Chores for a 9 Year Old

One of the most important things that you can do for your kids is to teach them how to do chores. Although they might hate doing it now, it is a great way to prepare them for the future and teach them responsibility and how to take care of themselves when they become adults. And even though many parents are more likely to give the brunt of their chores to their daughters, the fact is that sons also need this knowledge and housework is no longer a chore for women only.

However, the question arises of what are some appropriate chores for a 9-year-old? You don’t want to give them things that are too difficult, but you don’t want your child to think that you consider them to be a baby. If this is an area in which you are experiencing some difficulties, look no further. We have compiled a great list of chores for 9-year-olds that you will have no trouble implementing in your home life.

What Chores Should a 9-Year-Old Do?

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Lots of parents have found great ways to give their kids incentives to do chores. Some parents choose chores for 9-year-olds to earn money, and others like to make lists that outline all the chores that their kids need to do for the day. Here are some different chores for your 9-year-old daughter or son that they are sure to be able to complete within reason.

1. Make their beds

Nine is a great age around which your child should start to make their bed on a daily basis. You may accompany your child the first few times to make sure that they are doing the job correctly and to show them how to do it. Making the bed is something that they should do every morning before school or when they wake up. As they get a little older, or if you feel that they are capable of doing so without any difficulty, you may also want to teach your child how to change the bed linens and sheets when it is time to put the old ones in the washing machine.

2. Tie their shoes

Tying shoes may be a difficult task to master, but it is something that most 9-year-olds should be able to do. Of course, it is important that you teach them how to do it with your preferred method, but you should always make sure that your child knows how to tie their shoes and can do so efficiently. Not only is this something that you should include on their list of chores, but it is a useful skill to learn if their shoes come untied while at school.

3. Brush their teeth

Many parents have difficulty convincing their children to brush their teeth. That is why it should be included on the list of chores that 9-year-olds should be able to do. It might be a good idea to have your child’s dentist explain the benefits of brushing their teeth and come up with a plan for brushing teeth. You can also allow your child to choose their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste to make this task easier. They should be brushing twice every day.

4. Get themselves dressed

By the age of nine, your child should have no difficulties finding the appropriate clothes to wear for the day and getting themselves dressed. This includes everything from underwear to their coats in the winter. You may want to check to make sure that your child is dressing appropriately for the weather or for the day (for example, if they have gym class that day, they should be wearing sneakers and clothes they can run in comfortably), but you should give them the independence to do the rest.

5. Help set the table

Aside from tasks that they should do for themselves, it is also important that you emphasize the fact that your child is a member of your household and should also be helping out around the house. This includes setting the table when eating. This is not a difficult task and can give you some more time together as a family. Make sure that you give them dishes and cups that aren’t too difficult to handle and show them the way that the dinnerware needs to be set.

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6. Take care of the pets

If you have pets, it is a good idea to get your child in the habit of taking care of the pets, too. It might be a lot to ask a nine-year-old to do some more difficult tasks, but things such as making sure the food and water bowls are full, feeding fish, cleaning the litter box, or even taking the dog out for walks (provided that the family dog isn’t too large) can all be great chores to incorporate in your child’s schedule.

7. Keep younger siblings occupied

Undoubtedly, a nine-year-old is far too young to actually babysit or actually watch their younger siblings if you need to go somewhere, but keeping their younger siblings occupied when the parent is on the phone or needs to check on something in another room is a great way for them to help you and to enable the siblings to bond well.

For example, you can encourage them to play games together, help with homework if possible, or other activities that would help you as a parent. If the child is much younger, you could also teach your child how to change the diaper or to help you get a bottle when the baby is hungry. But keep in mind that a nine-year-old’s abilities are quite limited when it comes to what they can do for younger siblings, so keep this option flexible.

8. Clean their bedrooms

The bane of every child’s existence is being forced to clean their room. Unfortunately, while everyone hates doing it, too, cleaning your bedroom is an important task that your child will need to do throughout their lives. Keeping their belongings organized, putting their toys away when they’re done playing, putting their clothes away when they’re done getting dressed, and keeping their school supplies organized are all things that a nine-year-old should be able to do without difficulty.

If your child is comfortable, at this age they could also use the vacuum cleaner and vacuum their bedroom (something you can supervise to make sure they are doing it correctly!)

9. Bring in the mail

Getting the mail is one of the easiest chores for you to ask your nine-year-old to do. It can even be done when they are coming home after getting dropped off from the bus. It is something that does not require any effort on their part, but will surely make your life so much easier. Plus, if they get any mail, it can be a great incentive for them to get the mail every day.

10. Fold the clothes

Your nine-year-old might not be strong enough to carry a load of laundry, but it is a good idea to start getting them involved in the task. One of the best ways is to have your child fold the clothes when they are finished drying. This should include everyone’s clothes- not just their own- and have your child take the clothes where they are needed.

11. Put dirty clothes in the wash

Lastly, a great chore for a nine-year-old that will teach them responsibility is putting their dirty clothes in the wash. When they come home from school and get changed, or whenever they notice that something is dirty, they should be responsible for putting it in the hamper or the wash. If you choose the option of the hamper, your child should be responsible for emptying the hamper in the wash every time it gets full.

How Many Chores for a 9-Year-Old?

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Surely this is another question that many parents ask. The answer is that it’s ultimately up to you. Many of the chores that we have outlined on this list are easy and things that you should already expect your 9-year-old to be doing anyways, so there is really no maximum or minimum number of chores that you should outline.

Of course, your 9-year-old is still a child, so you want to make sure that you are giving them the appropriate number of chores where they can still focus on school and extracurriculars while still understanding the importance of helping around the house.


While your child might not appreciate the fact that you have given them a list of chores to do, the reality is that they need to be able to learn how to do these things so that they can gain a sense of responsibility and so that they can take care of themselves when they move out on their own. Remember that it is important to distribute chores among your children evenly. We no longer live in an era where chores are something that girls only should be doing.

Also, take their age into consideration when you are coming up with a list of chores for them to do. All the chores that we outlined on this list are surely things that any child who is roughly nine years old can do without difficulty. You can customize the list as much as you want and even add some incentives if you find doing so to be appropriate.

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