6 Bathroom Trends That Will Make an Impact in 2018

If your New Year’s decisions include bathroom renovation, before you make the calls, check out the latest trends: patterned tiles, practical showers, industrial look, etc. Here’s the list of the latest bathroom design trends that will be in demand as of 2018. 

Bold patterns

Bold patterns

It would be unjust to say that ceramics is popular again – it never ceased to be popular. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are popular for flooring as they are for shower stalls. New designs, however, complement them with natural stone, such as quartz and marble, in various geometric patterns, multi-coloured or even patchwork designs. Modern ceramics on the market can even imitate higher-end materials like wood or polished concrete. Bold and asymmetric patterns aren’t only reserved for floors and walls. They can also be used to break the monotony of cabinets, drawers and shelves. Still, too much of this style can bore you quickly, so better play with easy-to-replace accessories first.

Expanding bathroom

A contemporary bathroom is not only used for hygiene but also as a place of relaxation and a beauty parlour. And for this, you need extra space. If possible, expand the bathroom on the account of the adjoining room, such an unused wardrobe or rarely used bedroom.

No Plumbing for a Basement Toilet? If you are looking for more space for a half bath, consider upflush toilet systems to achieve an additional space.

Alternatively, move the washer and dryer into a separate laundry room. This way you won’t only get more space but also separate the aesthetically pleasing place of relaxation from household chores. On another level, play with appearances by choosing, for example, bigger tiles for the floor. Aside from creating an illusion of size, bigger tiles have less grout and accumulate less dirt.

Convenient showers

Convenient showers

There are several types of showers that are high in demand, but an open shower seems like the most popular type. It allows for many other renovation trends to be implemented, like a sitting bench, a steam system, an ambient mirror, an anti-fog mirror and a linear drain. Designers often add shelves and niches for holding bath products, or recommend soap and gel distributors that are mounted on the wall. This feature works hand in hand with eco-friendly bathroom designs, as you can buy products in bulk and refill the dispensers as needed. The Italian shower with its glass walls is always popular, as it adapts to any style and décor and is easy to maintain.

Dedicated vanities and minimalist cabinets

Dedicated vanities and minimalist cabinets

All you need is a statement period stool and a mini table to make your bathroom feel extra luxurious and give your morning routine a kick-start. The tabletop should hold only your selected nail polishes, higher-end makeup and beauty creams. Yes, but where do other items go? These vanities are greatly complemented by minimalist cabinets that feel at home in a bathroom with quirky tile patterns and vibrant wallpapers. Go for simple knobs and handles that won’t crowd the space no matter how small your powder room is. 

Statement wood

Since the latest trends already implement wood in every part of the house, we can expect to see it in the bathroom the next year as well. Along with warm and natural atmosphere, it greatly integrates into storage and custom-made pieces of furniture. Combined with a modern bathroom, a hardwood floor brings more class to balancing the opposing styles. Wood breathes very well and naturally absorbs moisture, but you still need to wipe the excess water after every shower. 

Hedonist baths

After being unjustly de-focused by showers in the last few years, baths are returning to the center stage stronger and more beautiful than ever. Being more comfortable and spacious, an elegant freestanding bath can be found in multiple shapes: oval, round, rectangular or asymmetric. For a maximum impact, they are best installed in the center of the room.

In 2018 the possibilities with bats will be almost unlimited. Idea-storming social networks like Pinterest are full of photos of countless bathroom iterations for every space size. With a plenty of styles and quality products to choose from, the only limiting factor can be your budget and space you have.

Jessica Reimer

Jessica is a self-proclaimed DIY master, and is in love with everything in her home. Mother to two growing boys, and a new found lover of blogging, Jessica wants to find anything that will make her life easier!