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How to Fix a Leaking Shower Head

I find nothing more annoying than hearing the constant dripping sound coming from my shower when I am trying to drift off to sleep. I have found that not only is a leaky shower bothersome, it can get very costly. The average leaky shower, even if only dripping one drop per minute, will cost a […]

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The Best High Pressure Shower Heads for Your Shower in 2017

​Our Top Pick:Speakman S-2252 CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT PRICE PROS:Greatly Increase PressureMultiple SettingsLifetime Warranty CONS:Basic DesignLess features than other Speakman shower heads Is your shower depressingly under-powered? Do you wish that somehow you could turn that drizzle into a torrent?Well the good news is that you can.With the simple addition of a high pressure […]

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The Best Toilets on the Market for 2018: Flushing Reviews

Our Top Pick for Toilets on the Market:TOTO CST744SL #01 Drake CLICK HERE TO VIEW CURRENT PRICING PROS:Powerful and efficient flushingTank fills up quickInstallation is fairly easy CONS: A bit expensive A seat and wax ring are not included There are some items you probably wouldn’t waste your time researching before buying because let’s face […]

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