BBQ Griddle Repair

A griddle becomes an important asset if you are someone who loves eating grilled food or is someone who sells grilled food. The griddle would have to work really hard to satisfy your demands. It is very important that the griddle is kept in the best condition to avoid customer dissatisfaction, cut in your profits, and to ensure that nothing goes against food safety. Let’s check the best BBQ griddle repair tips and best practices.

The griddle, like any other gadget or hardware, will face wear and tear after being used constantly. Its upkeep and maintenance have to be taken care of and noted. Not all damages or wear and tear of the griddle mean they have to be replaced. Some could be refurbished.

Replacing the old griddle with a new one could be expensive if the refurbishing option cost is not more than half of the new unit price. Only if the repairing costs are high and if the new griddle has advanced features that would be more beneficial to you and your business, the best thing to do would be to invest in a new one. This way, you will save time and money.

Every griddle owner uses the griddle as per their requirement. And the lifespan of it depends on the usage time. Griddles could last for seven years on an average if used throughout the day, like hotels that use it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, school griddles could last for approximately 15 years because they are used for around half a day and not for twelve months at a stretch but maybe just nine months in total. And if one of the above happens to get their griddle refurbished during this time, the lifespan of the griddle may extend to another 2 to 5 years.

However, as mentioned earlier, the refurbishing option depends on the costs and on the new model features and your requirements.

The cooking surface of a griddle plays an important role. A warped or sagging cooking surface can make the refurbishing option next to impossible. If the plates are uneven and not flat, the heating will get uneven overall throughout the surface. This would also make grease accumulate on the surface area. These types of damages or issues may be visible when the griddle is not in use.

There are some issues that will come to your notice only once the griddle is switched on. For, e.g., if the inner workings have grease leaking over them, then this means the griddle has some hairline cracks. And these cracks and the leakage will only show once the griddle is hot.

Replacing plates with a new one is considered the best option normally in these cases. This is because the repairing cost of the existing griddle with these problems would near half of the cost of a new griddle. Also, replacement looks better from the point of view of safety requirements and changing technologies.

Some of the most common issues related to griddle repairs involve thermostats, gas valves, and burners. The repairing costs of these are not very high, and hence replacement is not necessary. Please note that when the issue is related to any part of the griddle that is linked to its electric or gas supply, the repair should be done only by someone who is a trained professional.

There are risks involved when such parts have issues. There could be health hazards or serious fire that a non-trained person may not be able to anticipate or handle.

Plan the schedule for your griddle repairs. Try to get them repaired during the time they are not needed to work on. The repair time required could be anything between 2 to 8 hours. This largely depends on the accessibility and size of the griddle.

If you are someone who cleans the griddle and takes care of its maintenance on a regular basis, you will save a lot of actual repair time when the technician arrives.

Few people overuse their griddle to such an extent that a new griddle would age in no time to look like a ten-year-old unit. And when this happens, some service companies refuse to guarantee such repairs.

Top Tips on BBQ Griddle Repair

Steps to help restore the existing griddle that you own

BBQ Griddle Repair Tip 1 – Clean it thoroughly

When you use the griddle for cooking a patty, steak, or any food, there are leftovers, grease, oil, dust that gather on the surface. Brushing it off may clean it for the time being. But it is necessary that you clean it very nicely and completely annually.

To suck out all the dirt settled at the grill bottom, use your shop vac if you own one. The other thing that you need to do is to vacuum the burners by removing them. Clean them thoroughly from the outside.

The inside of the burners can be cleaned by using the wire brush. All the food scraps will get brushed out well. Make sure to wear gloves while cleaning.

BBQ Griddle Repair Tip 2 – Burners have to be checked

Burners should burn quickly on being lit and that too evenly. If not, they should be replaced. Hardware stores keep such burners. Or you could get one directly from the griddle manufacturer. However, if you think that the burners would work fine with a little cleaning and brushing, then do not waste your money in buying a replacement.

BBQ Griddle Repair Tip 3 – Make sure the heat is distributed evenly

When using a griddle, there should be something in between the food and the flames. This will distribute the heat well. Between the upper rack and the burners, a lower rack is important. This will hold the lace rocks and the ceramic briquettes.

Though lava rocks are very cool looking, briquettes are the ones that can be cleaned easily. All you would need to clean a briquette is to soak it in vinegar before you scrub it using the wire brush. Replace them only if you cannot clean them.

BBQ Griddle Repair Tip 4 – Cooking Surface should be upgraded

Low end or low priced frill has grates of stamped steel. These are covered with porcelain and are not so good when cleaned with a wire brush. You can get your grill upgraded. You could do so by buying a new stainless steel grate. Steel bars coated with porcelain are the next best. If you opt for iron grates, please remember to re-oil them each time after using them. And you will have to clean these manually using your hands.

BBQ Griddle Repair Tip 5 – The body should be repainted

Inexpensive grills will lose their color, or they will fade away after some time. This is because they are made using cast aluminum and painted black. There is nothing to worry about this, though. You can repaint the grill easily using special black spray paint that is of high temperature.

Read the instructions to make sure you can use the paint on the grill exterior. The interiors of the grill may not require the paint as it will be covered with soot, which will make clean and painting next to impossible.

Tip 6 – Drip Guard Addition

Adding a drip guard to the grill helps to reduce any flare-ups that could be caused by drippings from the meat dropping onto the lower rack. Add an inverted V shape drip guard for the drippings to directly slide into it. You will find this in hardware shops.

Tip 7 – Igniter Replacement

The ignition system present in most grills is a piezoelectric one. The lifespan of this is short. Hence instead of wasting matches on your griddle, buy a new igniter. This is not expensive and can be bought at any hardware store.

I hope the above tips have helped you to decide on the best BBQ repair solutions.

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