The Downside to Owning a Cordless Vacuum

Many people prefer the convenience of a cordless vacuum vs. corded. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the cord will reach every room. You also won’t have to worry about tripping over the cord. All of these reasons seem like enough to consider investing in one of the best cordless vacuums instead of a corded one.

But are cordless vacuum cleaners any good? Some say yes, others say no. Of course, as with any product, besides all the positive features of cordless vacuums, there are also some downsides of owning a cordless vacuum that you should consider before purchasing one.

Cons of Owning a Cordless Vacuum

Cons of Owning a Cordless Vacuum

If you’ve been looking for an excellent cordless vacuum, there are some things that you should be aware of before you click the “order” button.

1. Battery Life

First and foremost, the cordless vacuum battery life is not the greatest. Most tend to vacuum around 20 minutes or so before you need to plug them in for another charge. If you’re using the vacuum on a lower setting, you might be able to use it for 40 minutes or so. But this can be rather inconvenient if you have a larger house and more surface area to clean.

2. Dust Capacity

Since cordless vacuums tend to be smaller, the dust capacity is naturally smaller, too. This means that you will have to focus on when to clean out the dust bin or bag a lot more often than with a regular vacuum. While cordless vacuums are available both with and without a bag, this can become tedious. And the worst part is that if the bin becomes overloaded with dust, the vacuum will not operate as well as it should. Therefore, this is something that you will have to worry about on a much more frequent basis.

3. Suction Power

Although technology is developing to ensure that cordless vacuums can have better suction, the cordless vacuum suction power tends to be significantly lower than that of a regular corded vacuum. This is because cordless vacuums operate using battery power. As the battery power causes the vacuum to have a lot of suction power, this naturally decreases as you continue cleaning. So, cordless vacuums might not be the best choice if you have a lot to clean.

4. Noisier

In addition to all of this, cordless vacuums tend to be noisier than regular corded vacuums. This is because they operate using a lot more power and rely on their battery instead of electricity. If you have pets or children afraid of the loud sound that vacuum cleaners make, you probably want to avoid getting a cordless vacuum.

5. Not the Best for Allergy Sufferers

With a cordless vacuum, you may come into dust more often than you would with a regular vacuum. This is for several reasons. One, you’re going to contact the dust bin a lot more since it needs to be emptied more often. They also aren’t the best at trapping dust and retaining allergens, which are vital factors that people who suffer from allergies need to consider to have the best quality of life possible. It is estimated that a cordless vacuum can only suck up 41% of the dust from a carpet, but corded vacuums can capture as much as 70 percent.

6. Not the Most Effective

Cordless vacuums tend to be the ideal option for people who have smaller homes. They also work well if you don’t have a lot of carpet in your home or have a bit of trouble using a heavier vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, they aren’t always the best option. If you have a large house and need to clean several rooms, it isn’t the most effective at picking up dust or cleaning for long periods, as we mentioned before. So these factors are something that you will want to consider.

7. On the More Expensive Side

Lastly, if you’re on a budget, cordless vacuums might not be your friend. They are more expensive due to their extreme convenience (not needing to plug them in anywhere).


This doesn’t mean that you should avoid cordless vacuums altogether. If you need something small and light to clean a smaller space, then it’s an excellent option for you. Otherwise, you will want to consider these downsides before investing in a cordless vacuum for your home.

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