Holmes Whole Room Tower Fan Review

As technology moves on, the days of the traditional cumbersome and dust-gathering fan is numbered. People seek out an economic fan that will provide the required airflow in a variety of different rooms within the house or office and many are buying an oscillating tower fan to achieve this.

Holmes renowned ability to produce high quality air delivery products can be traced back to its roots in 1992 and many consumers are realizing that the Holmes Whole Room Tower Fan, a 36″ inch oscillating tower fan with remote control, is the ultimate in efficiency and style. The remote control provides the ability to control the fan’s different functions without leaving the comfort of your bed, seat or couch.  

Consumers will have a different opinion on why they find the Holmes whole room tower the best in the market for them so here we will explore just what gives it the edge on its competitors.

Criteria for what makes a fantastic tower fan with remote control

So what makes a great tower fan with remote control? Well, the obvious requirements are that it should be a very quiet fan that produces a lot of cold air in different rooms in an efficient energy saving manner, it should be very easy to operate on both the fan unit and via the remote control, it must have all of the functions available on the remote control and it should fit discreetly in a room but operate as required. Ideally it should also be oscillating in order to give that directional flow.

In addition to these requirements, the ideal tower fan with remote control must be affordable to all budgets and perform to a superior standard when compared to other fans of similar build standard and price.

Holmes Whole Room Tower Fan Review

Home Portable Fans Oscillating Floor Tower Fan with Remote Control 36-Inches

Without doubt, the common theme taken from a Holmes 36 tower fan review is the ability of this tower fan with remote control to process a large volume of air around a 500 sq ft room sets it far above its competitors. Furthermore, this fan is ideal for use during the night where you need to keep the temperature down but do not want to disturb any light sleepers in the property, it is incredibly quiet. This ability to function as required with minimal noise also makes it an exceptional choice for those in the office who do not want to interrupt important phone calls or that all important meeting to clinch the big deal. Thus said, some positive reviews of the fan actually highlight the minimal noise created by its motor during oscillation provides the perfect white noise for sleep! Of course, if you didn’t want that white noise simply turn off the oscillation with the very handy remote (no pun intended!). The remote is extremely easy to use.

Either on the fan itself or on the remote, the Holmes HTF3606AR fan is extremely easy to operate through it’s different functions. Users can easily switch between the ‘breeze’ and ‘sleep’ modes, programme the 8-hour timer or change through the 3 different speed settings. Breeze mode gives you a strong blast of cold air whilst oscillating, whereas the far more gentle sleep mode aides a good night’s sleep with low level but powerful cold air. In addition to these functions, the ability to enable the holmes oscillating fan feature by remote ensures users get 180’ diverse airflow in the direction they want through motor movement or by freezing it in the direction they want the airflow.

With the omnidirectional airflow afforded by the holmes whole room tower fan users are able to place the fan wherever they require without having an impact on their living space. The small oval base of 7.1”x6.4” provides a stable platform which aides the tall 33.8” body of the fan in maintaining stability, even when it may be accidently knocked by children, pets or the vacuum cleaner!

Pro’s of the Holmes whole room tower fan

The readily identifiable benefit of this fan is its ability to operate quietly in any room, so anyone with young children could use this fan to keep a child cool and not disturb their much needed sleep. Obviously it is not only children that could benefit during the night, any light sleepers could use this quiet fan!

The small nature of the fan is ideal for the space conscious amongst us, these fans fit nicely into corners of the room, they fit easily onto coffee or side tables or onto the kitchen side while you prepare those ice cold drinks on an uncomfortably hot day.

Despite wherever you put the fan, the motorized oscillation provides airflow around the room so it doesn’t matter where you are sitting at the table, you’ll get that nice, breezy cold air as you have the much craved chocolate chip ice cream for dessert in the humid summer sun after a hard days graft, or perhaps even more tiringly, looking after children in the heat! Of course, children seldom agree with each other and want different things, the 3 different speeds of the Holmes tower fan allow you to control the volume of air easily to appease your desire, or that of your cherubs. The 36” oscillating fan is that good a Holmes fan review identifies that even on the lowest level that the fan “blows a lot of air” and meets their needs.

Best of all, whichever function you choose to use, they can be undertaken from the comfort of your armchair, bed, paddling pool or kitchen table! The excellent range of the remote enables you to adjust the fan to your desired need, this is particularly good if you want to walk into an arctic blast from a hot humid back garden. You can programme this Frozen experience up to 8 hours in advance with the intelligent electronics within the fan, so get ready with the “Do you want to build a Snowman” lyrics.

The fan really is built to last, in fact a proportion of reviews on Amazon identifies that many users have owned one of these fans for several years and they are still extremely happy with the product after all this time. This can be easily attributed to its previously mentioned positive features, combined with the solid metal and plastic construction which is durable and sturdy and survives the exposure to a busy home.

The cost of the product is significantly less than that of comparable competitors, this value for money ensures a savvy shopping experience whatever the budget. Many competitors fans are completely made of plastic, giving the edge to the Holmes on the cosmetic side of the house. The Holmes fan just looks better than competitors.

The energy efficiency of the fan identifies that many reviews of the product highlight that in some of the warmer states in the US, many users are able to leave the fan running 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no real detriment to their energy bills. This endurance of the product also demonstrates its unique and impressive reliability for a fan.

Cons of the Holmes whole room tower fan

There aren’t many cons with the fan other than when procuring spares or a new remote, one must procure a complete new fan, Holmes just don’t do spares for the item so if you lose a remote that means you’ll have to get up each time you want to change or alter a function.

The nature of having plastic on the item may mean if grubby little fingers manage to get hold of the fan you will need to clean properly to keep the asset looking good as new.

There is a slight risk that with bushes within the motor, on occasion after long periods of use, there may be a squak during latter parts of the oscillations. Even if this does happen users can oil the bush.



The Holmes HTF3606AR is a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase a fan that is extremely energy effective, cheap to run, quiet when it runs and discreet in the home. The positive benefits of its quiet operation and ability to be located on a variety of surfaces without taking up much room makes it ideal for a family home.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality product and a great deal on a 36” oscillating tower fan for the home.

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