Wassa High Pressure Shower Head Review 2020

After a tiring day of work, when you get home, the first thing that you want to do is take a nice shower and feel refreshed? 

How frustrating that feeling of a pleasant shower to regret can become when you turn on the shower and all that you get is a trickle or low pressure from the shower.

We recommend one such product here for you the WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head – 3″ Anti-clog Anti-leak Fixed Chrome Showerhead – Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball Joint with Filter – Ultimate Shower Experience Even at Low Water Flow & Pressure.

The above product with its 45 nozzles jets and 3-inch chrome face does provide with a good shower pressure to complete your bathing experience even if you are having low water pressure in your bathroom while enhancing the bathroom look with its shiny finish.

There are times when you will have faced water clogging, this happens as a result of particles coming through the pipes and then tend to deposit in the shower head.

To prevent particles in hard water clogging the shower head and lime formation, the filter is made of stainless steel and the silicon jets take care of the same by flushing out any particles that may accumulate in the shower head.

The shower head comes with a swivel ball joint thus giving you the freedom to turn the shower head to any position of your choice.

For ease of connection to your existing shower arm, the shower head comes ready with its G1/2” threading and brass ball that makes it durable and lightweight, prevents water leakage and cracking.

You do not need the services of a plumber as this product can be installed by you, all the installation procedures are very well explained in the manual.

This product retails at Amazon for a low price well under twenty bucks and you have the satisfaction of a lifetime guarantee by Wassa the manufacturers of this shower head.

Wassa High Pressure Shower Head

For a product that costs under twenty bucks, customers found this product easy to install in less than under 3 minutes. The manufacturer Wassa has come up with a classy product that gives good water pressure for showering. The brass ball joint, and stainless steel finish is what makes this product lightweight and durable.


  • Lightweight and durable – brass ball joints
  • Stainless steel filter does not corrode easily with the lime formation and gives an aesthetic look
  • The 45 nozzles on the shower head ensure a wide angle of water spray and eliminate the possibility of particles accumulation in the shower head
  • Easy to install personally


  • None


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