8 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Bathroom

Bathroom architecture is something highly ignored at the time of construction of the house. We may love the Bathroom design ideas over the internet, but it is a reality that we may not have that much high budget for the architecture of the bathroom. But, it does not mean that when you remodel your house, it should be generic and entirely uninteresting. You must make the design of your bathroom such that it becomes an inspiration for everyone visiting your bathroom. There are innumerable ways to make your bathroom look wonderful and great with the help of certain pocket-friendly ways.

This blog will offer you 8 such ways to improve the bathroom architecture in a cheap and beautiful manner. Check these bathroom design ideas and find out if they will be helpful to you!

Shower heads with Low Pressure

Mainly, the shower heads come with the water saving devices named reducers, which can help in saving water, but there are times when these models do not work according to our expectations. So, these should be removed, for which you can unscrew the shower head off its arm and remove the reducer from the gasket that holds it.

Sometimes, you may get hard water through which you can gain bad water pressure that can leave mineral deposits and can stop the flow of water. In order to clean this, you can soak it in the vinegar so that it can remove deposits. All you need to do is boil the vinegar, let it cool down, and place the showerhead in it. This will clean your shower head quickly.

Dingy Faucet Handles

While improving the bathroom architecture, we tend to replace the faucets generally. Sometimes, the budget does not allow you for the change. If you are using one handled clear plastic faucet handle, it will get funky over time due to the hard water deposits. You can pick the replacements from the store available, clean them with the vinegar and by good scrubbing with a toothbrush that is no use. You will be shocked to find them shine once again.

Exhaust Fan

With the usage, dust can build up in the slits of the fan which can reduce the efficiency of the fan. The strength of the exhaust fan in your bathroom can be tested using one square of toilet paper kept in front of the fan. You can see how much air it is drawing in to check the test. If there is no budget for replacement, clean the fan nicely with the vacuum hose fitted with a brush attachment. Your fan may also contain blockage in the exhaust pipe, which can be cleaned using a dryer vent brush having a flexible long handle with a brush on the end.

Cabinet Facelift

When you bathroom cabinets are not looking pretty but are in a functioning shape, you do not need to replace it and get stuck with the budget. You can also laminate the cabinets with the builders’ grade. You can find various kits including primers and paint layers, or simply sand, prime and paint can also help you with it. To make the process even more easier, you need to remove all the doors and other hardware to work on these parts in a clean place. You can use rollers to get a smooth finish and use a coat of polycrylic.

Broken Tile

When a tile gets broken or cracked, it can be hazardous as it contains a sharp edge. In order to improve the bathroom architecture, you just need to cut around the broken tile at the line with a rotary tool.  When the tile is not loose, you may need to break up the tile with the hammer. But, make sure you have not broken any surrounding tiles. Clean the area thoroughly. Post this, apply mortar to the back of the tile, and set it perfectly.


When you take off the vintage double vanity mirrors from the wall, you will find rough core while balancing to keep it intact. So, you should not replace the mirror and dress it up with various moldings. For this, any type of molding can work, but it is necessary to use one with rabbet on the back edge as it will allow it to fit up better with the edge of the mirror and provide a nice finished look. If you do not like the part that will be reflected back, you can paint it black or the color similar to the rest of the molding.

Dirty Grout

This might be the biggest mistake of the owners post the tile job is done. They forget to seal the grout lines or does not let the grout to be sealed. With time, irregular color patterns will start to show up in the grout, which may look worse. There are various grout cleaning products available in the market to get the job done. A mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda can make the grouts cleaner. You can do the job with the elbow grease and heavy duty brushes for the better results.

Mold Prevention

Mold is something that needs moisture and the bathroom will be the place having water for most of the time in the house. You must allow proper air circulation for the prevention of mold, which can be done with an exhaust fan but do not forget the act of bathroom door or window open. Also, keep in mind that a slow drain can also keep the moisture stay for long, so you need to make sure whether the drainage system works properly.

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