Best Comfort Height (Tall) Toilets 2021

What is a comfort height toilet? Perhaps you have heard of ADA-compliant toilets, which work best for people who have any physical limitations that would prevent them from being able to use a standard American toilet. They might also be referred to as Comfort Height vs. chair height toilets.

Tall toilets for the elderly are common in households where there is an older adult or disabled. In addition, some people choose to get these toilets for tall people. The difference between tall toilet seats and standard toilets is that Comfort Height toilets tend to be several inches taller, making them easier to use for people with physical disabilities. You may have noticed them in the handicapped bathroom stalls in public restrooms.

If you are on the hunt for a good Comfort Height toilet for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give a list of some of the best comfort height toilets of 2020, as well as some pointers to help you choose the best toilet for your home.

Top 5 Best Comfort Height Toilets

1. 20-Inch Extra Tall Toilet Convenient Height Bowl

The first option on our list is considered one of the best Comfort Height toilets of 2020. Its dimensions are 27 x 15 x 36 inches. It is an extra tall toilet bowl with a tall toilet height of 20 inches, making it a great option that is ADA compliant and will suit anyone who needs to use a tall toilet.

The Comfort Height toilet adds bathroom safety by enabling the user to sit down and stand up much more easily while preventing falls at the same time. It has high performance and a dual flush valve of 1.28 GPF. The dual flush system includes the economy flush and the full flush, which only uses 0.8 gallons per flush, using less water. This is better for the environment and will save you money on your water bill. Best of all, this toilet has a slow closing tall toilet seat, which will prevent slamming or loud noises in the middle of the night.

2. Wood Bridge T-0001 One-Piece Comfort Height Toilet

Wood Bridge is a popular option for those who want sleek and modern-looking toilets. This is also one of the best Comfort Height toilets of 2020 as part of the Amazon Services LLC associates program with a comfortable and sleek design. It is ADA compliant and comes in one piece, making this toilet easy to clean. In addition, it is one of the quietest and most powerful toilets on the market, thanks to the Siphon flushing system.

Toilets with this system include super quiet and powerful flushes without causing leaks or clogs. The Comfort Height design of the toilet has chair height seating to allow people to have an easier time sitting down and standing up. In addition, the Comfort Height toilet seat is easy to get on and off if you want to clean or change the seat. It is a dual flush toilet with water consumption of 1.28 GPF.

3. Kohler K-3589-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated Bowl Toilet

Kohler K-3589

This next right height toilet is also considered to be one of the best Comfort Height toilets. It is a two-piece toilet that comes in several different colors, enabling you to choose the right color for the toilets in your home. In addition, the elongated bowl is one of its best features because these bowls tend to be more comfortable and preferable among people.

Thanks to the Comfort Height feature, the Kohler toilet bowl provides chair height seating, making sitting down and standing up more accessible for people. Kohler was the brand that coined the term Comfort Height for these ADA compliant toilets, making them a popular option on the market for those who needed tall toilet seats. In addition, this two-piece toilet has an AquaPiston flush valve to provide a much more powerful performance when flushing. The flush valve also helps to eliminate common leakage problems. The Comfort Height toilet has a water consumption of 1.6 GPF, and the dimensions are 28.75 x 17.63 x 30.75 inches.

4. American Standard 2989101.020 Cadet 3 Elongated Bowl Toilet

American StandaCadet 3 Elongated Bowl Toilet

Our next choice for the best Comfort Height toilets is this option from American Standard. American Standard is another brand that is popular when it comes to toilets and other home appliances. These toilets tend to reduce water consumption and provide the user with more comfort and efficiency. In addition, it meets the EPA WaterSense criteria and is ADA compliant.

The toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is 20% less water than regular toilets. This will help you save on your water bills and, in general, using less water is better for the environment. Perhaps one of the best features of this toilet is its EverClean surface, which prohibits the growth of stains, odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew caused by water. The toilet comes with a 3-inch valve to produce a more powerful flush, and each flush enables the PowerWash, which scrubs the bowl with every flush. The toilet features an elongated bowl, which tends to be the popular option for home use, and it is approximately 17.5 inches.

5. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated Bowl Toilet

The last Comfort Height toilet on our list also comes from Kohler. It is a one-piece toilet that has the tank and bowl integrated, making it easy to clean. The elongated bowl provides the user with additional comfort, but it only occupies the same space as round toilets.

Comfort Height toilets are known to suit taller people or those with physical disabilities, and this one makes sitting down and standing up easier for anyone who needs it. The flush valve is on the left side, and the lever is included. The toilet utilizes 1.28 GPF of water, making it an environmentally-friendly option as well. It also uses single flush gravity to create a strong water siphon when flushed. The flush valve delivers a powerful performance while also eliminating common water leakage problems. It’s compact and comes in several different colors to suit your taste and your bathroom design. The toilet’s dimensions are 31 x 20.75 x 29 inches.

What to Know About Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort height toilets might not be the most practical option for everyone. These types of toilets work best for taller adults, the elderly, and people with physical disabilities.

Tall toilet seat heights tend to be several inches taller than standard toilets, often compared to a chair. This is because these toilets were mainly made for people who have limited mobility. It is easy for them to get on and off these toilets, primarily if they use a walker or wheelchair. These toilets also tend to be ADA compliant, making them a great option if you or a loved one has a disability. However, you might want to look into getting standard toilets if you and your family members are non-disabled.

Here are some other factors you may want to consider as you look into the best Comfort Height toilets.

  • One-piece or two pieces: Many Comfort Height toilets, just like regular toilets, come in several pieces. Whether you should get one or two pieces depends on what you are looking for. The main difference is that one-piece toilets are easier to clean than two pieces.
  • Bowl shapes: As with all toilets, you will also want to consider the shape of the bowl. Toilets come with elongated or round bowls. Elongated bowls tend to be the more popular choice for homes because they are more comfortable to suit on. However, round toilets could be a better option if you are more strapped for space.
  • Water-saving features: Most modern toilets do not use as much water when you flush them nowadays. The same goes for Comfort Height toilets. Some of the best toilets are also the most environmentally friendly because they use less water. These toilets tend to comply with EPA standards and use less than 1.6 GPF (gallons per flush). Along with 1.6 GPF options, some of the toilets on our list use as little as 1.28 GPF. In addition, some toilets might offer dual flush. These toilets have both economy flush and regular flush. The latter is used when waste needs to be flushed, but the economy flush doesn’t use as much water. This will enable you to save even more water and money on your water bill. Usually, as one of the toilets on our list suggested, the economy flush on these toilets only uses 0.8 GPF of water. In contrast, the regular flush uses between 1.28 and 1.6 GPF of water.
  • Compactness: Even if you need the features offered by Comfort Height toilets, you might be worried about having one fit in your bathroom if you have a smaller space. Luckily, there are plenty of Comfort Height toilets that have compact designs, enabling you to save space in your bathroom when it’s installed. These toilets have a taller design than standard toilets, but that doesn’t mean that they take up more space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask regarding these toilets.

  • Who needs Comfort Height toilets? Comfort Height toilets aren’t the best option for everyone. One of the main reasons why people get proper height toilets is due to a physical disability. These toilets are especially popular among older people who may have difficulty standing up and sitting down on regular toilets. In addition to that, most people who are of average height or taller can use Comfort Height toilets.
  • Will Comfort Height toilets take up more space? Many people want to know if these toilets will take up more space in their bathrooms than regular toilets, especially if they have smaller homes. The only difference with Comfort Height toilets is that they are taller, not bigger, so the size will not impact the height, depth, and other dimensions.
  • Why shouldn’t I get Comfort Height toilets? One of the main reasons why people choose to get suitable height toilets, as we said, is due to a physical disability. So most people do not need to use these toilets. This is especially true if you have smaller children at home because they would have more difficulty sitting on the toilet. So these toilets aren’t necessary for most people.
  • How tall are comfort height toilets? Comfort height toilets tend to be several inches higher than standard height toilets, making them more comfortable to use for people with limited mobility. These toilets tend to be between 17 to 19 inches tall. The 19 inches toilets tend to be harder to come by, although there are plenty of toilets that are 19 inches. However, most Comfort Height toilets tend to be somewhere around 17 inches, as opposed to standard toilets, which are around 15 inches.
  • How are these toilets installed? Comfort Height toilets are installed in the same way as regular toilets are. If you aren’t comfortable installing toilets on your own, it would be best to have a professional install one. This would also ensure that the connections between the tank and bowl and the flapper and flush valve are correctly secured.
  • How much do these toilets cost? Unfortunately, Comfort Height toilets tend to be more expensive than regular ones, especially if you want one from a name-brand like American Standard that is of good quality. Many of the toilets on our list are between $300-$500.


As we said, not everyone needs to use Comfort Height toilets. However, if you or a loved one does need to have accommodations when using the bathroom, these toilets can be life-saving and comfortable.

There are many toilets to choose from that will offer all the features and comfort you need. We have provided you with a list of some of the best Comfort Height toilets on the market, so you can be sure to find a great one for your home.

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