Best Oster Toaster Oven – Reviews 2020

If you’ve made it to this article, you’ve probably gone over so many reviews for Oster toaster ovens to last you a lifetime. There are so many listings and reviews for it online that it’s hard to take in all that information to make a decision that best suits your needs. Having an appliance that don’t have the features you need can be very frustrating. Returns or refunds aren’t always an option either.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most popular options for Oster toasters that you can use for a wide variety of dishes. All of these have their own pros and cons but generally, this article will help you find the one that’s right for you.

Model & Type Specification Our Ratings Price

Oster Toaster Oven, 4 Slice (TSSTTVVGS1)

  • Dual dial controls to toast, bake, and broil
  • Wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees
3.7 View Price

Oster 6-Slice Countertop Convection Toaster Oven (TSSTTVCGBK)

  • Circulates hot air for consistent baking, broiling, and browning
  • Included baking pan and baking rack
3.4 View Price

Oster 6-Slice Toaster Oven (TSSTTVF815)

  • Convection technology for even and faster baking
  • Toast, bake and broil functions
3.5 View Price

Oster Large Convection Toaster Oven (TSSTTVSK01)

  • Turbo convection technology
  • Optimal cooking results with digital Broil, Warm, Toast, Bake, and Convection Bake functions
 3.8 View Price

Oster 6-Slice Toaster Oven (TSSTTVF816)

  • Turba concection heat technology
  • Large capacity,great for frozen pizzas,roasts,pies and casseroles
1.2 View Price

Oster® Digital French Door Oven (TSSTTVFDDG)

  • Single door pull opens both doors with one hand ease and convenience
  • Turbo Convection baking technology
 4.3  View Price

Oster Extra Large Digital Toaster Oven (TSSTTVXLDG)

  • Stylish brushed stainless steel finish
  • 90 minute timer with automatic shut off
 4.1  View Price

Why Buy Oster Toaster Ovens?

You might be wondering if Oster really has the best oster toaster oven available. The great thing about Oster ovens, they’re generally very versatile as they have very spacious interiors, different options and settings, and great heat circulation. Some models also have convection cooking which really makes this a whole lot easier.

Oster Toaster Oven, 4 Slice (TSSTTVVGS1)

On to something much simpler, this Oster toaster is a much smaller model which is meant for light cooking, and toasting. This can be used for roasts, pizza, casseroles and more. It can be set to bake, broil and toast and it’s quite versatile despite being a much smaller model.

Included with the package is a removable crumb tray and a baking pan which are very easy to clean. The oven door is also mostly glass allowing you to see inside. Design-wise, this oven has a really sleek design that’s perfect for modern kitchens.

While it does have its fair share of problems, it’s quite inexpensive and it’s great for when you’re a student staying at a dormitory or for light cooking. While it’s advertised with a 4-slice toast capacity, it’s spacious enough for larger dishes and it’s quite easy to clean. It’s very useful for snacks, toast, and warming up food so if you hate microwaves, this is a great option for you.


  • 3 cooking options
  • 30 minute timer with alarm bell
  • 150 – 450 degrees F
  • 2 rack positions
  • Includes removable crumb tray, and baking pan
  • 4-slice toast capacity
  • Compact


  • Doesn’t automatically turn off
  • Very limited cooking space
  • No LCD display


Oster 6-Slice Countertop Convection Toaster Oven (TSSTTVCGBK)

If you can’t tell by the amount of Oster 6 slice convection toaster oven reviews, this product is a very popular choice for most home cooks and with good reason. This can be used for baking, broiling, roasting, warming up food, and more.

Probably the best feature of this oven is that it can do convection cooking. If you’ve never heard of convection cooking, you’re definitely missing out. Simply put, it’s a more effective heat circulation system. Convection ovens have a fan and an exhaust port which helps heat and cook the food more evenly and efficiently. It also helps you save energy as it tends to cook a lot faster.

While most dishes won’t need this, the oven also has a 60 minute timer with a bell that goes off when the timer is done. The timer also has an auto-shutoff that prevents the oven from burning or overcooking.

The heat and cooking controls are operated with the 3 dials on the oven. While it’s easier to gauge the time and heat with an LCD display, these dials tend to last longer as the heat can cause the oven to wear down.

In terms of pricing, it’s often retailed at around $59.99 which is rather inexpensive for such a reliable piece of machinery. Along with the actual unit, you also get a pan and rack.

Probably the only downside to this awesome oven is that it’s rather large and bulky. If you look at all the Oster 6 slice toaster oven reviews, most of the complaints are that it requires quite a bit of counter space. Due to its size, you’ll also need to make sure that there’s enough clearance at the back and sides to accommodate the cord. Other than that, it’s an amazing convection oven with a lot of great features.


  • Convection cooking
  • Great heat circulation
  • Includes baking pan and rack
  • 60 minute timer with bell
  • Can be used for broiling
  • 6 slice toast capacity
  • Can accommodate a 12” pizza
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs at least 8” cord clearance
  • A little bulky
  • No light inside
  • Temperature is sometimes unreliable


Oster 6-Slice Toaster Oven (TSSTTVF815)

This model has a lot of similar capabilities as the one previously mentioned. It has 4 cooking options which are Bake, Turbo, Broil, and Toast. It also has a 6 slice capacity with an included pan, rack and a crumb tray to for easy cleaning. These can also help adjust the cooking space according to your specifications.

Design-wise, this oven has a sleek black body with stainless steel accents which gives it a really contemporary, modern design. This oven also has convection cooking which is always a great feature.

The door of the oven is made of glass but it has an easy-grip, cool-touch handle to help you take out your food easily. The oven is also operated with 3 dials on the side for temperature, settings, and time.

One of the biggest issues with this oven, however, is that the sides and back are very under-insulated. This causes the oven to heat up too much which can be a possible fire-hazard if you don’t give it enough clearance. This also means that you shouldn’t leave children unsupervised around the oven when you’re cooking as they can get burned. Another problem with this oven is that it can’t accomodate a 12” pizza according to most Oster 6  Slice Toaster Oven reviews which can be a deal-breaker for most people.

However, if you’re looking for something for light cooking, toasting, or warming up food, this oven is a great option.


  • Convection cooking
  • 3 dial cooking/temperature control
  • 4 cooking options
  • Contemporary design
  • 6 slice toast capacity
  • Versatile cooking space
  • Included rack and pan
  • Up to 450 degrees F
  • Included crumb tray
  • Easy-grip cool-touch handle


  • A little pricey
  • Too small for a 12” pizza
  • Back and sides are under-insulated
  • No LCD Display
  • Not child-friendly


Oster Large Convection Toaster Oven (TSSTTVSK01)

If you’ve read up on Oster turbo convection toaster oven reviews, you’ve probably come across this model before. This model promises the same 4 cooking options, turbo convection cooking, and temperature range as most Oster ovens. This oven cooks very quickly and efficiently and it helps save energy as well.

This model also comes with 2 baking racks, a pan, an integrated broil rack, and a removable crumb tray. This unit is very easy to clean and it allows you to adjust the cooking space according to your specifications.

This oven has great visibility as it has a large glass panel for the oven door. It allows you to keep track of your food without having to constantly open the oven door.

While the features of this oven look good on paper, there have been countless accounts of terrible manufacturing of this model. While there are a lot of benefits to having this oven toaster, the problems it has can’t simply be ignored.

The biggest manufacturing flaw of this oven is that the back tends to heat up way too quickly which causes anything at the back of the oven to burn or cook a lot faster. While most Oster ovens with convection cooking promise equal distribution of heat, according to most Oster extra large toaster oven reviews, this one definitely missed the mark. It can be a potential fire hazard due to the erratic heat control which discourages a lot of people from buying this oven.

Another complaint most people have, although this isn’t that much of an issue for others, is that the chrome finish along with the chrome dials make it hard to read the small indicators for heat, time, and cooking setting. If you have good eyesight, or if this isn’t a problem for you, then this won’t be an issue.


  • Convection cooking
  • 4 cooking options
  • 150 to 450 degrees F
  • Includes 2 racks, pan and integrated broil rack
  • 60 minute timer with auto-shutoff
  • Adjustable cooking space
  • Integrated crumb tray
  • Contemporary design
  • Large glass door with excellent visibility


  • The back can sometimes heat up too quickly
  • Short cord
  • Dials are hard to read


Oster 6-Slice Toaster Oven (TSSTTVF816)

In terms of functions, this oven has the same convection style cooking, multiple cooking settings, and 60 minute timer. It has the same versatility as most Oster ovens and it also includes variations for rack positions. It also has a 6-slice toast capacity as well as enough room for most frozen pizzas.

What’s included in the package is a removable crumb tray, a baking pan, and a broiler insert which allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes of different sizes. All this plus the non-stick material used for the interiors also helps you clean out the oven a lot easier.

The problem with this oven is that it often heats up unevenly. This makes it difficult to gauge the cooking time and temperature which can be quite tedious. Another problem most users have is that while it has cool-touch handles, the actual body of the unit can sometimes heat up due to poor circulation.


  • Convection cooking
  • 2 rack positions
  • 60 minute timer with bell
  • 150 – 450 degrees F
  • Non-stick interior
  • Cool-touch side handles
  • Includes removable crumb tray, baking pan, and broiler insert’
  • 6-slice toast capacity
  • Accommodates 12” pizza


  • Doesn’t toast evenly
  • Door hinges and springs can get worn out easily
  • Short cord
  • Unit exteriors can get hot
  • No LCD display


Oster® Digital French Door Oven (TSSTTVFDDG)

If you’re in the market for something rather heavy-duty, then this is the oven for you. While it’s a lot more than your usual toaster oven, it has a lot of great features and awesome conveniences that can make cooking a lot easier.

FIrst off, you’ll notice that this unit is very large. It measures 22 x 19.5 x 13 inches which means it can be hard to find room for it on your kitchen counter. While this is the case, it does allow you to cook several things at once. It has 2 racks inside which you can hold 2 pans or pizzas at once allowing you to maximize your cooking time.

The doors are probably the most attractive part about this oven. Most people love the design as it has a very modern design with an easy to use double french door. The doors can both be opened at once which makes it a lot easier. However, if you’re not careful, they can slam on your hand causing burns.

In terms of cleaning, most of the accessories included can be removed and cleaned separately. The crumb tray in particular is especially useful if you’re using this for toast, bagels or pizza.

One major complaint of users is that preheating can take a very long time. While this is the case, the oven can go up to 450 degrees F and it does have a 90 minute timer which automatically shuts off.

This oven is great if you’re going to be cooking for large groups or families. Just make sure you have enough space to accommodate this goliath, however.


  • Turbo convection cooking
  • LCD display with digital controls for heat and time
  • Large double french doors with glass panels
  • 2 racks
  • Removable crumb tray
  • 90 minute timer which turns off automatically
  • Includes baking pan
  • Single door pull opens both doors
  • Large cooking space


  • Very bulky
  • Preheating can take a long time
  • Large doors can let out heat
  • The doors can slam on your hands


Oster Extra Large Digital Toaster Oven (TSSTTVXLDG)

Finally, we have another large contender for the king of the toaster ovens. This model, as the name suggests, is a very large oven which measures approximately 23.9 x 20.8 x 16.4 inches making it really hard to fit this in smaller kitchens.

In terms of its functions, it uses turbo convection cooking making it very efficient. It has quite a few cooking settings which are toast, bake, convection bake, broil, warm, defrost, and even a pizza setting.

Probably the most appealing design aspect here is the LCD display. It has easy to use buttons and a clear indication of the time, temperature and cooking settings. While some argue that LCD displays don’t last as long due to the heat, it’s definitely more accurate and easy to use allowing for more precise cooking. While it does take some time to learn the ins and outs of the oven, it’s definitely worth it.

In terms of cleaning, most of the implements are removable and are made of stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and easy to slide back in.

Based on the Oster extra large toaster oven reviews, it’s generally a great appliance for a wide variety of dishes. It cooks well, it’s easy to use once you get used to the controls, it’s easy to clean, and it’s quite spacious. Just be careful as some parts of the oven aren’t well-insulated and can get really hot.


  • LCD display
  • Convection cooking
  • 90-minute timer with automatic shut off
  • 150 – 450 degrees F
  • Includes 2 wire racks, broiling rack, baking pan, and crumb tray
  • Contemporary design


  • Very bulky
  • Door can get hot
  • Complicated controls
  • Some parts aren’t well-insulated



While it’s based on which features you’re looking for, what we feel is the best Oster toaster oven would be a toss-up between the Oster Extra Large Digital Toaster Oven (TSSTTVXLDG) or the Oster 6-Slice Countertop Convection Toaster Oven (TSSTTVCGBK). As with any kitchen appliance, there are problems present so it’s important to know what you’re buying.

The TSSTTVCGBK has a lot of great cooking space, it’s efficient, it’s reliable, and the price isn’t too steep.

If you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, then the TSSTTVXLDG is the one for you. It’s much larger but you get to cook several things at once and it helps you save time.

Both of these ovens are great options if you’re looking for the perfect Oster toaster oven for you.

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