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Every household has one and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to go without it. Yes, the toilet brush is something that’s been around as long as you can remember and no, they’re not all the same. With that said, if you have any interest in finding out more about which toilet brush will be the best value for you then stay tuned! Most of us are culprits for buying the cheapest toilet brush we can find, as long as it matches the color scheme of our bathroom of course. Really though, other then color, we usually don’t give any thoughts to the considerations we should make when buying a new or replacing an old toilet brush. As long as it has bristles and a long handle it’s a keeper, isn’t it? We’d beg to differ on this one.

Why does buying the right toilet brush matter?

For starters, if you buy a cheap brush, the bristles on it are most likely going to be made of a low quality material which may damage easily. Poor bristle quality could also cause damage to your toilet bowl and may not allow you to effectively clean the inside of your bowl. Finally, depending on the size and placement of the bristles on the actually brush, they could trap unwanted particles, making it difficult to clean and possibly leading to a build up of bacteria. Expecting a spotless toilet when you’re cleaning with a bacteria infested brush isn’t going to get the job done; all you may end up doing is pushing around the bacteria.

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Types of Products

You’ll typically find 2 different types of toilet brushes: The floor standing and the wall mounted. Neither brush is better nor worse, it all will depend on your preference. If you have a small washroom then you may want to consider a wall mounted toilet brush in order to save space whereas for a larger washroom either brush with suit.

Overview of the Top 5 Product Models

Looking for the Top 5 in the category of Best Toilet Bowl Brush, but couldn’t be bothered to get down and dirty into the research, don’t sweat it, we’ve done the work for you and determined the best toilet bowl cleaner brushes based on customer reviews.

Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush by OXO

Affordably priced at under $20, the OXO Good Grips Toilet brush is Amazon’s top choice! As described by OXO themselves as elegance in an unexpected place, this toilet brush really does perform its job well while still managing to look good. Thanks to it’s hideaway canister, providing sanitary and simple storage in an instant, your brush will be out of sight and out of mind. Durable and slickly made, with a handle shaped to offer a comfortable grip, the sturdy blue bristles work to effectively deep clean the inside of your toilet bowl. Made entirely out of plastic, you won’t have to worry about the risk of rusting over the years. Available in biscuit, white, black and gray. Replaceable brush heads can be purchased here.

Cons: The only downside mentioned in toilet brush reviews is the fact that there is a large advertising sticker which has been permanently adhered onto the brush canister. According to many, it’s a bit of an eye sore but then again, if you don’t plan on putting your toilet brush on display then this will only be a minor annoyance.


Wall Mount Toilet Brush and Holder Set by Walls Home & Decoration


Looking for a space saving version of one of the best toilet brush and holder options on the market? For under $15, we’ve found a quality wall mount toilet brush and holder set that is made of high quality materials including ABS plastic and 304 stainless steel. The brush canister is mounted with a vacuum suction cup that can hold up to 5kg. Requiring no tools to install, this item is considered one of the best toilet cleaning brushes according to customer reviews. Strong and durable in design and able to be removed easily, Walls Home & Decoration have managed to create a simple and innovative product to solve your toilet brush woes. We love this product and so do reviewers, the majority giving it 5 out of 5 on Amazon.

Cons: Cannot be installed on all surfaces; these include oiled, unfinished marble, rough surfaces or on a grout line.


Commercial Toilet Bowl Brush by Rubbermaid

Do you already own a toilet brush holder and are now looking for the best toilet cleaning brush to go along with it? This Rubbermaid toilet bowl brush, according to Amazon reviews, is the best toilet brush cleaner for the price and frankly we can see why! It’s all plastic design, with polypropylene fill, means that it won’t collect bacteria or odors like brushes made from other materials. There are plenty of bristles on the brush head which have been designed to be neither stiff nor soft. For a reliable toilet brush that is one of the most affordable on the market, trust in Rubbermaid.

Cons: Some comment that this brush seems flimsy. The brush head itself is also not removable therefor, when you want to replace it, you will have to exchange the entire brush for a new one rather than simply changing a head.


Step Toilet Brush by Umbra

The Step toilet brush may be the highest priced in our list but it is definitely one with the highest quality. Designed by Tom Chung, a well known independent designer based in Toronto Canada, the Step toilet brush is built for function and beauty. Available in a stunning red and made of melamine, your new bathroom accessory will be anything but an eye sore.

A removable liner allows for simple cleaning and the brush head can easily be replaced when the black bristles become worn or tattered. The caddy is designed to conceal the brush and ensures quick drying thanks to the open back.

Cons: For some, the cost may not be the most desirable feature, but we can assure you that it is definitely worth it.


Bronze Toilet Brush Set by Home-it

Similarity priced as the wall mounted toilet brush we’ve featured by Walls Home & Decoration, this bronze toilet brush by Home-it, is a no frills toilet brush that gets the job done better than expected. With an attractive canister and storage system, the black colored steel bristles of the brush do a great job of cleaning the inside of your bowl. The modern and stylish design,  steel powder coated for maximum durability, includes the toilet brush, holder, and lid.

Cons: No replacement brushes are available. Reviewers also comment that the handle could benefit from being slightly longer.


The Remaining 5 in the Top 10 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brushes

If none of the Top 5 strike your fancy or your style, the following 5 may fit the bill.

How to Select the Best Toilet Bowl Brush

The #1 consideration on everyone’s list when it comes to purchasing a toilet brush is typically the cost; we’d be surprised if it wasn’t one of the only considerations people make. For those who look no further than price, here’s a short list of a few other things you may want to think about before making your purchase.

  • Toilet Wand: AKA, the handle to the actual brush. You want to ensure that the handle is a size that suits your needs, is made from a durable material, has a sturdy grip, is comfortable to hold and of course, is easy to clean.
  • Scrubbing Head: It’s best to look for a scrubbing head that can be removed so that when the time comes to change it, you will only need to buy a replacement rather than throwing out the entire brush and handle. The bristles on the head shouldn’t be too hard that they may damage the bowl but neither should they be too soft. Overly soft bristles may fall off quickly and could lack the ability to effectively clean.
  • Toilet Caddy: If your toilet brush comes with a caddy, which most do, for sanitary and aesthetic purposes, it’s best to find one that conceals the scrubbing head.

Keep in mind, no matter how good the toilet brush you have is, you should be sure that you’ve purchased one that won’t break the bank and can be replaced without having to question the cost. You will want to replace your toilet brush every couple years, depending on how well you clean it, to ensure that you are always using a brush that is free from bacteria.

For a simple way to clean your toilet brush, take a look at this clip from an episode of the Rachel Ray show where a guest demonstrates the easiest way to clean your toilet brush.

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes the best toilet cleaning brush, you’ll see that all of our top 5 toilet brushes have taken into consideration all of the above. The overall key to selecting the right toilet brush for your bathroom is to look for one that is affordable, sanitary, compact and appeals to your style.


Based on customer reviews and expert opinions, the best toilet brush and holder, is the OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush. It comes in at the top for its durable, quick drying, sleek make, subtle storage and high positive customer reviews. Users also loved that with this item they had the option to buy the powerful duo combo which included a plunger in the set as well as enough space in the caddy to store both items. In the end, we were able to compile our list of top choices by analyzing countless reviews of customers to find out what they liked and didn’t like about the toilet brushes they had purchased. We’re confident that within the selections we’ve featured, you’ve been able to narrow down your search for the best toilet bowl brush.

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