The Best Places to Buy a Washer and Dryer Online

​Just imagine it’s a cold December morning and you go to take your shirt from the dryer and its cold and wet… Oh no… The dryer is broken. You can’t live without a dryer in Winter so where is the best place to buy a washer and dryer? Well, this happened to me.

In the past to buy a washer and dryer you would simply get in your car and drive to Target or Walmart, but in today’s world there are many more places to buy washing machines and dryers. The new leader in retail shopping is online shopping.

Lets be real! Nobody enjoys going to the shop to buy a washing machine or dryer right? Is it better to shop online or in-store when looking for the cheapest places to buy washing machines and dryers.  Its not a particularly emotional purchase so lets look at the best places to buy washing machines and dryers.

In Store (Target, Walmart etc)

The traditional in store experience of purchasing has long been seen as the cheapest place to buy washer and dryer. The big chain department stores have long been the best place to buy washer and dryer because there was no other option. Even with online shopping, the in store experience remains a viable option for the customer.

Some of the benefits of buying in store include;

​See before you buy – The age old human need of seeing the product before you purchase it has long attracted customers to spending the time to travel to a department store. Whilst you don’t actually see it operating, you get to touch and see the product before you choose to buy it.

​Sales advice – When you enter the department you are often greeted by a salesperson who will advise you on the best options and help you to decide on the cheapest or best buy when buying a washer or dryer

​Known Brands – Retail stores usually have agreements with major brands so the in store experience will offer you only name brands to make your decision making easier.

But with this convienience comes some challenges also. It might be historically known as the best place to buy washer and dryer but beware of the hidden pitfalls.

Is the salesman really working in your interest or the interest of the seller? He will tell you it’s the cheapest place to buy washer and dryer but what do you have to compare it with? Do you spend hours or days driving from one place to another, carefully recording prices only to find you lose your weekend to save $10? Or do you do the smart thing and open your computer?

Shopping online

The modern shopper has turned to online shopping obtain the best value for money. Online store such as have an extended range of brands and sizes that gives many more options to the consumer.

Here is an example; Look at the typical floor plan of a Walmart store. In the home section you will find all the products for your home, including washers and dryer.

Ask yourself, how many washers and dryers can be on display in this area? And  is this really the best place to buy a washer and dryer? Obviously the answer is no.

Amazon, on the other hand have a range of products that is too numerous to mention. If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy washer and dryer you only need to refine your search to a price range to find all the major, and lesser known, brands within your price range.

On the other hand if you have specific needs as to size, function, brand color or capacity then gives you the search functions to easily narrow your search and select the product that best fits you.

But can online shopping really offer a better price then shopping in store. Here is a comparison of similar washers purchased online.





Deliver to USA



1 week

Walmart in store


$551 + $89 shipping)

2 week


$882 + Shipping




$889 + Shipping


​​This comparison is a snapshot at the best place to buy washing machine but there are hidden costs to the purchase that are not included. In order to shop at Walmart or Maytag stores across the country you will need to commute to the store. Often parking also adds to the cost as does the incidental costs such as food. Of course, if you have children the challenges are so much higher.

But, more so, many people talk about the difference between making a logical decision to buy against making an emotional decision to buy. Lets go back to the start and look at our example in the opening paragraph.

It’s a cold December morning and you go to get your shirt from the dryer but its still wet. Your dryer is broken. What do you do?

​​​Option 1

You get dressed and run out into the cold morning. You know the area so you know the best place to buy a washer and dryer. You get in your car and drive to the store. You park, get a coffee from Wendy’s then enter the store. The salesman shows you 4 dryers. He tells you that his store is the cheapest place to buy washer and dryer so there is no need to visit any other store.

Even though you are not totally satisfied with the items you see you make a decision to buy the best one. You just don’t have the time to risk going to another store just to find they have a similar selection. Your emotion is saying “just buy it and get home”

Option 2

You make a coffee at home and open your computer. In your search engine you write “best place to buy washer and dryer” or “cheapest place to buy washer and dryer”.

Immediately you have a selection of websites to view washers and dryers. You click on and go to the washers and dryers. In the search function you highlight the size, brand and price you want and up comes 3 or 4 options. They look good.

You take out your credit card and pay. A few days later the dryer arrives at the from door. Smiling you say to yourself “I know the best place to buy a washer and dryer”

Is renting an option?

There are a number of places to rent washers and dryers. Usually, the best selection is online but there are some traps you need to be careful of before you commit to a rental agreement.

Who is renting for?

People looking for a place to rent washers and dryers are often people with temporary living arrangements. Maybe you are posted to a new office across the country for 6 months and you don’t want the hassle of buying, then selling an item, so renting seems much simpler.  Or maybe you are a low income working with insufficient income to buy an item outright.

Best place to rent a washer and dryer

Places to rent washers and dryers are easily found online. Like, you have an easy website to make a selection and they will deliver to your home within a few days.  However, you need to read the contract carefully before agreeing to the terms. In particular be aware of

The term of the contract – Some contracts will specify a contract length and exiting the contract early will attract penalties that will make the price of renting very expensive.

Payment terms – Look for additional charges when paying the rent monthly. For example late payment fees, processing fees and even an end of contract fee.

Repairs and warranty – Make sure the rental company takes full responsibility for the upkeep of the item. You should not have to pay if the unit breaks down while you are using it.

Some places to rent washers and dryers include but the range of contract terms and payment options makes the selection process rather confusing.

In my opinion, unless you have a specific reason to rent a washer or dryer, I would suggest that you buy a new or used item. Remember that Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist all sell used items as well as new products and this can often be a much safer option for the short term user.

So, after all my driving and surfing online for cheapest place to buy washer and dryer I finally purchased a dryer from and it was delivered to my home within a week. I was very happy with the name brand and it works very well. I am also secured by the retailers and manufacturers warranty which gives me peace of mind.

But after experiencing both the in store experience and online if you ask me what is the best place to buy washer and dryer, I will say If you ask me what is the cheapest place to buy washer and dryer, I will say it’s a split decision between and Walmat. And if you ask me what are the best places to rent washers and dryers, I would suggest there isn’t one. Renting is much better for high price items such as cars, houses and trucks.

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