Best Garbage Disposal – Reviews in 2020

According to a lot of people, one of the most essential appliances that everyone needs to have in their kitchen is a garbage disposal. These are devices that go in your sink that prevent you from having to worry about cleaning off your plates completely before washing them or worrying about whether or not food will clog your sink. Garbage disposals will essentially grind all this food up, thus causing you to produce less waste in the long run.

The good news is that you won’t have to spend too much money in order to get one for your kitchen. It’s a good idea to look at garbage disposal ratings to see which one you should purchase and to buy one from a reputable brand. This will prevent you from having complications in the future and from having to buy a replacement rather soon.

In this buying guide, we will answer your questions about garbage disposals, including the benefits of garbage disposals, how a garbage disposal works, and a list of some of the best according to garbage disposal reviews.

Different Types of Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are generally considered to be rather simple and very convenient. Before you decide to purchase one, however, there are some things you want to consider about the different available types.

  • Continuous vs. Batch feed: These are the two main types of garbage disposals that you will need to consider. The most common of the two is the continuous disposal, and these are the easier option to use. They have a wall switch to turn them on and off and they also have open-mouth disposal. With the batch feed type, however, you have to put a stopper lid in the disposal in order for it to turn on. So, it eliminates the chances of you accidentally turning on the disposal when you’re fishing in it with your hand or if a fork or other appliance accidentally slides in. But batch feeds are more difficult to come across and they’re more expensive than continuous feeds.


When choosing any type of product, one of the features that you are also most likely to take into consideration is the brand. There are two main brands that shine in terms of the quality of their garbage disposal products.

  • InSinkErator: This is the brand that invented the garbage disposal as we know it. The brand has created high-quality garbage disposals that will allow you to have a cleaner kitchen. According to the site, there are more InSinkErator garbage disposals around the world than any other brand combined. In addition to garbage disposals, the brand also produces hot water dispensers.
  • Waste King: Waste King is the other brand that specializes in garbage disposals. Generally, people think that the quality is the same, but Waste King is a good budget purchase. The brand also provides hot water products and commercial disposals.

5 Top-Rated Garbage Disposals

The first product on our list of the best garbage disposals is made by Waste King, one of the leaders in garbage disposal manufacturing. This one in particular has 4.5 out of 5 stars and over 7,000 ratings. It comes with a high-speed motor that has a horsepower of 1. It has an RPM of 2,800 and is sound-insulated.

Due to the size of the motor, you won’t have to worry about this garbage disposal jamming as often. It’s easy to install thanks to the EZ Mount, and it also has a removable splash-guard meant to make cleaning a lot easier. It has a pre-installed power cord, which means that you will not be required to do any electrical work. It has all stainless steel grind components, which are meant to make it last for a long time.

The garbage disposer is also compact and lightweight while not sacrificing quality. In addition, this garbage disposal has a continuous feed, which means that it will be activated by a wall switch. It will continuously grind your food as long as the power is on. The price of this garbage disposer is also good for just about any budget.

This Waste King product is considered to be one of the best ½ HP garbage disposals. It has a high-speed motor with ½ horsepower and 2,600 RPM. The permanent magnet motor means that the product will not jam as often. Like the other option, this product has an EZ Mount that is meant to make the process of installation a lot easier and faster. It also has a removable splash-guard meant to ease the cleaning process.

When you install this product, you won’t have to worry about doing any electrical work because it has a pre-installed power cord. The device comes with a 5-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. It is also made out of durable materials, part of which is due to the stainless steel grind components. This garbage disposal is also of the continuous feed type, so you will turn it on using the wall switch and it will power continuously. This garbage disposal also has a sleek design, so you will save some room under your kitchen sink for extra storage.

All of the hardware you need will be provided with this product upon purchase, so installation is easy even for those who aren’t professionals.

This option comes from the leader in garbage disposals. In addition to that, this InSinkErator garbage disposal comes at a very affordable price, so if you’re on a budget, you know that you will still be getting the best of the best. It has a compact design that is meant to save space under your sink. If you have existing InSinkErator hardware, that will make the process of installation much faster and easter. It has durable components, such as the ½ HP Dura-Drive Induction Motor, which has steel components to make sure that your everyday scraps are eliminated effectively.

If you ever need to replace this product, doing so will be made easy thanks to the Quick Lock mount, which is compatible with all InSinkErator models. Simply enter the serial number of yours to see if this one will fit. This garbage disposal comes from the brand’s Badger line, which is meant to provide you with some more affordable options than what you would otherwise find in the brand. This is also a continuous feed type, so it will work continuously to grind away all the food scraps as long as the power is on.

Here is another garbage-disposal that has received good reviews due to its innovative features. This is the perfect option for people who live in smaller homes or who do not have as much cabinet space to fit a larger garbage disposal. You will be able to fit this under your sink without any difficulty. It is highly durable due to the stainless steel components, such as a LeakGuard liner.

In addition, another great feature of this garbage disposal is that it has SoundSeal Technology, which is meant to prevent too much noise. However, you also get a powerful ¾ horsepower motor, which will last a long time. As the product is working, it has 2-Stage Multigrind Technology that can handle even the toughest scraps. You will be able to easily swap this out if you need a replacement due to the brand’s Quick Lock mount. As with the other InSinkErator option, simply input information on your product’s serial number to see if it will fit.

The durable alloy stainless steel material means that you will get a lot of use out of this product for a long time. It comes from the Evolution line, which is meant to produce garbage disposals that make less noise.

The final option on our list is guaranteed to be a budget-friendly one for anyone who has been looking for the ideal garbage disposer for their home. It has a ½ horsepower motor that has 2,600 RPM, which means that it will work quickly to grind all your food. The permanent magnet motor will prevent the garbage disposal from jamming as often. This product can also be connected to your dishwasher if you have one.

The EZ Mount will allow you to install the garbage disposal with ease, and it also has a removable splash-guard to give you an easier time when cleaning. It has a 2-year warranty in case anything goes wrong as well. When you go to install this product, you won’t have to worry about hiring someone to come and do it for you because the power cord is pre-installed and the device comes with everything you need to install it on your own. It is a continuous feed garbage disposer, which means that you will turn it on with a wall switch and it will work constantly to grind your food for the entire time that the switch is turned on. It has a capacity of 27.3 ounces.

Even More Options

Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, ¾ HP

Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, ⅓ HP

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 5XP, ¾ HP Continuous Feed

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Badger 1, ⅓ HP Continuous Feed

Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

In addition to some of the other features mentioned throughout this article, here are some other things that you will want to consider when shopping for a garbage disposal. Check out this video.

  • Noise: It’s inevitable that your garbage disposal is going to make some kind of noise because it is grinding waste, after all. But the loudness of this noise tends to vary greatly depending on the model, and there isn’t really any sort of system that will help you to determine how loud your garbage disposal is going to be. In general, it seems that larger garbage disposals that cost more tend to be quieter than smaller disposals. But noise might be an important factor for some people.
  • Auto-reverse: This is an important feature that you might want to consider. It happens to the best of us- something gets stuck in the garbage disposal. This feature helps you to not end up in a rut. This basically causes the motor to reverse automatically so that it can power through the material. This will prevent the disposal from shutting down.
  • Motor Size: These are rated in HP, or horsepower. You generally will only need ½ horsepower if the garbage disposal is going in your house. But some people are willing to shell out the extra money to get a ¾ motor or higher because it will lead to fewer jams, but it obviously depends on how much you intend on using the garbage disposal. It’s typically recommended that you choose the larger size if you don’t want to worry so much about what goes in.
  • Grinding Chamber: The size of the grinding chamber is connected to the size of the motor in that disposals with smaller disposals will have smaller chambers. This is where all the grinding action happens. The smaller chambers do not have as much power to get rid of the waste, but garbage disposals with more powerful motors can have larger grinding chambers because they can handle the additional waste.


There are many people who believe that a garbage disposal is an essential part of every kitchen. It will help prevent your drain from getting clogged when you wash dishes and you will be able to get rid of waste in a much less wasteful manner. They’re unique features that everyone should consider adding to their kitchens. We hope that, after reading this article, you are now able to come up with a more informed decision on which garbage disposal to purchase.

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