawbacks; customers have complained that the system will turn off randomly when the room hasn’t been substantially heated time to time, and others had complained the the many different options on the interface made it hard to deal with. If you want a product with a sleeker design than the Costaway option this might be best for you, but other than the design the Costaway seems a bit better.

  • Timed heating system
  • Thermostat adjustable
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over


  • Can “click” while heating up
  • Weak heat output

Summary: This product is a little more pricey, costing $79.99 with free shipping. Honeywell is a trusted brand and might be worth your extra money. This product has a timing system which can be really nice for those who don’t want to get up out of bed to turn off their radiator. It’s also able to be specific in the temperature that you’d like the room to be in, however, the amount of heat generated is not as strong as it could be, so it might not be best for larger rooms.

  • Strong heat output
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over
  • Silently operates


  • Not much of a grip on handle- difficulty moving
  • Seems to only last around 3 years

Summary: This product is also a bit pricey for $79.99 with free shipping but seems to have a high quality about it. The heat output is strong which is perfect for large spaces needing to be heated. It has the needed safety measures installed in it, and it’s most popular compliment is it’s silent factor. That being said it is a bit harder to move because of its poor grip, which isn’t a big deal, but the longevity, at least according to some customers, is only about three or four years, so that might be a risk if you’re wanting a long lasting heater.

Which is the Best Oil Filled Heater for a Large Room?

From what I’ve gathered I would have to say that in terms of price, performance, and quality, the Costaway heater will probably give you the best bang for your buck. It might not be entirely flashy but it will get the job done and it’s not at an absurd price! I hope you found this helpful in finding a product that will heat your home for the coming winter.

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