The Best Space Heater for a Baby Room : Safety First

There is nothing better than being warm on a cold winter day. After being outside, all you want is to be warm again. This is why we buy heaters for our house. If we like going to bed in a warm and cozy room, why wouldn’t babies like the same? In fact, babies are more susceptible to the cold than adults are. Because of this, getting a baby-safe space heater for your baby is very important if you live in a place that gets cold in the winter.

But the regular heaters we have in our homes aren’t always suitable for babies. Babies under six months can’t regulate their body temperature well, so they need a heater that has a built-in thermostat. Regular heaters also take longer to warm up a room. You also need to keep in mind that babies that know how to crawl or walk will get curious and might want to touch the heater. These are all things you need to consider when getting a heater for your baby’s room.

When you look online for a safe space heater for a baby room, you’ll see that a lot of products come up. We know how hard it can be to choose one when there are so many safe space heaters for a baby room out there. With this in mind, we have written this article. In it, you will find an overview of the features of the top five rated heaters for baby and toddler rooms. By the end of the article, you should be more able of making a well-informed purchase.  

Why do I need a heater for my baby’s room?

Babies need a lot of care and attention. Parents need to always check up on their bundles of joy to make sure they’re happy and safe. This is also true when it comes to temperature. Babies can’t be too hot or too cold. Plus, their feedback system isn’t fine-tuned yet, so they have a hard time adjusting their own body temperature. This is why they need their parents and guardians to make sure their room is the perfect temperature. In the summer, it needs to be chilled, and in the winter it needs to be warm.

You could put a normal radiator in a baby’s room, but that might not be the best idea. You can’t control the temperature the room will get with a regular heater. You could also dry up the air too much and make breathing difficult. Moreover, if your child can walk or crawl, they might be tempted to stick their fingers inside the heater. No parent wants to deal with these issues, so getting a heater specifically made for a baby’s room is recommended.

In short, if you live in a place where it gets cold during the winter and you have a baby, you should get a proper heater for them. This way you’ll avoid them getting too cold and avoid them having an accident with the heater.

Model & Type Specification Our Ratings Price

Della 14,000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

  • 3 speeds with 24-hour automatic shutoff timer
  • Digital LED electronic touch controls
3.4 View Price

Vornadobaby EH1-0089-57 Sunny Nursery HeaterVornado EH1-0096-43 AVH10 Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control

  • 2 heat and fan settings featuring
  • Backed by a 5year Happy Parent Guarantee
3.5 View Price

Vornado EH1-0096-43 AVH10 Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control

  • Auto climate control
  • 2 heat settings (1500/750-Watt) with fan only option
3.9 View Price

Vornado AVH2 Whole Room Heater with Auto Climate Control

  • Auto-adjusting climate control
  • Energy saving by heating
 3.5  View Price

Vornado iControl Whole Room Vortex Heater, Automatic Climate Control

  • Digital LCD display with unique one-knob control
  • Features automatic climate control
  View Price


Della 14,000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

This appliance triples as an air conditioner, a heater, and a dehumidifier. Because it’s light and has wheels, you’ll have no trouble moving it from one room to another if need be. This way you can use it in your child’s bedroom, in their playroom, and even in your living room. You won’t have to buy more than one heater since you can use only this one. Moreover, you’ll be able to cut out on your carbon-dioxide emissions with this heating device. It’s white, tall, and looks great in any space.

The Della Portable heater comes with an LED display. It tells you what temperature the appliance is working at at the moment and lets you adjust it. If you feel like the room is too hot, all you have to do is push a button and lower it a bit. You can even program it to shut off when you want it to with its built-in timer.

You can warm up a room of up to 450 square feet with this heater. If you want to use it during the summer, you can, since it has a cooling option as well.


Vornadobaby EH1-0089-57 Sunny Nursery Heater

The Vornadobaby, besides having a very amusing name, is a great heater for a nursery. Its fans make sure that the air in the room is circulating and that heat isn’t being concentrated on just one point of the room. It gently heats up the nursery evenly so you can place it anywhere in the room.

It has two heat and fan setting that you can play around with. You can either choose automatic or continuous air circulation. Experiment with each setting to see which one is the best for your baby and their room.

The Vornadobaby also has some advanced safety features, such as the cool-touch exterior, the automatic safety shut-off system, and the tip-over protection. This makes it one of the most safe space heater for a baby room. If your baby or toddler like to move around, knock over appliances, and touch them out of curiosity, they’ll be safe around this heater. Because of these safety settings, no tragedy will happen when you’re not looking.

Another great thing about this heater is that it knows when to shut off and when to turn itself back on. It measures the temperature of the room and depending on the readings it will do either one. If the temperature drops below a certain level, it turns on. If the temperature reaches that level, it will shut off automatically.


Vornado EH1-0096-43 AVH10 Vortex Heater with Automatic Climate Control

This Vornado, although not specifically created for babies, is perfect for children. It gently heats up the entire room and forces the air to circulate. This means you can place this heater anywhere in the room and won’t have to worry about your baby not being warm enough.

It has two heating settings. You can choose whether you want the 1500-Watt setting or the 750-Watt setting. Although you can adjust the heating level, you can’t change how the fan works. Something that makes this heater stand out is the fact that it can figure out which setting is the best for your room. It senses how much heat and air circulation your room needs. You won’t have to worry about tinkering with the settings, as it does it automatically.

Safety is guaranteed with this heater, too. The cool-touch outer case won’t burn your child’s fingers if they become curious and want to explore their surroundings. It also shuts off automatically when tipped over or when the room is warm enough.


Vornado AVH2 Whole Room Heater with Auto Climate Control

This is yet another Vornado on our list. There’s a reason why you’ve seen two other Vornado products reviewed in this article. This company stands out from the competition because of its high customer ratings. Both customers and other brands also selling heating devices respect Vornado and recognize it as a trustworthy brand.

The AVH2 model makes the warm air in a room circulate. You won’t have any cold regions in your baby’s room. No need to worry about the placement of the heater, as it will do its job outstandingly well no matter where you put it.

It has auto-adjusting temperature settings, which make your life easier. It can read whether the room is too hot or too cold and turn on or off accordingly. You won’t need to be checking the room temperature every fifteen minutes with this heater. It’s the best way to keep your baby or toddler safe from overheating or getting too cold.


Vornado iControl Whole Room Vortex Heater, Automatic Climate Control

The last product on our top five heater list is yet another Vornado. This time, however, the heater has a more futuristic look and an LED panel built into it. The iControl model is a new and improved heater made by Vornado that still has all the winning features of the previous models.

This heater warms up the whole room, not just one specific spot. Because of this, you won’t need to calculate where to place this heater to make sure your baby will be warm. No matter where you put it, it will make the room evenly warm.

You can control the fan speed and the temperature in the LED panel by turning a knob. You can also activate a timer so the heater isn’t on for longer than it needs to be, saving you money in the end. It has two heat settings, one fan setting mode, and automatic climate control. This means it will be able to tell whether or not the room is too hot. If it is, it will shut itself off. This particular feature makes it one of the safest heater for a baby room.


Which one should I buy?

Now that we’ve given you the overview of the five best heaters for sale online, it’s up to you to choose one. You need to take into consideration what you’re looking for in a heater for a baby room, as well as how much you want to spend. Do you want a state-of-the-art heater? Are you looking for something below budget?

We feel like the best safe space heaters for a toddler room are the ones made by Vornado. In particular, the Vornadobaby one. It has built-in safety settings that ensure your baby is safe. That’s one of the most important things when looking for a baby room heater in our honest opinion. It also has a beautiful design and fits well into any nursery.

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