How to Bring Life To Your Yard With Fabulous Trees

If you want to boost the look and value of your outdoor space and improve your curb appeal, planting trees is a great idea. However, since once you plant them, they will stay in your backyard for a long, long time and they can’t be moved very easily, make sure to think hard before you opt for your ideal tree. When designing with trees, you have to pay attention to their height, their root system, what kind of climate they like and the size of the canopy. Once all of these things fit your backyard you can start planting. Here’s how you can improve your look and feel of your backyard with trees.

Consider the location

The location is probably the most important aspect of designing with trees. Trees are hard to move, so before you settle for a location, make a couple of tests. Get your friends to help you imagine the final product by holding up sticks, brooks and canes on the spot where you’re planning to plant. Then look at them from different places in the house and outside of it. For instance, if you want a brightly lit dining room, you might consider positioning the tree so that it faces the opposite side. Once everything comes together, you can start your planting process.

Get a type that is local to your area

Your safest bet is to choose a tree that is local to your area. This means the tree will thrive in your soil and in your climate. Otherwise, you’ll need to put up some extra work into keeping the plant alive. Any local tree nursery will be able to offer amazing advice on trees that will perform best in your backyard.

Add color with ornamental trees

Once you choose the locations and narrow down your tree types, you can start choosing trees by their decorative function. Many ornamental varieties are quite small and can be planted relatively close to your home and one another achieving a great effect. Typical plants people choose to add a touch of décor and color to their backyard are dogwood, crabapple or more exotic Japanese red maple. Other types fit for smaller spaces are myrtle, hydrangea tree and weeping cherry. All of these trees have beautiful flowers and really add something extra to your space.

Plant living sculptures

Some trees have a great sculptural beauty that can be beautifully incorporated into your backyard and boost its style. Apple trees, for instance, look amazing both in the summer and in the winter. Their branches create living art, particularly in the winter when gnarled branches are exposed. They will give your backyard a touch of drama (and a few tasty fruits), especially if you install some accent lighting next to them.

Highlight your existing trees

If you already have beautiful trees in your backyard, you can highlight them and boost their appeal with moats of shrubs, rocks, pavers or various types of flowers. These additions will turn your old tree into an attractive centerpiece. However, before you start your decoration, make sure the tree is healthy. If there are any trees that are too old, dead or rotten inside, it’s best to remove them to prevent falling branches destroying your property. Trees can also damage your pipes with their huge root system and cause blockages or burst pipes. If that happens to you, consider opting for a pipe relining technique that will repair your pipes quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to the property. And of course, get rid of the problematic plant to avoid having the same issues in the future.

Plant something under it

There are also plants that love shade and look amazing planted underneath trees. Hostas, ferns, primrose, periwinkle and many other plants will do great under your big tree and boost its appeal.

Yes, decorating and designing with trees isn’t a hasty process and it requires a lot of thought and planning. But, once you plant your trees, just watching them grow and fill out your backyard will give you great pleasure. And the final product will surely look amazing.

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