3 Ways to Revamp Your Living Room This Year

​Your home isn’t just your castle; it’s your refuge from the world, the place where a lot of your identity comes from. So, when the times comes each year to start making resolutions to better your life, make sure you don’t overlook your home in the process.

And while many home improvements take a lot of time and money to complete, this doesn’t have to be the case; sometimes simple changes are all that’s needed to revamp a space and make it into something special. If your living room has been in need of a change, consider using one of these three ways to give it a quick facelift in 2018, and start feeling happier in your own home.

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Invest in Better Quality Furniture

While many people like to assume that at some point they’ll purchase a full set of matching furniture pieces, the reality is that this day gets delayed for some. You make do with what furnishings you have or purchase pieces one at a time, so the room may look nice, but doesn’t have a cohesive feel to it that really brings it all together.

Worse, many people end up choosing pieces for their living rooms that are stylish, but not necessarily of the best quality, which means that after a few years, the pieces begin to show their age and wear, and this in turn brings down the entire look of the room.

Invest in better quality furniture for your living room in 2018 to give yourself and the room a fresh new start. Handcrafted Amish living room furniture is something that will last for years, is always in style, and will complement a wide range of different architectures and interior designs. By opting for better quality pieces, you make an investment in your home that is sure to pay off over the next several years.

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Make a Focal Point

Sometimes even great interior designs lack a focus, or a single point that will bring the entire room into focus. There are many ways you can create this focal point in the room, but the most dynamic involves using artwork.

Whether you choose to use a single, large wall mural or to create a gallery wall made of a mixture of canvas prints, photographs, and art prints, using something decorative, creative, and beautiful to look at will raise the style of the rest of the room as well.

Choose art pieces that will reflect the color scheme of the rest of the room, and that coordinate well with one another. You can opt to use a theme, a set of split canvases, or just invest in something highly decorative and colorful. The idea to is introduce something that you will enjoy looking at into the room, so that your eyes automatically travel there, creating that crucial focus the room needs.

Update Your Fireplace Surround

If you have a fireplace in your living room, then you already have a natural focal point as well. So, make the most of that area by giving the surround an update. Too many fireplaces have boring, plain surrounds and mantels made of brick, fieldstone, or outdated cast marble. These can bring down the style of the rest of the room, even when the rest of the furnishings are on point.

Instead, tear out that old surround and update it with some stone tiles in a dynamic finish or pattern. Natural stone tiles are beautiful, unique, and able to complement any style of living room. Opt for a soft white herringbone in a contemporary living room, or a deeper, smoky-colored tile in a running bond for a more traditional look. No matter which way you choose to go, you’ll be sure to get an effect that elevates the rest of the design.

Update Your Living Room for 2018

Make the focus of your home improvements this year right in the heart of your home. Update your living room design to help improve its appearance, and start feeling happier about the appearance of your home.

Jessica Reimer

Jessica is a self-proclaimed DIY master, and is in love with everything in her home. Mother to two growing boys, and a new found lover of blogging, Jessica wants to find anything that will make her life easier!