The Best Toaster Oven with a Toaster On Top – 2017 Reviews

The Best Toaster Oven with a Toaster On Top

As time has passed, it has become super evident how intelligent we are as a human race! I mean reading this article right now on the internet is mind blowing enough for anyone that was alive 70 years ago. Thus you would think that new out-of-the-box idea kitchen appliances wouldn't be, so mind blowing but yet here we are with some of the greatest inventions ( in my opinion) made available to the average kitchen owner.

Whether you are space savvy, have a small kitchen or perhaps are just in love with great inventions we have compiled a list of the best toaster ovens and toasters all inspired from the idea that you could combine two common kitchen appliances into one! Who knew right? Well here is everything you need to know about having crispy, toasty food from some of the best toaster ovens.

(The Best Toaster Oven with a toaster on top…EVER)

The Hamilton Beach “Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Mini Oven" is one of most brilliant inventions of the 2000s. The two in one appliance features a toaster oven with a toaster on top. Which means saying goodbye to clutter and a big “Hello” to no fuss and convenience! This mini oven is essentially a normal convenience oven but has a toaster built in above it!

Allowing what would normally be two appliances in your kitchen, become one. Not only does this brilliant little “Toastation” save you space in your kitchen but also time and energy! With wide 1,5 inch built in toaster slots, the toaster can fit not only bread but English muffins, bagels, etc. Not only does it toast everything 24% quicker than a normal toaster, but this toaster oven with a toaster on top is also super savvy being able to hold a lot more than upon first glance.

The mini oven can hold two 16 inch pizzas at once and is perfect for cooking burgers, nuggets, fries and so much more while using a whopping 73% less energy than a normal conventional oven. Therefore allowing you to not only save money but the planet too! Thus making it probably the best toaster oven with a toaster on top. With a simple side lever, the choice between baking and toasting is just a slide away.

The West Bend toaster oven breakfast station is another one of a kind invention that is not only ingenious in its own quirky way but also offers the condensation of what would be two appliances again into one. The west bend toaster oven is a breakfast station that consists of four slots for toasting, a steaming tray for hard boiled eggs or poached eggs and a warming tray for meats and sorts.

This means that you can make a good old egg and toast breakfast with only one appliance minimizing cost, space and time! The toaster oven is made with stainless steel making it look as good as it feels using it. It is also quick and simple to clean with minimal effort required. What more could you ask for out of a toasting oven?

Breville’s smart oven is another great invention that broadens the horizons of toaster ovens all through adding a dash of intelligence. With its trademark “Element IQ” the oven can adjust the temperature accordingly whether it be a pizza or meat and will record any custom made changes in the settings for future reference. With a whole nine settings, the 1800 watt smart toaster oven uses its five heating elements to cook whatever, whenever to absolute perfection.

The smart toaster oven is easy to use with a large, easy-to-read LCD screen, as well as dials to change settings. This brilliant toaster oven even has the capability to turn itself off automatically when time restraints are placed, while simultaneously alerting you with an audio signal that your food is ready! With the capacity to toast six slices of bread at once, or a whole 13-inch pizza the smart oven has plenty of space for all your needs, with a basic non-stick tray that makes cleaning up a breeze.

Taking toaster ovens to a whole other level is the Maximatic Elite Cuisine toaster oven. This toaster oven is the mothership of all toaster ovens with a total capacity of 23 liters! Not only can it toast up to 6 slices of bread at once but also has seven other functions ranging from the steamer to rotisserie. While being able to customize heat and time settings on the oven with the easy to use switches.

This toaster oven is highly versatile to have in your kitchen as it would allow you to cater not only for yourself but also host dinner parties with delicious meals straight out of the oven.

The Avanti multifunction stainless steel durable counter top toaster oven is one of the original toaster ovens that should be given credit. This basic toaster oven provides any person with the basic yet highly fundamental service of being able to bake and cook simultaneously while taking up minimal space in the kitchen and using very little energy.

This toaster oven offers a convection bake and roast option while simultaneously offering two oven plates on the top to provide the opportunity for cooking or boiling of any kind. With a full hourly cooking cycle and complete temperature control who needs a large chunky oven in their kitchen?


In conclusion, the variety of ingenious toaster ovens is evident. Helping to mold and suit everyone’s needs in a diverse fashion, these toaster ovens are at the forefront of innovation in the kitchen. Condensing and improving on those appliances we take for granted we are introduced to a world of brilliant convenience that serves to be the future of our kitchens.

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