Light and Lovely Small Space Design

The first thing that comes to mind in decorating the small space is that there aren’t many options. But, due to the real estate prices and subsequent popularity of smaller apartments, design solutions for tiny holes are sought out and needed.

Today’s designs cover all kinds of styles, from minimalistic to boho-chic, and create functional and fashionable spaces satisfying everyone’s taste. So if you’re planning to tidy up your tiny apartment into something upbeat and trendy, here are some suggestions you may find helpful.

Go up

The biggest mistake you can make is by cramming up the lower part of your apartment. This usually happens because the only thing people think can go up are books and chandeliers. The truth is you can build bottom to top shelves and use them to store books and drawers for various stuff like seasonal shoes and clothes, documents, linens, and other bulky stuff. If you’re looking for a more reduced design, consider installing floating shelves which are perfect to open up space and give a modern finish to your walls.

1. Choose innovative furniture

smart furniture

When it comes to furniture for small spaces, you can usually count on the possibility that it will have extra storage space. However, this intelligent furniture is so popular that it’s not limited to a room, but only to your taste. From sofas with extra space underneath to store linens and pillows to kitchen tables with lots of shelves underneath their surface, this furniture provides further use without losing its structure and intended purpose.

2. Expand your space with mirrors

Mirrors are helpful when you need to create the depth of space and brighten up the room. If you place it right across the window, it will reflect the daylight and bring radiance to the room. And when it comes to small spaces, it’s all about creating the illusion of roominess. Of course, exaggerating with mirrors will not only make your place tacky but also occupy too much space.

3. Use multipurpose furniture

Small places are all about creativity, so designating several purposes for one piece of furniture is encouraged. You can use the stool for sitting, and you can turn a coffee table or small dining table into the work surface. Investing in multipurpose furniture will save your money too, which means you can decide on quality craftsmanship and material.

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4. Switch the lights

wall mounted lights

Chandeliers can be bulky, and they shine the light from up-down, illuminating the whole room in all its smallness. So try wall-mounted lights, which come in various shapes and styles. They will brighten a limited and designated space and leave the natural sight of the room obscured.

5. Use Small Appliances

You can get miniature versions of many appliances, such as portable countertop dishwashers. Or, for cooking, you can get a small toaster oven or multipurpose countertop oven.

6. De-clutter your home

Once a year, spend a couple of days de-cluttering your home and deciding what stays and what goes. You can use some of the supercheap storage solutions for things you don’t want to give away or sell and which you’d like to return to the apartment one day. Getting rid of the old stuff makes room for the new and even changing interior design and style.

7. Pick neutral colors

neutral colors

The only color that doesn’t eat up space is brown because of its natural aspects and warmth. If you’re unsure how to complement the colors and achieve cohesion, play it safe and stick to the neutral tones. They will allow you to mix up different colors later and preserve the lightness of the space. If your apartment is divided into several smaller rooms, use one color to connect the rooms and expand the area.

Small bathrooms can make a splash

​The bathroom is the last place you want to feel cramped and restricted. It’s the place where you can relax while having a bath or doing your makeup. Using neutral colors to paint the walls of your small bathroom will highlight the calmness, and placing vibrant towels on the racks will make the room more personal and with attitude. Don’t waste the space on the pointless display of products and creating unnecessary clutter.


Before deciding to redecorate, spend enough time doing research and, if necessary, ask a friend or professional for a second opinion and advice. You can quickly turn small spaces into over-crammed storage, and the last thing you would want is to spend money and time on something that will do you a disservice.

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