Holmes Whole Room Tower Fan Review

As technology moves on, the days of the traditional cumbersome and dust-gathering fan is numbered. People seek out an economic fan that will provide the required airflow in a variety of different rooms within the house or office and many are buying an oscillating tower fan to achieve this.

Holmes renowned ability to produce high quality air delivery products can be traced back to its roots in 1992 and many consumers are realising that the Holmes 36 inch oscillating tower fan with remote control is the ultimate in efficiency and style. The remote control provides the ability to control the fan’s different functions without leaving the comfort of your bed, seat or couch.  

Consumers will have a different opinion on why they find the Holmes whole room tower the best in the market for them so here we will explore just what gives it the edge on its competitors.

Criteria for what makes a fantastic tower fan with remote control

So what makes a great tower fan with remote control? Well, the obvious requirements are that it should be a very quiet fan that produces a lot of cold air in different rooms in an efficient energy saving manner, it should be very easy to operate on both the fan unit and via the remote control, it must have all of the functions available on the remote control and it should fit discreetly in a room but operate as required. Ideally it should also be oscillating in order to give that directional flow.

In addition to these requirements, the ideal tower fan with remote control must be affordable to all budgets and perform to a superior standard when compared to other fans of similar build standard and price.

Product Details

Without doubt, the common theme taken from a Holmes 36 tower fan review is the ability of this tower fan with remote control to process a large volume of air around a 500 sq ft room sets it far above its competitors. Furthermore, this fan is ideal for use during the night where you need to keep the temperature down but do not want to disturb any light sleepers in the property, it is incredibly quiet. This ability to function as required with minimal noise also makes it an exceptional choice for those in the office who do not want to interrupt important phone calls or that all important meeting to clinch the big deal. Thus said, some positive reviews of the fan actually highlight the minimal noise created by its motor during oscillation provides the perfect white noise for sleep! Of course, if you didn’t want that white noise simply turn off the oscillation with the very handy remote (no pun intended!). The remote is extremely easy to use.

Either on the fan itself or on the remote, the Holmes HTF3606AR fan is extremely easy to operate through it’s different functions. Users can easily switch between the ‘breeze’ and ‘sleep’ modes, programme the 8-hour timer or change through the 3 different speed settings. Breeze mode gives you a strong blast of cold air whilst oscillating, whereas the far more gentle sleep mode aides a good night’s sleep with low level but powerful cold air. In addition to these functions, the ability to enable the holmes oscillating fan feature by remote ensures users get 180’ diverse airflow in the direction they want through motor movement or by freezing it in the direction they want the airflow.

With the omnidirectional airflow afforded by the holmes whole room tower fan users are able to place the fan wherever they require without having an impact on their living space. The small oval base of 7.1”x6.4” provides a stable platform which aides the tall 33.8” body of the fan in maintaining stability, even when it may be accidently knocked by children, pets or the vacuum cleaner!

Pro’s of the Holmes whole room tower fan

The readily identifiable benefit of this fan is its ability to operate quietly in any room, so anyone with young children could use this fan to keep a child cool and not disturb their much needed sleep. Obviously it is not only children that could benefit during the night, any light sleepers could use this quiet fan!

The small nature of the fan is ideal for the space conscious amongst us, these fans fit nicely into corners of the room, they fit easily onto coffee or side tables or onto the kitchen side while you prepare those ice cold drinks on an uncomfortably hot day.

Despite wherever you put the fan, the motorized oscillation provides airflow around the room so it doesn’t matter where you are sitting at the table, you’ll get that nice, breezy cold air as you have the much craved chocolate chip ice cream for dessert in the humid summer sun after a hard days graft, or perhaps even more tiringly, looking after children in the heat!. Of course, children seldom agree with each other and want different things, the 3 different speeds of the Holmes tower fan allow you to control the volume of air easily to appease your desire, or that of your cherubs. The 36” oscillating fan is that good a Holmes fan review identifies that even on the lowest level that the fan “blows a lot of air” and meets their needs.

Best of all, whichever function you choose to use, they can be undertaken from the comfort of your armchair, bed, paddling pool or kitchen table! The excellent range of the remote enables you to adjust the fan to your desired need, this is particularly good if you want to walk into an arctic blast from a hot humid back garden. You can programme this Frozen experience up to 8 hours in advance with the intelligent electronics within the fan, so get ready with the “Do you want to build a Snowman” lyrics.

The fan really is built to last, in fact a proportion of reviews on Amazon identifies that many users have owned one of these fans for several years and they are still extremely happy with the product after all this time. This can be easily attributed to its previously mentioned positive features, combined with the solid metal and plastic construction which is durable and sturdy and survives the exposure to a busy home.

The cost of the product is significantly less than that of comparable competitors, this value for money ensures a savvy shopping experience whatever the budget. Many competitors fans are completely made of plastic, giving the edge to the Holmes on the cosmetic side of the house. The Holmes fan just looks better than competitors.

The energy efficiency of the fan identifies that many reviews of the product highlight that in some of the warmer states in the US, many users are able to leave the fan running 24 hours a day 7 days a week with no real detriment to their energy bills. This endurance of the product also demonstrates its unique and impressive reliability for a fan.

Cons of the Holmes whole room tower fan

There aren’t many cons with the fan other than when procuring spares or a new remote, one must procure a complete new fan, Holmes just don’t do spares for the item so if you lose a remote that means you’ll have to get up each time you want to change or alter a function.

The nature of having plastic on the item may mean if grubby little fingers manage to get hold of the fan you will need to clean properly to keep the asset looking good as new.

There is a slight risk that with bushes within the motor, on occasion after long periods of use, there may be a squak during latter parts of the oscillations. Even if this does happen users can oil the bush.


The Holmes HTF3606AR is a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase a fan that is extremely energy effective, cheap to run, quiet when it runs and discreet in the home. The positive benefits of its quiet operation and ability to be located on a variety of surfaces without taking up much room makes it ideal for a family home.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a high quality product and a great deal on a 36” oscillating tower fan for the home.

Best LG Appliances Reviews

The world-renowned South Korean multinational electronics company LG is mostly known to consumers for producing televisions. It was the world’s second largest TV manufacturer in 2011 and was the first company to integrate internet access with the television creating what’s known today as Smart TVs. However, what many consumers don’t know is that they also make superior kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, microwaves and dishwashers.

LG kitchen appliances are produced and assembled from various locations around the world but mostly in Asia and the subcontinent. Although, LG are in a transition period on where their home appliances will be made in 2018. LG recently announced that they will be constructing a new home appliance factory in Tennessee, USA due to recent US economic reforms and many LG kitchen appliances will soon be made in America.

The company was founded in the aftermath of the Korean War to provide South Koreans with home appliances. They produced the country’s first televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners. Today LG is providing the world with quality products and especially kitchen appliances. This article will outline the features of a fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher LG Electronics has on the market in 2018.

The new LG top mount fridge integrates new technology with the classic design. The most mentioned problem with fridges by consumers is that their food and beverages don’t last long enough in the fridge. To combat this, the technology LG has integrated in their fridges includes compressors and vents to allow food and beverages to stay fresher for longer periods of time. The food not only lasts longer but also maintains its taste and shape for an increased amount of time compared to other fridges on the market.

Hight: 1.73m
Width: 78cm
Depth: 73cm
Refrigerator Capacity: 361L
Freezer Capacity: 155L
Price: $999AUD

The fridges features include:

  • Hidden Hinges
  • A Door Open Alarm
  • Egg tray
  • Deodorizer
  • Express Freeze
  • Twist Ice Tray with Ice Bank

This single gas oven is a spectacular product that has a sleek look and cooks like a dream. The worst thing about an oven is the time it takes to clean its interior. However, this oven contains a unique cleaning feature, all you need to do is spray the interior of the oven with water and press the “clean” button. Then the oven takes about 20 minutes to clean itself. Another great feature of this oven is its fan convention system. The fan allows for quick pre-heating and precise cooking. Also, the oven includes a powerful burner for fast boiling.

Number of rack positions: 7
Weight: 103 kg
Height: 1.2 m
Width: 73 cm
Price: $1200 USD

A big feature about this dishwasher is that it reaches up to 80°C during the rinse cycle. This helps reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and germs spreading through the household. The shelves and tines in the dishwasher are easily adjustable. It can accommodate all the different types of cooking utensils including big serving dishes. The motor that is built-in this LG dishwasher is quiet but also allows for a robust clean. All the features of a modern dishwasher are also featured such as delay start, child lock, cutlery basket and beeper.

Width: 600mm
Depth: 600mm
Height: 850mm
Weight: 56kg
Operating Noise: 47dB
Water Consumption: 11.5L
Price: $1200AUD

The microwave has a sleek and modern design with one single piece of hard glass on the door. It cooks and reheats very quickly as it generates more power than other conventional microwaves on the market. The clever interior coating of the microwave makes cleaning very easy. It only takes a few wipes to eliminate all surface grime and bacteria. The turntable is very stable, it has six supporting points instead of the conventional four found in most microwaves. The inverter technology built-in the microwaves enables an even distribution of heating and defrosting of your food and beverages. It also features a child safety lock, auto sensor a quick start button and all the variety of cooking methods found on modern microwaves.

Overall Volume: 42L
Microwave Power: 1200W
Width: 540mm
Depth: 434mm
Height: 310mm
Turntable size: 360mm
Turntable type: Glass
Price: $379 AUD

Home Theatre Systems

Many consumers don’t know that LG also make superior speaker systems. LG Electronics produced South Korea’s first radios in the late 1950s in the aftermath of the Korean War, so the company has great experience in creating speaker systems.

After buying a television, many consumers do not purchase a speaker system to go alongside it. The built-in speakers in televisions deliver a low-quality audio experience and many consumers don’t realise this until they have experienced a great speaker system in their living room. Therefore, consumers should purchase a good quality Home Theatre System or Hi-Fi Entertainment System to go with the great visual experiences that televisions deliver these days. This article will outline the features of some of Hi-Fi Entertainment Systems and Home Theatre Systems that LG have on the market today, so you can make the right choice for you when buying your new speakers.

This LG Hi-Fi system provides loud and quality sound. The features of this stereo system include

  • Two large speakers that have an integrated woofer – The integrated woofer inside each speaker provides powerful bas.
  • A party lighting feature – this feature flashes colourful LED lights in time with the beat and rhythm of the music.
  • The Karaoke feature – this suppresses vocal frequencies of any song so you can be the singer to the song instead.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – You can pick the songs you want to play from your smartphone or from multiple devices
  • Automatic DJ function
  • CD player
  • USB Playback – compatible with every video and audio formats

Power: 900 Watts
Weight: 29.5 pounds
Height: 40.4 inches
Length: 9.9 inches
Width: 14.3 inches
Price: $400USD

This home theatre system has a subwoofer and four tall and slim speakers. It also comes with a DVD player and includes many other functions. The system is a great addition to your television and is easy to install. The sound quality is brilliant and once you view your television and listen with these speakers connected to it, you will never want to hear sound from your television’s in-built speakers ever again. The speakers are stylish and take up next to no space. All speakers are wireless, so there are no cords to be untangled. Therefore, they are a welcome addition to anyone’s living room The features of the home theatre system  include:

  • HDMI output – To plug in to television.
  • 1080P
  • Bluetooth connectivity – multiple smart devices can choose what music the system plays
  • Karaoke function – Decreases voice frequencies of a song, so you can be the singer of the song instead. Includes scoring feature too.
  • Free HDMI cable
  • USB function – listen to your favourite videos and music by inserting a USB. Compatible with all audio and video formats
  • CD Player
  • FM Radio
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Height: 35 inches
Length: 21inches
Width: 17 inches
Weight: 50 pounds
Power: 1000 watts
Price: $407USD

The LHD427 from LG is a great home theatre system that goes well with any television on the market in 2018. It comes with a subwoofer, two left speakers, two right speakers and a front/centre speaker. The system has the ability to play DVDs, CD’s and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This is a great addition to any smart TV on the market. The audio aspect is just as important as the visual aspect when watching the television and this system makes the audio aspect spectacular. It includes many of the features that LHD657 system has such as:

  • HDMI output – To plug in to television.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – multiple smart devices can choose what music the system plays
  • Karaoke function – Decreases voice frequencies of a song, so you can be the singer of the song instead. Includes scoring feature too.
  • Free HDMI cable
  • USB function – listen to your favourite videos and music by inserting a USB. Compatible with all audio and video formats.
  • CD Player
  • FM Radio
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

Length: 36cm
Height: 0.58cm
Width: 29cm
Power: 330 watts
Price: $407USD

Best Kitchen Scale Food Cooking Reviews

Our Top Pick for Kitchen Scales:


  • Beautiful Design
  • Highly Accurate
  • Auto Shutoff


  • Small buttons
  • Only 18 lbs. Capacity

A kitchen scale may seem like an unnecessary kitchen gadget, but it is actually one of the most useful things you could have in your kitchen. (Even Alton Brown from Food Network, who is strongly against what he calls “unitaskers” – things in the kitchen that only serve one purpose – is an advocate for the kitchen scale.)

In this article we’ll take a look at a few reasons why you definitely NEED a kitchen scale, and we’ll go over what we think are the best kitchen scales.

Why You Should Get a Kitchen Scale:

Baking Measurements

The first reason you need a kitchen scale is for baking. Using a measurement cup to measure how much flour you need may seem like an accurate way to achieve the correct amount of flour, but each time you scoop out a cup it is a little bit different.

When measuring a cup of flour with a measuring cup, the amount of flour you wind up using can be anywhere from 4 ounces to 7 ounces, depending on a few different factors that can change each time you measure something (how you scoop it, how tightly you pack it, etc.).


That’s right, even using the same measuring cup you can end up having completely different measurements from someone else – and that includes the recipe’s author.

For cakes too much flour can lead to a hard hockey-puck like dessert. If you are baking bread a kitchen scale is extremely important, because there are calculations in bread making, and it becomes much easier to deal with them if you have a scale.

Also, most recipes for bread have ingredients listed in units of measurement, not in cups or spoons. When baking cookies, brown sugar is always tricky when it comes to measuring – how tightly should you pack it? With a scale you get the exact right amount of brown sugar every time. When it comes to chopping nuts, you can get an exact measurement as to how many to chop.

When baking, weighing means never having to sift. It also means easier clean up. Instead of using multiple measuring cups for multiple ingredients, you use the bowl on the scale and no other vessels. Then that’s just one bowl to clean up instead of five measuring cups and spoons.

If you are dividing batter or dough you can use a scale to divide it perfectly evenly. For example, if you are baking a cake with two tiers, you won’t have to guess how much batter to use in each pan. They will both have the same amount of batter, use the same amount of cooking time, and come out perfectly even with each other.

When measuring anything – chopped up vegetables, grated cheese, butter, flour – you are not always going to get the same amount. It depends on how small or large you chopped your vegetables, what type of grater you used for your cheese, how tightly you pack ingredients into the cup, and surprisingly, how you physically scoop the ingredient into the bowl.

Then there is the issue of some of your ingredient sticking to the cup or spoon. With a kitchen scale you get the exact right measurement, and all of the ingredients go into the bowl on top of the scale so there aren’t any ingredients that get stuck and aren’t making it into a batter or dough.

Dieting & Portioned Food

Another reason to use a kitchen scale is for dieting.


Counting calories can be difficult and tedious. When using a kitchen scale, it’s much easier to portion out exactly how much protein, grains, and vegetables you should be consuming. Many diet plans use ounces to measure how much of each type of food you should be eating, and using a kitchen scale is the most accurate way to make sure you’re eating the right amount of everything you are supposed to be consuming.

Using a food scale at home can also help you get accustomed to what size one portion looks like, so if you go out to eat you can more easily estimate how much of the dish you should eat. Even if you are not on a diet you can use a scale for measuring meat. For example, when making burgers it’s important to make sure they are all the same weight so they will all cook the same.

The issue of halving or doubling recipes, whether baking or cooking, becomes much easier with a kitchen scale as well.

There are a few options when looking for a kitchen scale.

  • The issue of halving or doubling recipes, whether baking or cooking, becomes much easier with a kitchen scale as well.
  • I would suggest digital scale. With digital scales, there are digital displays that mean the measurements are the easiest to read and everything you are measuring is accurate. You also want to find a kitchen scale that has a “tare” option.
  • This means that once you’ve put an ingredient in the bowl on top of the scale and measured it, you can reset the scale to 0 so that you can add another ingredient and measure it without having to subtract it from the total number that is being displayed.
  • Digital scales do require batteries, but good scales will display when the battery is low. Digital scales are also more compact so they fit on your kitchen counter more easily than mechanical scales or balance scales, but they can still hold a large amount.
  • Digital scales can also measure very small amounts, whereas mechanical scales and balance scales are not able to do that.
  • Mechanical scales are more old-fashioned and can look like the scales that hang in the produce section of the grocery store, although they are also available as a platform. They are able to weigh heavier items than a digital scale, and they do not need batteries. A tare option is sometimes available but not always.
  • A balance scale is easy to use, but it’s much less accurate than digital and mechanical scales. It does not have a tare function and it cannot measure small amounts. Like the mechanical scale, though, it does not require batteries.
  • We’re going to talk about Digital Scales, because those are the most common, cheapest, easiest to use, and have the most capabilities.

Let's take a look at the Best Kitchen Scales:

The Ozeri Touch II Scale is known to be extremely accurate and can hold up to 18 pounds, which is much more than most kitchen scales are able to hold. It has a display that is very easy to read and it has a tare button.

This scale is very modern and actually looks like an iPad. It has two touch buttons that help you switch between ounces, grams, kilograms, fluid ounces, and milliliters. There is an automatic shut-off feature after two minutes so that the battery does not get wasted. It has an overload indicator in case the ingredients you place on top of the scale surpass the weight limit of the scale. It comes in multiple colors.

It requires two lithium batteries, is reasonably priced, and is sleek, stylish, and extremely functional.

Read Our Full Review of Ozeri Kitchen Scales

The Escali Primo Scale has been rated very highly among users. It is compact and spill-proof and has a large LED display screen. It has a tare button and also has the ability to calculate negative numbers, which many scales do not.

For example, if you are looking to measure 8 ounces of flour you can place your entire container of flour on top of the scale and scoop flour out of the container until the scale reads -8. It is sensitive enough to register even small amounts of ingredients.

It is reasonably priced, only requires 2 AA batteries, and comes in a variety of colors. The batteries will last for a very long time thanks to the auto shut-off feature. It comes in multiple colors. This is a great scale for basic usage, and it is very easy to use so if you have never used a kitchen scale before, this would be a great one to try.

The Eat Smart Precision Elite Scale, although compact, can hold up to 15 pounds. This scale was made specifically for eating healthy and it comes with a booklet on portion control, but it can also be used for baking.

There is a tare feature and a 3 minute automatic shut-off feature so your battery is not wasted. The measurements are very accurate and can measure in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms. It has a lighted display and only comes in one color. It requires 4 AAA batteries.

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale can measure up to 11 pounds. There is an LCD screen with an optional backlight and the screen pulls out so that the bowl on the scale does not cover the screen, nor does a shadow from the bowl. There is a tare option, and you can switch between metric units and standard units. This scale is not as good with smaller quantities as the other scales. This scale only comes in one color.

The Taylor Precision Scale can measure up to 11 pounds in increments of .1 ounce to .1 gram. There is a tare feature and it has an automatic shut-off feature to preserve battery power. This scale takes 2 AAA batteries. It has a big LCD screen, but it is not back-lit. It is promoted for providing a healthy lifestyle, so it specifically for measuring food for meals, but it can still measure ingredients for baked goods. It is only available in one color. The display can also be hard to see if you use a large bowl on top of the scale.

Read our full review of Taylor food scales.

In Conclusion

Overall, any of these kitchen scales would be good for a first-time user or a seasoned pro. The tare button is extremely important, so you can keep going back to zero as you add in more ingredients, and it is important that your scale can convert to different types of measurements.

The best kitchen scales are not expensive and they will help you prepare perfection in your kitchen!

From portion control to baking a fluffy cake to cooking meat evenly to baking a perfect loaf of bread, a kitchen scale is a must-have for any foodie, chef, baker, or nutritionist.

Best Electric Griddles Review

Wanting to whip up some bacon & eggs? How about a batch of pancakes or waffles for your breakfast…or, why not have it all at once! The worst thing about preparing breakfast is the number of frying pans you have to use and the mess to clean up afterwards. With the best non-stick griddle, you can cook all your items at once so they’re all ready at the same time which means, no more worries of cold bacon while your eggs cook!  An electric griddle provides the best solution for cooking multiple items at once on the same cooking surface.

Now with all that said, there’s no saying that an electric griddle is simply reserved for breakfast items. You can prepare a variety of foods on a griddle which makes it one of the most versatile kitchen tools you can own. We know the process of finding the best electric griddle isn’t easy, considering the selection of high quality options on the market but rest assured, we’ve gone through electric griddle reviews to bring you our list of the top rated electric griddles! First, let’s take a look at some of the top brands for the best electric griddles!

Top 3 reasons why you should invest in an electric griddle

  • Easy to Clean
  • User Friendly
  • Versatility


The top brands of the best griddles, found in our list to follow are:

With a reputation for durability and high quality appliances, Presto is definitely a four-runner when it comes to the manufacturing of kitchen appliances. Easy to use, and even easier to clean, Presto griddles are made to have a slope so that grease can drain away from the food and into the drip tray. All presto griddles can be immersed into water for a quick clean, that is if you’ve removed the electric heat control.

Mostly specializing in cookware and other kitchen gadgets, Cuisinart also has a product line  with bakeware, kitchen accessories, dinnerware, flatware, and glassware. For all your kitchen needs, you can have confidence in Cuisinart; they’re really the master in this department.

Here’s a brand many of us grew up with; founded in 1910 in Maryland USA, Black & Decker manufactures products for a variety of activities. Whether you need a power tool, something for the lawn & garden, home cleaning, batteries & accessories or a small appliance for the kitchen, they’ve got you covered!

Known for performance, versatility, durability and so much more, when John Oster started the company in 1924 he had a vision to uphold this brand promise. Since the beginning, the company has become a trusted brand for all things kitchen, offering their customers products that will help improve on their overall kitchen cooking experience.

In 1910, Chester Beach invented the ‘’universal’’ motor which ended up changing the way appliances such as blenders, food mixers and fans were made, allowing them to operator on both direct and alternating current. Louis Hamilton, the other partner in the company worked together with Chester Beach throughout the yeas to expand on their product line. In 1995, the world saw Hamilton Beach go international and become available to more markets then they ever imagined before.

In the business of manufacturing high quality products for over 30 years. Although Swissmar is a relatively new company compared to the rest, in the time they’ve been around, they’ve really made waves in the industry, developing important partnerships which have helped skyrocket the brand. From humble beginnings in Russell Manitoba to growing internationally wide, the Swissmar brand is here to stay.

Established in 1918 in Osaka, Japan, this company has been around just as long as most of the other top brands listed. It’s not often that we hear about Zojirushi but that definitely doesn’t mean it’s because they’re lacking in any area. We’d call them a modest brand, who for over 100 years has been dedicated to creating kitchenware appliances that have a track record of solid build and performance.

Top 10 Best Electric Griddles

Model Specs Wattage (watts) Size (in) Weight (lbs) Temperature Range (Degrees F) Material Amazon Rating 1-5 Stars Price Under $50 – $ Under $100 – $ Under $200 – $

Presto 07061

*Amazon’s Choice
Wattage: 1500 Size: 184 Weight: 6.5 Temp Range: 200 – 400 Material: Aluminum 4.6View Price

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1
Wattage: 1500 Size: 102 Weight: 13.3 Temp Range: 200 – 425 Material: Stainless Steel 4.4View Price

Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddle Elite

*Amazon’s Choice
Wattage: 1800 Size: 240 Weight: 16.8 Temp Range: Up to 500 Material: Stainless Steel4.4View Price

Black & Decker GD 2051B

*Amazon’s Choice
Wattage: 1500 Size: 200 Weight: 5.2 Temp Range: Up to 400 Material: Plastic 4.2View Price

Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle

*Best Compact
Wattage: 1000 Size: 90 Weight: 3 Temp Range: Up to 400 Material: Cast Aluminum 4.6View Price


*Amazon’s Choice
Wattage: 1450 Size: 180 Weight: 6.4 Temp Range: Up to 420 Material: Titanium infused DuraCeramic3.9View Price

Presto 07030 Cool Touch
Wattage: 1500 Size: 215 Weight: 6.7 Temp Range: 200 – 400 Material: Cast Aluminum 4.6View Price

Hamilton Beach 38546 3-in-1
Wattage: 1200 Size: 180 Weight: 4.2 Temp Range: Up to 425 Material: PFOA 3.7View Price

Swissmar KF 77041
Wattage: 1200 Size: 162 Weight: 9 Temp Range: Around 400 max Material: Cast Aluminum4.5View Price

Zojirushi EB-CC15

*Amazon’s Choice
Wattage: 1300 Size: 120 Weight: 9 Temp Range: 176 – 410 Material: Cast Iron, Teflon coating 4.4View Price


Top 5 Best Electric Griddle Reviews!

In our top 5 best electric griddles we’ve taken into consideration features, price, and versatility when making our selection, among other considerations which we’ve listed near the end of the article. Make sure you take a look at these considerations so you know what you should be looking for when making a purchase.

If you’re looking for the best non stick electric griddle for your money, this black, 22 inch Presto 07061 griddle will be a great addition to your kitchen. Weighing in at only 6.5 pounds and able to pump out 1500 watts of power, this griddle has an incredible cooking performance, allowing you to cook more food in less time. Temperature controls allow you to crank up the heat on the dial up to 400 degrees F, to accommodate a variety of foods. What’s so great about the Presto 07061 is it’s high powered heavy cast aluminum textured cooking surface providing additional non-stick performance meaning that cleaning your electric griddle will be hassle free! For quick cleaning, simply remove the drip tray, and handles from the base of the grill with the open latch clips, remove the heat control and immerse the units completely in hot soapy water.


Owners of the Presto 07061 griddle love the sturdy and durable design, allowing the user to cook with ease and not have to worry about the griddle sliding around.


Others commented that although removing the handles for cleaning and storage was a plus, they didn’t like that there was no specific compartment to keep the handles in. Also, the textured surface does leave a pattern on most foods; this is not a deal breaker at all but since many griddle reviews noted it we will mention it as well so you are aware.


  • Removable handles for compact storage: Fits into an 18-inch cabinet space (*Unique feature – not found in many other models)
  • Warp proof material
  • Control master heat control plug
  • Slide out drip tray
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Replacement parts available on their website

With a sleek and modern design, solid construction of stainless steel, and array of features, the 5-in-1 electric griddle by Cuisinart really is a multipurpose appliance, allowing you to whip up a full meal all at once. Whether you want to use the griddle to do a panini, grill a steak, fry up some pancakes, cook your sausages or make a good ol grilled cheese sandwich, with the Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 you’ve got all your grilling needs covered.

Included with this unit are 1 set of 2 reversible and removable plates which snap in and out with ease, a scraper, 2 drip trays to collect grease on both ends of the pan, and a book of gourmet recipes you can test out on your electric griddle. Also included is a floating cover which allows you to adjust the thickness of your food during cooking.


Buyer’s comment on the assortment of attachments available which makes it easy to cook a variety of foods at the same time. The dual temperature controls are a favorite of customs because of their ability to be easily adjusted. Many individuals liked that you can set the temperature to a specific mode, such as griddle or grill for a more user friendly simple settings option.


Heavier than most grills but on a positive note, it is still a relatively compact size and easy to store and transport.


  • 5 options for cooking a variety of foods all at once
  • Non stick surface
  • Indicator lights, letting you know the electric grill has reached the desired temperature
  • Dishwasher safe cleaning
  • 2 reversible plates (1 has a raised metal grill plate, the other side is a flat griddle plate)
  • 5 cooking options: full griddle, full grill, half grill/half griddle, and panini press
  • 3 year limited warranty

As the name indicates this is definitely an Elite item; arguably the best griddle for customized cooking according to electric griddle reviews. The Cuisinart GR-300WS has a whopping 240 sq inches of cooking space when the griddle is used completely open, meaning that it can accommodate a larger family no problem or those extra dinner guests that have popped in. Each of the 2 plates are reversible, and allow for multiple cooking options such as: A full grill or griddle use, half grill/half griddle, a top melt, or panini press. With so many options, as well as a duel temperature control, you’ll be able to accurately cook a variety of items to perfect doneness!

Included with the grill is an integrated drip tray and a scraping tool to help with easy clean up.


Comments are that the grill is incredibly versatile, easy to clean, and is able to sear in only 2 minutes! Customers also loved the temperature controls and raved about how steady the heat output was.


The unit is quite a bit larger therefor, many noted that if you have little counter space than this wouldn’t be the griddle for you. Also, some individuals mentioned that the drip function on the GR-300WS was to small.


  • Removable & reversible non stick plates.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dual zone temperature control
  • Adjustable top cover
  • 6 Pre settings
  • SearBlast feature
  • LED Electronic display
  • Timer option

For a no frills electric griddle that provides fast and even cooking, this family sized griddle will do the job perfectly! No matter what food you wish to cook, you’ve got adjustable temperature controls to provide the ideal heat. The addition of a built in warming tray let’s you keep foods warm whilst you continue cooking more items.

Clean up is easy thanks to its fully immersible base (after the probe has been removed) and its removable drip tray which collects unwanted grease during the cooking process. The unit is also dishwasher safe!


Users enjoyed the simplicity of the Black & Decker GD 2051B and how user friendly it was. The uniform heat was also a features that many commented on as being just right to cook any kind of food


The cord to this electric griddle is quite short and many users have said they’ve needed to buy an extension cord to make up for this. Also, a small inconvenience a few people shared was that the grease train needed to be emptied more often than the Presto 07061 for example.


  • Cool Touch handles to safely move the grill without risk of being burned
  • Click & Lock thermostat
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Temperature ready light
  • 2 year warranty

If you’re looking for a smaller electric griddle, intended for one or two, with all the solid design features of other Presto griddles, then this compact version will be your top pick. Heating and cooling faster than other models, this cast aluminum Liddle Griddle offers an even heating surface which means that your food will be properly cooked just how you like it. Winning on the front of size and how easy it is to store as well as ease of cleaning, the Presto 07211 is also incredibly low cost!


Users rave about how long this product has lasted them; sturdy and built to last a lifetime  are in many of the comments we’ve read. The product really does exactly what it says it does and for this, customers are more often than not, satisfied with their purchase.


Size is the only issue here but there is no secrets to that on this product’s information. If you’ve purchased the ‘Liddle Griddle’ thinking it can accommodate food for 4 then I’m sorry to say, the problem isn’t with the griddle.


  • Built in grease channel
  • Fully immersible in water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Steady temperature control
  • 1 Year warranty

Considerations Before Buying

There are number of things you should look for before heading out to buy an electric griddle. Take a look at our list below of what to keep in mind; it’ll help you find the top rated electric griddle!


You can spend anywhere from $30 to an upwards of $200 on an electric griddle. The key here is, before setting your budget, ask yourself what you plan on cooking on your griddle, how many people will you be cooking for, and whether the electric griddle will need to be portable or not. The more versatility options your want, the higher you will most likely be paying so keep this in mind when setting your budget.


Cooking for one or two, how about a family of 5; the number of people you’re cooking for will be a huge determining factor of which size of electric griddle you should look for. Also, certain items such as pancakes, take up more space while cooking which is why, knowing what sorts of foods you plan to cook on your griddle can help you answer the question as to which size is best to purchase. Storage should also be another consideration when you’re thinking about size.


The surface of electric griddles are typically made of the following materials: coated stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic or chrome. All of these materials are known to be extremely durable and long lasting. One downside of ceramic is that is will take longer to heat and most often, griddles that are ceramic will only be available in lighter colors. The best non-stick griddles are made from stainless steel, ceramic or chrome; all of which also provide even heat distribution.

Also, pay attention to the materials that the handles, knobs, lids and covers are made from to make sure they are also durable and easy to clean.

Cooking Options

Many electric griddles have designs that feature ribbed surfaces, a flat plate, or a combination of the two. If you will be charring or grilling then you’ll want to look for a griddle that has more than one plate, preferably a flat plate and ribbed which can be interchanged.

Heat Controls

Most electric griddles will have basic heat controls which let you switch between low, medium and high. Temperature controls, which allow you to set the exact temperature, are more accurate and allow for adjustment throughout cooking. These settings do require more skill when knowing the exact temperature to set to. A dual thermostat setting is a fabulous option for those who want to split their griddle and use one temperature setting for one side and another  for the opposite.


In some of the higher end electric griddles there will be extra accessories included; other times you will have to buy attachments separately if the griddle accommodates this.

  • Warming trays are perfect for holding cooked food while you prepare more items.
  • Interchangeable pan styles are a great option when you want to use your electric griddle for griddling (on the flat pan), grilling (on a rigged pan), and cooking up waffles in the waffle iron.
  • Drip trays; collects the grease from the grill, keeping it out of your food and the grill surface clean.


Cleaning a non stick electric griddle is simple if you make sure you follow these steps:

  • Unplug the griddle after the food you’ve cooked has been removed
  • Cool the unit
  • Pull out the drip tray (soak in soapy water)
  • With a plastic or soft nylon sponge, clean the grill surface with soapy hot water, follow it up with a rinse with fresh water
  • Only use the electric griddle on a dry and level surface. Make sure that same surface is heat resistant.
  • Before using the griddle, place the drip tray securely in the correct position. Plug the cord first to the griddle and then into the wall
  • Preheat before adding food to the electric griddle
  • When finished using, turn off the heat, unplug the unit first from the wall and then let cool before unplugging the cord front the unit.
  • Do not place anything other than food on the griddle; that means no pots or pans!
  • Use only plastic or wood utensils so that you don’t scratch the grill’s surface.

In Conclusion

Before making your electric griddle purchase, remember to refer back to the considerations you should make before purchase. All of the electric griddles we’ve featured, in particular, our top rated electric griddle, the Presto 07061, are great griddles for the features they offer and their solid performance. Now it’s up to you, choose a griddle that accommodates your cooking needs and you’ll walk away a happy shopper. Also, no matter which griddle you choose, its important to keep in mind that the better care you take of it, the longer it will end up lasting you.

Happy Griddling!

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review



  • Incredibly detailed plans
  • Monthly Bonuses
  • Largest variety of wood projects!


  • Too many plans to choose from
  • Large Video downloads


Ted’s Woodworking Program has been created by Ted Woody’ Mcgrath. He has spent a major part of his life in the woodworking field and his long professional career has taught him a lot about this wonderful art. He didn’t want to waste what he had learnt and he very well knows the difficulties and problems faced by those who are really interested in this field.

Hence, Ted’s passion for woodworking led him to develop such a unique program which contains more than 16 thousand plans and ideas. Though, it was never that easy for him and it took him about two full years to give the final shape to this ultimate program. Ted’s efforts have been generously appreciated as several thousands of people have learnt from his strategies. In this piece we will be discussing about Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review.

What actually is Ted’s Woodworking:

Ted’s Woodworking Guide is a step by step guidebook for woodworking which will teach you all that you want to learn about the art of woodworking. This book contains around 16 thousand woodworking plans and ideas along with their instructions and designs. Developed by Ted McGrath (also known as Ted “Woody” McGrath), a professional woodworker, educator and AWI member, Ted’s Woodworking can be best described as a huge collection of woodworking projects, plans and other tools which can be used to create your own home furniture, dog houses, sheds, chairs, carts, desks, and dozens of other woodworking projects. Ted “Woody” McGrath spent more than 2 years to put together this woodworking package which contains more than 16,000 plans and projects to this date, and according to his claims the Ted’s Woodworking package is the most comprehensive woodworking package available online today.

Ted’s Woodworking Special Features:

Woodworking Plans

There are about 16 thousand plans and you can use them to finish n number of projects. This will not just save your money but will also save lots of precious time.

Blueprints & Materials List

The book contains detailed blueprints along with various custom forms designs and by using them, you can always save your time and money.

Beginners & Professionals Plans

The ultimate thing about this guidebook is that you can actually use everything even if you do not have all the necessary information required.

Online Database

You will get access to an online database to find the plans you are looking for. Some of the categories which you can explore are arbor projects, chair plans, box designs, cold frame plans, dog house, deck plans, door designs, garage plans, home office projects and many more.

Absolutely Free Bonuses

  • How to Start a Woodworking Business
  • Complete Woodworking Guides
  • Free DWG/ CAD Plan Viewer
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos
  • Full Money Back Guarantee

Though accessing such huge online database is really a great offer for those who are really passionate about the art of woodworking, the creator of this program has also offered full money back guarantee within 60 days.

Inclination towards Woodworking Plans?

If you are the type of person who is in tune with the elements of wood, so much that you just cannot resist the smell of a wood shop and the knack for crafting truly impressive stuff from woods or maybe you are a woodcraft enthusiast who wishes to start his/her wood shop in their own house then you can satisfy your woodcraft cravings through this.

Better yet, if you plan to make a living fortune out of your skills in wood crafting, then share your love for the beautiful art of woodworking. As, we all have our passions in life, and if woodworking is what you desire; then this is the thing that should help you get started with your wood shop today.

16 Thousand Woodworking Plans

The wood crafting guide is filled with all the helpful tools and guides for you. They are really well thought of and carefully placed to provide as much as possible an informative learning on how you will manage your wood shop or the wooden items.

The man who is behind the wood crafting guide, Ted McGrath, aims to help you in putting everything that you ought to know about the wood and wood crafting all in a single place. From the different durability and perfect usage of a certain kind of wood, different wood working tools and equipment that can help starting wood crafter like yourself, when and where is the best time for working with a certain element of a wood crafting project and most importantly a compilation of the wood crafting plans with their respective instructions that you can follow. And this varied compilation is probably the ultimate feature that this product has.

More Than Just Woodworking Plans

Some of these plans include more than just everyday wood plans. You will get plans for a Garden bench, you will learn how to build a Fence, how to make a Dog Kennel, making an Easy Arbor, a Swing Pet, Nursery Wagon, Doghouse Plans, Outdoor Fireplaces, Feed Cart, Storage Sheds for Pesticide and lots more.

“Ted’s Woodworking Plans” also provides plans for garages and outbuildings . You can also learn to build a Large Garage, an Elevated Sawdust Bin, a Lawn Tool Storage Cabinet, a Garden Windmill, and many other projects. This book enables you to become an expert woodworker and finish projects in far less time than you would ever be able to do.

This book also teaches you how to build a shed that costs you less money. You will be able to build a great shed which will be much cheaper as compared to the overpriced ready-made sheds that you see in the stores. If you have the required resources, you can also build a nice shed for almost nothing. “Ted’s Woodworking Plans” will explain everything in detail and you will never have to worry about running out of ideas.

The Woodworking of the Future

Another feature that we love is that this product comes with a three-dimensional wood wood crafting plans craft modeling software. Through this, you will be able to see in advance what your plan looks like even before you start to craft it. You will also be able to monitor the plan that you want to do more properly avoiding key errors even before you initiate.

Ted McGrath – About Author & Creator of Ted’s Woodworking

The Ted’s Woodworking the brainchild f Ted Woody’ Mcgrath, who a member f the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), a woodworking professional n teacher. H rt Ted’s Woodworking program fr people k hm, people that h a trυ passion fr the art f woodworking. H understands the creative instinct fr working wth wood n art as well as a craft, and not υt a hobby or passion. H realizes that many woodworkers will benefit frm having the knowledge that hi lifetime f experience has enabled him to know. B mknɡ Ted’s Woodworking available t the public, he hopes to expand the horizons n creativity n those individuals who share h common passion of woodworking in their hearts.

Ted’s Woodworking Plans VS Other Woodworking Products

Is there any difference between the Ted’s Woodworking plans package and all of the other woodworking packages on the internet that promise a lot but doesn’t deliver? And is Ted’s Woodworking really worth your money?

The Ted’s Woodworking Plans are alternative to other woodworking products that claim to be DIY systems. Many DIY woodworking projects happen to be expensive and not cater with the real and actual information that could be useful for the users. Ted’s Woodworking Plans product is not like the thr products, bυt more comprehensive and is practically spelled out. Everything you require is supplied in this one overall ultimate package. It includes complete blueprints for thousands of projects an even supplies material lists fr each and every design n wth thorough detailed specifications.

Ted’s Woodworking has been create for the real world user.

Unlike other guides, Ted’s Woodworking contains plans and blueprints that are exactly what they claim to be. The measurements n specifications r not only υrt but also intelligible as well as readable. There are no unanswered qυtns bυt the materials or mathematics that are required and every information mentioned n clear lists and instructions. Ted’s Woodworking Plans leaves nothing to guesswork, the only drawbacks are how far you can take your imagination. Being given tested plans that work k these r a dream fr any woodworking crafts person. Nothing n Ted’s Woodworking going t cause you hassles n headaches that the designs m h n the past.

Another good thing about Ted’s Woodworking is it h designs fr each and r need. Yυr home r professional projects w ɡ qυkr than υ r h experienced earlier. What w once complicated and hard for you, w now appear k magic with the custom blueprints n materials lists made available by Ted McGrath. Wth Ted’s Woodworking Plans υr guide, even highly complex projects w b less expensive, the results w surpass υr expectations and the work will be more professionally done. Er job w b a piece f art that υ n take pride n. Ted’s Woodworking w mk υ feel k a journeyman r professional carpenter, bυt the real compliments w come frm those who’ll see the mᴢnɡ work υ h completed.

Pros and Cons

To find out if this woodworking plans and projects package is actually for you let’s talk about the pros and cons of Ted’s Woodworking Plans.


  • This product comprises of 16,000 woodworking plans, video guides, a CAD/DWG program, plus some additional monthly bonuses. CAD, or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. CAD software replaces manual drafting with an automated process. I had never used such a program before, and to be honest I quite like it. It assists you a lot, especially if you are a beginner or an intermediate woodworker, so it was perfect for me.
  • Most of the plans are very detailed, so it’s just requires patience and time to build almost anything. You have clear instructions that are easy to read and understand. The diagrams are easy to follow as well so that you will not have any trouble getting your project finished. All the directions for the project are written in a manner that will take you ahead step by step.
  • You will also have access to a lot of woodworking guides: woodworking tips; a complete guide to various types of wood, joints, finishes and adhesives; and guides for both beginners and intermediate woodworkers. There is another resource that covers types of nails, screws, hinges, and tools for woodworkers; a list of the essential tools you need to build almost any project; a quick list of starter tools for beginners; and a guide to starting your own woodworking business from home.
  • Monthly bonuses are filled with the other plans, tips, guides, etc.


  • You will also receive access to the members’ area, where you can check out some video tutorials, but you can already find some of them on YouTube and the others don’t actually show the step-by-step instructions. You’ll get an overall idea of how things should look after they were built. I wasn’t very satisfied with this part.
  • With 16,000 woodworking plans, you are bound to get a bit confused because some of them look a little disorganized and that is understandable as it is quite difficult to place all the plans into the proper categories.
  • It might take you a little longer to download the plans because of their huge size. But the members’ area does have an option to upgrade to the DVD.

Bottom line:

Truth is, I’ve seen a lot of woodworking projects in the past years, and I haven’t found anything like this for less than 10’s of thousands of dollars. There are many great woodworking projects on the internet. Some of them are less expensive then this package. I do not think there is a package that is as comprehension as Teds. This package has thousands of instructions and step by step guides to make many different woodworking projects.

Teds Woodworking Plans Review has given very positive results about this program. You can try this for about 60 days and if you feel, it is not working, you can ask for a refund.

This package really contains all the solutions for any kind of woodworking project you might think of and almost all of the plans are in high quality and professional format.

In addition, the bonus items that Ted “woody” McGrath added to his Teds Woodworking package are really amazing and these bonuses alone worth much more than the product’s price in my opinion.

So if you are planning to start on your woodworking project, this isn’t something you SHOULD use, it’s something that you would be insane not to.

Best Speakman Shower Head Reviews

In the hectic lives of most people around the world, there are few moments more relaxing than those spent in the shower. If you lead such a busy life, then you no doubt appreciate a soothing, relaxing shower. How relaxing your showers are depends largely on your choice of a shower head. If you want a rain-style shower or a strong pulsating massage spray, then you would need a modern shower head that supports these features.

If you’re in need of such modern quality shower heads and bathroom hardware, then you can’t find better products than those from Speakman. Speakman offers a full catalog of some of the best shower heads and bathroom equipment. These products are excellently designed and engineered to deliver the greatest experience.

For nearly a century and a half, Speakman has been designing and engineering these products. The journey began in 1869 when brothers Allen and Joseph Speakman opened a small plumbing workshop in Wilmington, Delaware. These brothers went on to create the world’s first adjustable shower head and they also earned lots of patents for innovation and design. Throughout the years, the Speakman team has perfected the craft. The small team of engineers produce some of the best hardware out there.

This article discusses the best Speakman shower heads out there and what makes them special so you can make an informed choice for the best fit for your needs. Most of these shower heads feature beautiful modern designs, self cleaning nozzles, high water pressure, and customizable sprays. Here are the top five best Speakman Shower Heads.

Top 5 Speakman Shower Head Reviews

This Speakman shower head has one of the best Speakman shower head ratings on Amazon – 4.6 out of 5 stars – and for good reason. It is a legendary fixture installed in countless luxury resorts around the globe. The Speakman S-2005-HB features 58 customizable sprays and a beautiful, modern design.

Here are some of the features that make this shower head really awesome:

  • Equipped with 5 adjustable jets which produce 50 individual streams and 8 pulsating massage sprays
  • It features Speakman’s patented Anystream 360° technology which allows for seamless transition between diverse spray patterns
  • Self-cleaning nozzles offer powerful spray performance consistently even under low water pressure
  • It is constructed of lightweight Speakman engineered plastic
  • It is also equipped with Speakman’s patented plungers to optimize water pressure
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This shower head also fits standard plumbing connections thanks to its 2.5 gallons per minute flow. You can choose between massage, intense and combination spray patterns easily.

The Speakman S-2005-HB High Pressure Hotel Shower Head is perfect for you if you’re searching for a beautiful, luxurious modern shower head for a modern bathroom that delivers a great showering experience.

Using this Speakman shower head is a truly iconic experience. It is one of the best shower heads out there. With 48 incredibly powerful individual sprays, which are all completely customizable, the Icon delivers a great shower experience. This high pressure shower head delivers 2.5 gallons of water per minute using 6 adjustable jets.

The Icon also features:

  • Anystream 360° technology
  • A solid brass construction which ensures quality and longevity
  • Speakman patented plunger system and self cleaning nozzles
  • Consistent powerful spray performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Icon has nice reviews from buyers on Amazon who love the high water pressure and quality build. It has a 4.7 out of 5 stars average rating from over a thousand reviews.

The Speakman S-2252 Signature Icon High Pressure Shower Head is a product of ingenuity and flawless craftsmanship. It is the definition of quality with the solid brass build. It is available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass.

The Speakman VS-3011 Alexandria handheld shower head is not only beautiful, but performs excellently. It features Speakman’s signature Anystream technology which allows you to create a shower experience that’s completely tailored to you. Simply rotating the spray face in either direction transitions you between different spray patterns such as intense, massage and combination.

This Speakman handheld shower head is also a powerful fixture. It comes equipped with Speakman’s patented plunger system which enhances water pressure. Here are some other cool features of this shower head:

  • Hotel-inspired traditional design
  • Equipped with 5 adjustable nozzles and 12 center pulsating jets
  • The jets and nozzles produce 50 invigorating sprays
  • Lifetime warranty
  • It also includes a durable 60 inch metal shower hose and bracket, along with integrated vacuum breaker
  • It is available in Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes

The Speakman VS-3011 has a 4.0 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon and a number of customer reviews. One Speakman handheld Alexandria review describes it as incredible, thanks to the enhanced water pressure which many other reviews also praise it for. If you’re looking for a beautiful yet powerful handheld shower experience with high pressure, then this shower head is perfect for you.

The Speakman S-4002 Reaction Fixed Shower Head is basically a different kind of shower. It’s a product of outside the box thinking from the engineers at Speakman. It is a unique fixture equipped with Speakman’s first ever turbine-powered engine. Thus, it produces a surprisingly intense experience that works with low pressure, and even flourishes with it.

With the Speakman Reaction Shower Head, you get to feel every drop thanks to the meticulous placement of every spout which ensures that no two sprays ever intersect. It is also uniquely designed with a transparent frame that looks gorgeous. It is available in Dusk Blue, Smokey Gray, and Jade finishes.

The Speakman S-4002 Reaction Fixed Shower Head has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with 263 customer reviews. It is highly recommended by most of the buyers on Amazon. One Speakman Reaction review describes it a having a clever design with a nice spray pattern. Another reviewer says “you can’t go wrong with this shower head”.

With a unique design, excellent performance and high ratings, the Speakman S-4002 Reaction Fixed Shower Head is definitely worth your consideration.

The Speakman Caspian VS-3014 handheld shower is a clean, refined and versatile shower head. It is a beautiful handheld shower that delivers great performance. The Speakman’s engineering team developed a unique curved frame that fits perfectly in your hand. It is a great combination of form and function.

The Speakman Caspian shower head features over 50 individual, customizable sprays. Thanks to the Anystream 360° technology, you can easily switch between intense, massage and combination spray patterns.

The Caspian Hand Shower was also designed for incredibly easy and quick installation. It comes with every essential item required for installation and can be installed onto any shower arm. Thus, it can be installed effortlessly within minutes of being removed from the box.

Here are some other great features of this shower head;

  • 2.5 gallons per minute flow control
  • Fits standard U.S. plumbing connections
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Consistent powerful spray performance even under low water pressure
  • Comes with 60 inch metal hose and bracket
  • Constructed of lightweight Speakman engineered plastic
  • Available in polished chrome finish

The caspian handheld shower has some positive reviews by buyers on Amazon. One Speakman Caspian review praised the easy installation, the good performance and the water pressure. The review also described the metal encase hose included as perfect.

With all these going for it, the Speakman Caspian VS-3014 handheld shower is great value for its price. You should certainly check it out if you’re in need of a great handheld shower.

These are some of the best Speakman fixed and handheld shower heads out there. As you have seen, these shower heads are excellently designed and high quality products. They also feature Speakman’s patented Anystream 360° technology. Most Speakman Anystream 360° reviews on these showerheads praise the tech for doing what it does well.

Speakman also produces a lot of other excellent shower heads including round rain shower heads like the Speakman S-2762 8″ Rain Shower Head. A Speakman round rain shower review on Amazon for this product describes the experience with the words: “Feels like you are standing in a gentle rain; Built well; Easy to install; Lots of water outlets”.

Before making a decision for a shower head, consider the type you want such as a handheld, standard wall mount, or a top mount. Then, take into consideration the features that appeal to you and the pricing. Narrow down your options and make a choice for a shower head that suits your needs and will provide you with the relaxing shower head experience you need. And if you are looking for the best from Speakman, which are some of the best shower heads out there, do well to check out the excellent shower heads listed above.

Best Meat Slicers on the Market Reviews

If you’re looking at investing in a meat slicer then you’re probably pretty serious about your meat or you simply know that the best meat slicer, has other applications than just that. For those looking for a multipurpose slicer for your kitchen, you’re in the right place! We’ve gone through countless meat slicer reviews to bring you a selection of the best overall, including the top pick in the following categories, best cheap meat slicer, best meat slice under $100, and best meat slicer under $150. If you’re unsure of what to look for specifically when it comes to finding the best meat slicer for home use, we’ll cover all those details in our guide on buying considerations too.

Meat slicers for home use aren’t what they use to be…

Yes, modern meat slicers still have a cutting blade and basically are made to perform the same job, with a few extra bells and whistles added in to make them more multi use but what makes them better than before? Now-a-days meat slicers for home use are designed for extreme durability and come with many more customizable options to get that as close to perfect deli/butcher shop cut on cold cuts, cheese, and even raw meats and breads.

Benefits to owning a meat slicer for home use

  • Efficiency: Save time
  • Money Saving: Buying in bulk and slicing your own items for storage can cut down on your overall food budget
  • Durable: Made with materials to last a lifetime
  • Powerful: Quick, precise, and uniform cutting
  • Convenient: For anyone that has arthritis or trouble using a knife, a meat slicer makes the job of slicing easy and convenient

Best Meat Slicers - Breakdown of Core Features

* Based on meat slicer reviews; In no particular order

Model & TypeSpecificationOur RatingsPrice (Under 100/Under 150/Over 200)

Chef’s Choice Electric Food Slicer 609

Dimensions: 15.5 x 11 x 10.5 Weight: 8.53 Motor Power: 120 Cut Thickness:1 inch 4.3View Price

Arksen Electric Meat Slicer 7.5’’

Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 11 Weight: 13 Motor Power: 180 Cut Thickness: 5/8 4.2View Price

Chef’s Choice 615A 7’’

Dimensions: 15.5 x 10.38 x 11 Weight: 11 Motor Power: 120 Cut Thickness: 3/4 4.4 View Price

Valley Sportsman Electric Slicer 8.7’’

Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 12 Weight:14 Motor Power: 180 Cut Thickness: 9/16 4.3View Price

Nesco FS-250 8.7’’

Dimensions: 15.5 x 11 x 10.5 Weight: 13.2 Motor Power: 180 Cut Thickness: 5/9 4.0View Price

Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic 7.5’’

Dimensions: 15 x 9 x 11 Weight:10.7 Motor Power: 130 Cut Thickness: 1/2 3.7View Price

Berkel 825A 10’’

Dimensions: 21.1 x 17.5 x 15 Weight: 33 Motor Power: 357 Cut Thickness: 9/16 5.0View Price

Kalorik AS 27222 7.5’’

Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 10 Weight: 11 Motor Power: 200 Cut Thickness: 1/2 3.0View Price

Weston 61 0901 W 9’’

Dimensions: 19.4 x 12.1 x 14.4 Weight: 12.3 Motor Power: 150 Cut Thickness: 1/2 3.6View Price

Waring Pro FS 155AMZ 7.5’’

Dimensions:14.5 x 9.25 x 10.5 Weight: 11.35 Motor Power: 130 Cut Thickness: 1/2 3.7View Price


Best Meat Slicer Brands

Below, we’ll highlight three of our top picks based on meat slicer reviews for the best meat slicers for home use but first, we’d like to share a brief intro to the brands they come from.

Their Elite series of food slicers is getting a lot of attention lately and has gathered quite the following. Customers love this brand for their ability to deliver high quality products at an incredible great value.  This manufacture still has some small details to iron out with their slicers, but they are continuously improving and taking their customer concerns seriously to bring forward even better products to the market.

With a mission to provide products to individuals who are focused on a self sustaining approach to food, Watson is known for manufacturing with food enthusiasts, hunters, and lovers of the outdoors in mind.

The brand Chef’s Choice, excels in the department of manufacturing high quality food slicers that are easy to use, simple to clean and versatile in their application. Not only superior in performance, the look to their slicers is also worth praising.

Best Meat Slicer Reviews 2018!

Looking for a meat slicer for home use? Choosing any one of the slicers we’ve listed above will be sure to satisfy your home slicing needs. If you want to know what our top picks our of the list we’ve made for you, take a look below for more detailed reviews.

Best Cheap Meat Slicer

With a black matte finish and sleek look, the Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic is the best cheap meat slicer on the market today. Although the power in this unit doesn’t match that of meat slicers for industrial use, this meat slicer for home use is the best for the price and packs a punch for its size. The retractable 7.5 inch serrated blade allows for precise slicing of meats, cheese, breads, vegetables and more, to your desired thickness. A durable design of die cast iron ensures this electric slicer is able to tackle a variety of jobs.

We’d recommend this slicer for the first timer; it’s a great beginners slicer and for the price it can’t be beat. Unlike other units that come in at a higher cost, the Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic does require a bit of patience to use. Control of precise slicing is more in the hands of the user than the machine. This is definitely a no frills machine and what’s great about it is it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It does exactly what you ask it do to.


  • Adjustable thickness, up to 1/2 inch
  • Removable stainless steel blade
  • Adjustable knob

Safety features include: Recessed power switch, hand guard pusher, blade lock, rubber feet.


  • Easy to clean design
  • Large slicing platform
  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose use


  • Not ideal for hard cheeses
  • A bit noisy
  • Not the most powerful
  • Better for slicing thick portions

Best Meat Slicer Under $100

As the name states, this meat slicer is the home chef’s favorite! Versatile, well built, intelligent, and highly efficient are just a few of the ways we’d describe this unit. Structurally made with stainless steel and aluminum, with the exception of the food carriage which is from ABS plastic. Durable in design and free from rust, you’ll be confident knowing that your Chef’s Choice 609 meat slicer will last a lifetime. The 7 inch multipurpose blade, allows you to slice a variety of foods to as think as roughly an inch. Powered by a gear driven high toque motor, it’s easy to slice a large quantity of product in a short time with this unit. This is arguably, the best meat slicer for home use for its affordability, performance and array of useful features.

Cleaning is made easy and literally takes a minute to disassemble, clean, and reassemble meaning that transitioning between foods will be hassle free and highly sanitary. If you’re looking to add value to your kitchen, the Chef’s Choice 609 unit is your best pick!


  • Food deflector
  • Thickness guide
  • Tilted design of the food carriage lends to efficient slicing
  • Stainless steel construction ensures that food won’t become stuck as its being sliced
  • Reduced friction while slicing thanks to the plastic glide rails around the food carriage
  • 120 Watt High-toque electric motor
  • Smooth gears
  • Large capacity food carriage that fully retracts for slicing of larger items

Safety features include: Recessed power switch/safety fuse, hand guard pusher, removable blade, blade lock, rubber feet.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable & with a Rust free design
  • Simplicity of cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Able to slice a variety of foods
  • Able to slice a variety of foods
  • Serrated blade – provides max slicing
  • High powered
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic gears
  • Serrated bladed – depending on the food, a ripped cut will result

Best Meat Slicer Under $150

Introducing the best heavy duty meat slicer under $150, the Weston 61 0901 W. Designed with versatility at top of mind, this 150 watt Weston meat slicer will make the perfect addition to your kitchen. Equipped with a 9 inch blade, the belt driven motor will allow you to slice through a variety of items from vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and breads to meats all with ease and efficiency.

The compact design, making it easy to transport and store, is durable and reliable. The Weston 61 0901 W definitely won’t let you down in its design or function.


  • Controlled slicing, up to 1/2 inch thick
  • Thickness control
  • Belt driven motor
  • Designed from corrosion resistant steel that’s coated and surrounded by aluminum housing
  • Removable 8-5/8’’ smooth blade

Safety features include: Recessed power switch/safety fuse, hand guard pusher, blade lock, suction cup feet.


  • Sturdy base
  • Large capacity
  • Easy cleaning – stainless steel food tray tilts out
  • Removable stainless steel blade
  • Runs quietly
  • CE & UL Approved
  • Stainless steel make prevents rusting


  • Gap – once food gets down to 1/2’’ thick, it can’t cut and will fall through

* This is quite common with most home use slicers

Considerations Before Buying

As with any appliance, budget will probably be your first concern; following this you’ll want to look at a few other considerations before buying a meat slicer for your home. Things such as, the intended use, amount of power, type of motor, blade attachments, and safety features are all major concerns you should look at closely before making your purchase.

Take a look below to dive into these considerations and more further.


Most meat slicers are quite large and require a lot of counter space which is why we recommend taking proper measurements of the space you have, before beginning to shop. Remember that meat slicers don’t pack down, fold in on themselves, or are overly compact by any means.

Intended Use

What do you plan on using your slicer for? Make sure that whatever use you have in mind, you’ll want to ensure your slicer is equipped to perform the job correctly. Paying attention to the blades that the slicer comes with will be vital. Typically you’ll find that your machine will have serrated, smooth edge or a combination of both blades. For food items such as breads or meats that are a bit tougher, a serrated blade will be ideal whereas if you are slicing through vegetables or lean meats, then a smooth edge slicer will be the better option.

Motor Power

You won’t want to settle for anything less than 130 watts, unless you don’t plan to use the slicer often and it’s only for light use. The higher the wattage, the more power it’ll have which as a result will mean that it’ll work faster, more efficient, and you’ll be able to use it for longer without overheating. Depending on the type of motor, either belt-driven or gear-driven, you’ll notice a difference in power; for example motors that are gear-driven are going to have more power and will be able to cut through fibrous food easier. The downside to meat slicers with these motors are that they are typically louder and cost more to fix or replace. A belt-driven motor is a great option if you plan to cut lean meats; also, you don’t have to worry about a motor that’s going to make a lot of noise.

Note: The average meat slicer will produce a noise of roughly 60 to 70 decibels (dB) and often will get louder the longer they are running.

Electric vs. Manual

Otherwise known as automatic, the electric slicer does exactly as the name states, functioning off of electricity, letting the power of the machine do all the work. These are the most common of food slicers you’ll find on the market today; they are quite affordable and easy to use. The motor on the machine moves the food carriage for you, all you have to do is guide it through.

The manual food slicers are not assisted by a motor and will require the user to manually push the carriage in order to slice. A manual slicer will be slower to get the job done than an electric slicer but if you don’t foresee yourself needing to slice a lot at a time, then a manual option may serve your purpose fine. Many people comment that the sliced product comes out with a better texture and even a noticeable difference in flavor when a manual model is used.

Slicer Thickness

You’ll find a dial or control knob on your meat slicer which will have a numeric thickness attached to it; this will help you set the desired thickness. Typically, the lower the number the thinner the cut.

Blade Material & Size

Typically you’ll find, the best blade for your meat slicer will be one that it of high quality steel. The blade is usually held in with a bolt in the back of the machine and removes from the unit for ease of cleaning. Blades range anywhere from 7” up to 14” on premium units. Remember that if you plan to cut items that are larger, you’ll require a longer blade edge.

Ease of Cleaning

The area where the food sits as you slice it is normally not removable from the machine but have no worries, you can clean it easily by leaning it over a sink, swinging the food carriage away from the sliding rack bar and scrubbing it clean.

Always remember to unplug the slicer before attempting to clean it!


This is considered an additional feature however, we would advise taking safety seriously when you are thinking of purchasing a meat slicer. Many often have built in safety features such as a recessed power button, hand guards, blade lock functions, dual safety switches, and rubberized feet or suction cups to prevent sliding around on the countertop.

Meat Slicer Maintenance & Tips for Use

No matter whether you spend a fortune or not on your meat slicer, you’ll want to make sure you’re talking care of it with some basic maintenance measures. For starters, the blade will get dull and when it does, your best bet is to take it in to get professionally sharpened or use a sharpening stone to do it yourself. The second key to proper maintenance is to make sure the motor is running smoothly. Some meat slicers will require a lubricant which can easily be bought online and is often labeled as white grease oil. DO NOT USE A WD40! Only a food grade lubricant should be used on your slicer. Lastly, in order to ensure your meat slicer lasts long and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, make sure you clean it after every use.

General Tips for Use

  • Always follow the owners manual and read fully before beginning to use your machine
  • While slicing or cleaning the unit, always wear protective gloves
  • Don’t use the machine without the blade guards in place
  • Cold foods, slightly frozen, will slice easier
  • While slicing, guide the food carriage rather than push it, forcing it will wear out the motor
  • When not in use, unplug!

In Conclusion

Now that you’re well informed on what you need to look for in order to get the best buy meat slicers, you can go ahead and see which is the best choice meat slicer to suit your needs. For an all around best bang for your buck, we’d suggest the Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic however,. if you’re looking for a little more power and don’t mind spending more, our top pick would be the Weston 61 0901 W or the Chef’s Choice 609. Remember, that whichever unit you end up deciding on, make sure that you properly maintain your slicer so that it lasts!

The Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

​Kohler has been a common household name for over 100 years and is without a doubt a brand that you can trust. It’s great that you’ve decided to purchase a Kohler toilet but now you face the problem of which one to choose. We’re here to simplify your selection process and break things down so you can easily select the best one for you. What’s going to be the best model? That will depend on many factors; thanks to our quick guide on toilet considerations you’ll be able to easily identify the important characteristics you’ll want to have in your next toilet. Before we get into the nitty gritty, take a look below at our comparison chart of the ​07 Best Kohler Toilets on the market today, in no particular order, followed by a more detailed look at the 5 Best based on Kohler toilet reviews.

Background on the Kohler's Brand

The Kohler brand released their first flush toilet in 1904, after having been in business since 1873. Through extensive innovation, research and testing, the brand continued developing toilets however as the years went on, their models drifted away from a focus on being environmentally friendly, as had been displayed in their first flush toilet. With a desire to be more environmentally conscious, the company began developing and manufacturing toilets with more water saving options. By 1998, Kohler came out with the Pressure Clean which consumed a mere 1-1.4 gallons per flush of water; this new release, propelled Kohler into a new league of environmentally efficient toilets.

Top 07 Best KOHER Toilets - Breakdown of Core Features

Model & TypeSpecificationOur RatingsPrice (Under 200/ 200+ / Over 500)

KOHLER Santa Rosa

Type: 1 Piece (Elongated)
Flush Type: Gravity Flush
Weight (lbs):102 lbs
Dimensions: 27.8 x 28.2 x 18.8
Includes: 3810-0 Toilet
4.2$ 200+

KOHLER Cimarron

Type: 2 Piece (Elongated)
Flush Type: Aqua Piston
Weight (lbs): 65.3 lbs
Dimensions: 28.8 x 17.6 x 30.8
Water Consumption: 1.28
Includes: K-4309 bowl and K-4421 tank
2.3$ 200+


Type: 1 Piece (Elongated)
Flush Type: Gravity Flush
Weight (lbs): 92 lbs
Dimensions: 29.5 x 16.5 x 16.3
Water Consumption: 1.28
Includes: K-3946-0 Toilet
3.3$ 200+

KOHLER Memoirs

Type: 2 Piece (Elongated)
Flush Type: Aqua Piston
Weight (lbs): 98 lbs
Dimensions: 30.4 x 31.1 x 18.8
Water Consumption:1.6
Includes: K-4380 bowl and K-4642 tank
4.2$ 200+

KOHLER K-3577-0 Wellworth Classic

Type: 2 Piece (Square)
Flush Type: Class 5 Flushing
Weight (lbs): 86.3 lbs
Dimensions: 27.5 x 28.3 x 19.6
Water Consumption: 1.28
Includes: K-4197 bowl and K-4436 tank
3.7Under 200

KOHLER Devonshire

Type: 2 Piece (Elongated)
Flush Type: Class 5 Flushing
Weight (lbs): 50 lbs
Dimensions: 30.5 x 17.25 x 31
Water Consumption: 1.28
Includes: K-3837-96 Toilet
4.2$ 200+

KOHLER Highline

Type: 2 Piece (Elongated)
Flush Type: Gravity Flush
Weight (lbs): 93 lbs
Dimensions: 29.5 x 30.4 x 19.6
Water Consumption: 1.28
Includes: K-4199 bowl and K-4467 tank
5.0$ 200+


Toilet Considerations

According to the Kohler’s brand, a toilet must perform three essential functions, “It must be a flushing engine”, “It needs to be water-proof, clean, and sanitary”, and last but not least, “it must be sturdy. By choosing a Kohler fixture you can be guaranteed that your flush toilet will fulfil all of these basic needs and then some. To help you choose the Kohler toilet for you, take a look below at some of the characteristics that set one apart from another.

Shape – The most common toilet shape you’ll encounter is elongated, however also available are toilets that are round, compact elongated, or even square. If you’re installing your toilet in a smaller space you will want to choose a compact option, either a round or elongated compact design. When you are not restricted by space, a square or elongated toilet will be a suitable option.

Trap Ways – Either exposed, concealed, or skirted, the trap-way is through where the waste is disposed of before it heads to the pipes to be carried out to the sewage system.

Flushing System -The main flushing systems you’ll hear about are Gravity Flush, Dual, Pressure Assisted, and Double Cyclone.

  • If you’re looking for the fastest and easiest system then the Gravity Flush is going to be the best for you.
  • Pressure Assisted uses a great deal of force from pressurized air which gets channeled to force waste through.
  • A Dual systems allows you to either use the Gravity flush or Pressure Assisted option; great for saving money because you’ll only use the amount of pressure you need to eliminate the waste in the bowl.
  • Finally, the Double Cyclone system uses a propulsion flush to direct a specific amount of water through to the siphon.

The Top 5 Reviews

Topping the list for efficiency in a toilet, comes the Santa Rosa. An affordable, functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom fixture that is easy to install and ideal in smaller washroom spaces. Designed with comfort height seating (great for anyone with a bad back or who finds it difficult to sit and stand up quickly) and weighing in at 102 pounds, this 1 piece toilet offers a level of durability that is unmatched to other toilet models in the Kohler line. The leak free claims made by the Santa Rosa have been confirmed by many Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet reviews.

This model is one of the top selling on the market! An Aquapiston canister cleaning system keeps the toilet clean by allowing water to pour around the rim and along the sides of the bowl, ensuring a clean bowl with every flush. The 1.28 galllons per flush water usage makes the Santa Rosa one of the lowest consumption models on the market.

Priced relatively mid range, and available in a number of colours (almond, biscuit, black black, dune, white, ice grey, sandbar, and white) meaning that no matter what the style of your bathroom, you have options that can customize to it.


  • Only takes up the space of a round toilet
  • Aquapiston canister
  • Powerful gravity flushing system


  • Water refill may be slightly longer than most

Final Word:

With a 1 year warranty, 3-inch flapper models, durable and leak free design, and excellent water consumption without sacrificing power you’ll be a happy squatter on this new toilet.

Slighter higher in price, the Memoirs toilet is made to be of comfort height and excels in several areas of overall comfort and efficiency. With a single flush gravity system, operating at 1.28 gpf, this model effectively eliminates waste and allows the pristine cleaning of the bowl thanks to the water that gets sent through the canister. Designed from a vitreous enamel that has been fully glazed, this design feature contributes to the easy cleaning of the inside of the bowl.

Aesthetically speaking, you could say that this model has style and is available in many colour options; white, ice grey, biscuit, almond, sandbar, and black. In addition, the trap way on the unit has been concealed which allows it to have a more desirable appearance.


  • ADA approved
  • Class 5 technology (less chance of plugging)


  • Flushing action – Louder than the average

Final Word:

It’s hard to find a model that performs well, is efficient, properly cleans after every flush, is stylish and made for comfort but luckily the Kohler Memoirs succeed at achieving this delicate balance.

Labeled as a WaterSense high efficiency toilet, the Cimarron displays incredible performance while at the same time being an energy saving toilet. With a Class Five flushing system that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, waste is quickly eliminated while at the same time ensuring the bowl is left clean after every flush. In addition, the flush valve on this model allows it to harness gravity’s natural force in order to optimize its flush performance. A powerful siphoning action takes place thanks to the gravity force, bowl, tank, and trapway.

The comfort and design are easily displayed when looking at the shape of the bowl (elongated) and height (that of a standard chair) and how easily the toilet functions. For a toilet that offers affordability, this is definitely a great pick for the budget conscious household.


  • ADA Compliant
  • Dry lock installation – makes installation a piece of cake
  • Leak free – Thanks to its double canister design


  • Some Kohler Cimarron Toilet Reviews claim that they have experienced a slight splash-back

Final Word:

With an incredibly easy to install system, along with top performance, the Kohler Cimarron toilet does a great job at providing consistency in its fluid and smooth flushing actions. Durable and reliable in design the Cimarron is definitely a model you can trust.

Solid value with incredible performance, this is how many Kohler Wellworth Classic Toilet reviews describe this model. Although it is a bit higher in water usage, at 1.6 gallons per flush, the performance is a definite strong point. With a fully glazed trapway, waste is easily and cleanly disposed of in a way that prevents it from sticking to the side.

The Wellworth is designed in a traditional style however does feature unique sculpting along with an elongated bowl. The toilet seat height is slight lower than the average, it measures 14 ½ inches, which does mean that it is non-ADA compliant but despite this many still say it is very comfortable. While this is a relatively basic model, it makes up in flushing power what it lacks in high-tech features. If you’re looking for a powerful flush at a low cost, this is the toilet for you.


  • Easy installation
  • Clog free
  • Fully glazed trapways – great for easy cleaning
  • Competitively priced


  • Does not meet ADA requirements

Final Word:

A highly efficient flushing system that although doesn’t have a wide array of sophisticated features, what it does have it does well.

Inspired by the windswept rock formations of Sedona, Arizona, the Kohler Adair, is more than a toilet, it’s a display fixture. With a slim tank and oval design, this model is compact, making it great for small spaces or when you’re looking for an unobtrusive bathroom fixture. Notably the best design feature on this model is its Grip-Tight Cachet Q3 functionality; allowing the quiet closing of the seat as well as easy removal when cleaning is required.

The single-flush gravity system uses on average 1.28 gallons per flush. Together with the powerful force of gravity, the bowl, perfectly engineered tank, trapway, and a strong siphoning action, waste is efficiently eliminated.


  • Leak-free thanks to the durable AquaPiston canister
  • ADA compliant


  • Not many complaints on this one however some Kohler Adair Toilet Reviews do comment that the quiet closing toilet seat takes a long time to close.

Final Word:

Winning by a landslide in the aesthetics category, along with beauty you also get functionality and outstanding flushing power.


Kohler is a brand with a trusted reputation for producing high quality and superior performing toilets. Their credibility when it comes to bathroom fixtures is second to none! You’ll find that all of the Kohler toilets we’ve covered above, fulfill the basic must haves of a toilet and then some. No matter which you choose for your new bathroom fixture, we’re confident that if you follow our guide when you’re shopping, you’ll end up purchasing the best one for you.

Another Brand to Consider: Toto Toilets

Best Places to Buy Washer Dryer Online

It has never been easier to find a variety of products for sale to satisfy all your wants and needs. If you wanted to buy a washing machine in the past, the hardest part would be finding a brand that made the exact machine you wanted. Nowadays, the difficulty lies on deciding what is the best place to buy home appliances, or even what is the best place to buy appliances online. But, fortunately, today you are in luck.

If you’re wanting to buy a major household appliance, such as a fridge or a washing machine, you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, I will be discussing what is the best place to buy major appliances online and offline — traditional-style.

Choosing the ideal appliance

Choosing the right appliance for your needs is crucial, and I recognize that this can be a daunting task when there are so many options out there. With so many companies offering so many products, all with different settings and functions, it’s important to know all the details before committing to spending money on the item.

In this article, you will find a table comparing the biggest names in the industry, some of the factors you want to look out for, and a review of each of the companies.

How to choose

When looking for the best place to buy home appliances, you will likely come across these four: Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Lowe’s. I have researched these companies and put together a table to summarize some of their differences and similarities. Some of the most important things you will want to pay attention to when choosing which brand to stick with are also included and will be discussed further ahead in the article.

  Quality of Appliances Range of Prices Variety of Appliances Customer Service
Amazon Mixed bag (some are great, others aren’t as good) something for every budget Tremendous Good
Walmart Good has great deals Good Okay
Target Very Good affordable Very good Good
Lowe’s Very Good affordable Good Mediocre


Choosing a Retailer

Decide what appliance you want to buy

The first step in choosing a retailer is deciding exactly what you want to buy. Some retailers specialize in kitchen appliances, while other may specialize in heating and cooling appliances. It’s always best to have a clear idea of what you want to buy and then research online, or at the store, what each retailer carries.

Decide how much you’re willing to spend

Secondly, you want to establish your budget. Walking into a retail store or going online on their website, you’re bound to find a bunch of products all at different price points. Knowing how much money you’re willing to spend will narrow down the choices for you. Something you also want to consider is that some retailers may be more specialized in your budget area than others, so you might want to try those first.

How informative is the product’s label?

It’s very rare to understand everything on a label, especially when the label includes information about potency, energy consumption and so on. You don’t want to end up buying a product you don’t understand fully, so it’s very important to get every question you have answered before committing to a product. If you’re shopping at a physical store, sale assistants should be able to help you figure out what you need. If, however, you’re shopping online, you’ll most likely have to rely on other customers’ reviews and comments on the product’s webpage.

Research each retailer’s shipping options

Nowadays, all retailers offer shipping options to all parts of the United States. However, some have better policies and rates than others. Depending on how heavy your order is, and where you live, you might be charged little or a hefty sum at the check-out counter or part of the website. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, do a little digging to estimate how much shipping your order to your doorstep would be. Another important factor is the ability to track your order. Some retailers still don’t offer this option, but other do. Being able to see where your package is and when it’s supposed to arrive comes in quite handy if, like me, you’re anxious about delivery times and getting your parcel lost.

Customer service reviews

Because accidents happen, it’s always good to know that there is going to be a retailer representative on the other side of the phone ready to help you out. A good customer service team will walk you through any problems you might come across. If, for example, your parcel has been lost or there is something wrong with the delivery, phoning or emailing the customer support department should get everything back on track. The department is there to help you should any troubles or doubts arise.

Company reviews

Getting into the nitty-gritty, where do the four biggest names in the industry rate? What are some of the best, and worse, sides of each of these companies? In this section, I will be giving you the rundown about buying major house appliances at Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Lowe’s.

One of the aspects that sets Amazon apart from most retailers is the variety of products — you can purchase almost anything with a simple click. However, Amazon is a mixed bag when it comes to appliances quality. To avoid being scammed by a seller on this website, you should probably stick to purchasing items from sellers with a lot of reviews and high ratings too.

Amazon is a great website if you’re still unsure of how much money you want to spend. There you will find thousands of products at different price points.

Shipping is also usually very good. They ship to most countries and regions, so you’re more than likely covered by their shipping network. Fees depend on where you live and how much the parcel weighs, however. Don’t forget to check how much shipping services will cost you.

Lastly, Amazon has a good customer support. Should any problem arise, your order might be covered by a warranty that the company can trigger in certain situations, guaranteeing you won’t lose money.

Walmart is known for its great deals and discounts. This reputation is fitting, as you’ll find a lot of appliances on sale that are much cheaper than the ones being sold at other retail stores. If you’re on a budget and want to get the best bang for your buck, Walmart has got you covered.

As far as product quality goes, Walmart ranks reasonably well against competitors — it doesn’t have the finest products, but they get the job done.

Finally, their shipping policies are above average. When you purchase an item from Walmart and request to have it shipped to you, you’ll get a “Track Order” code that you can use to see where your parcel is. Again, depending on where you live, you might end up paying more for the delivery.

Target’s products are of great quality for their price point. The designs will look great in any kitchen, as they range from modern-looking to vintage-like. They’re also highly rated by customers on their website and the company has a good reputation in terms of quality. Also, when it comes to prices, Target is an affordable store with price tags for most of the middle class’s wallets.

As fas as shipping goes, you can get your items shipped to your door. Depending on where you live, might end up paying more for transportation, but Target also grants free shipping if you qualify for this service.

Lastly, their customer service is excellent. You can count on there being somebody to help you out if you need their assistance in anything.

Lowe’s appliances are known to be of great quality. They’ve been rated by dozens of customers online, which has built up the store’s reputation. The best part is that they’re more often than not affordable, making it a great place to shop for people on a budget.

You can also get your items shipped to you by mail if you’re in the United States or in one of the other countries Lowe’s ships to. You might have to pay extra fees if your package is too heavy or depending on where you live.

One of Lowe’s downsides is their customer support. A lot of customers have recently voiced their angry opinions about the lack of support they felt from the customer service department. Some of the most popular complaints were that parcels were not shipped in time or customers were displeased with how their cases were handled by the company.

So which is the best option?

Depending on a lot of factors — your budget, where you live, what kind of appliance you want, and so on — you will probably want to look at each of these retailers and decide for yourself. But in my opinion, either Target or Amazon are the places to go to if you’re looking for quality appliances at an affordable price. Not only are they leaders in their industries, but they also have a great reputation among shoppers.

Best Oil Heater For a Large Room Reviews

For those of us who do not have a proper heater the prospect of getting a new heating system can be stressful and financially burdensome. The average cost to buy and install a new furnace system averages around $3,600, and this is a cost that many of us do not have to spare. Growing up our furnace only covered the bedrooms in our house. That left the main rooms in the upstairs and downstairs drafty and cold. In our home, we had chimneys and my father installed pellet stoves to keep us warm in the winter. That worked well enough for my family. A space heater is another option that might work for others however, for big rooms that need a substantial amount of heat this just won’t cut out. When you want long lasting heat, oil heaters are your best bet. In this article we will discuss the top five oil filled radiator heaters for large rooms.

Types of Heaters:

It’s important to understand how different heaters work to understand why an oil heater will be best for you if you have a large area to be warmed. Here we will how each heater works and what the pros and cons are so you can determine if you are indeed in need of an oil heater.


A furnace is a large structure fueled by gas, oil, or wood, that is connected to the entirety of the home that heats the house through ventilation ducts. Although highly effective, it is very expensive.

Space Heater:

A space heater is a small, electric appliance used to heat small areas. They are used in offices or in small rooms when one is going to be near the heater. These are easy to transport, convenient, and normally pretty cheap, but they do have some drawbacks. The heat does not permeate long distances and does last long once the appliance has been turned on. This is troublesome because you cannot leave a space heater on unattended for long periods of time. If you want a warm room while you sleep, you cannot get this from a space heater.

Portable Heater:

These heaters also plug in and are, as you might imagine, portable. They are great for bigger areas as they emit a lot of heat and the heat lasts for a long time. They are also relatively cheap. However, they are made for garages and workshops, and are not suitable for the home. The heat transmitted might damage softer flooring. Like all heaters, this cannot be run overnight, however, the heat continues longer than the space heater when it is shut off.

Hot Water Heater:

Hot water is distributed by piping is pushed through by either convection or or a pressure pump, which gathers the heat and releases it on the other end. This device can either be within the floor boards to create warmed floors and subsequent heat floating up to the air or be external like is the case with steam radiators. This type of heating system requires installation which can be pricey, and it would need to be accompanied with another form of heating to keep bigger rooms warm.

Electric Taping:

It is possible to install in the baseboards or flooring electric tape with conducts heat that subsequently is released through the walls and flooring. Although you can get constant heat this way, much like hot water heating, it is not enough to successfully heat large rooms and requires a great deal of installation.

Oil Heater:

This is a heater that can resemble the space heater but uses oil instead of electricity to conduct its heat. It is also portable, and for larger rooms it is able to heat a far greater distance. It also maintains the heat of the room for much longer periods of time, allowing, for instance, a large bedroom to keep warm all night once the heater has been shut off. It is also not very expensive unlike a furnace or a baseboard heater like previously mentioned.

Now that we’ve discussed the different strengths and weaknesses, you can determine if you indeed would want an oil heater for your home. If you do, please continue to read as I discuss the pros and cons of the top 5 Oil Heaters as seen on Amazon.

Best Oil Heater Reviews


  • 3 Settings that can provide constant heat
  • Works silently
  • Easily portable- equipped with wheels
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over


  • Weak heat output
  • Slow to heat up

Summary: This oil radiator is one of the cheapest on the market for only $39.99 with free shipping. For those of who are looking to heat up your home on a budget, this is a great deal, but don’t click “buy” just yet. Although the appliance has some great features like it’s automatic shut off system and wheels in order to move from room to room, this product is known for taking a long time to heat up and does not heat up large rooms like promised. This product might be better for smaller rooms, but since we’re specifically looking for oil filled radiator heaters for large rooms, this one might not be for you. However, you could buy two if you’re already committed!


  • 3 Heat Settings
  • Heats faster- sealed oil
  • Easily portable- equipped with wheels
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over


  • Slow heating
  • Poor plug in placement
  • Older looking design

Summary: The Costway radiator is another cheap option for those looking to heat on a budget, for only $44.99 with free shipping. This product has various heating settings, is easy to transport, and has a safety system. There are a few minor issues, however. It is slow to heat so you might need to start it up before you intend spending time in said room. It also has a curiously placed plug, being where the controls are, so you would have to have the front of the radiator face the plug , subsequently the wall, which is minorly annoying because it makes things awkward if you want to change the settings/ turn of the appliance if the heater stays close to the wall. That being said for the price you are getting a good deal.

  • Timed heating system
  • Easily portable- equipped with wheels
  • Safety- heat managing slots, rust resistant, and automatic shut off system


  • Shut off glitches
  • Confusing interface

Summary: For only $49.99 with free shipping, timed heating system, and easy transportation, this product might be great for you. There are some drawbacks; customers have complained that the system will turn off randomly when the room hasn’t been substantially heated time to time, and others had complained the the many different options on the interface made it hard to deal with. If you want a product with a sleeker design than the Costaway option this might be best for you, but other than the design the Costaway seems a bit better.

  • Timed heating system
  • Thermostat adjustable
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over


  • Can “click” while heating up
  • Weak heat output

Summary: This product is a little more pricey, costing $79.99 with free shipping. Honeywell is a trusted brand and might be worth your extra money. This product has a timing system which can be really nice for those who don’t want to get up out of bed to turn off their radiator. It’s also able to be specific in the temperature that you’d like the room to be in, however, the amount of heat generated is not as strong as it could be, so it might not be best for larger rooms.

  • Strong heat output
  • Safety- automatic shut off system when it reaches a certain temperature or falls over
  • Silently operates


  • Not much of a grip on handle- difficulty moving
  • Seems to only last around 3 years

Summary: This product is also a bit pricey for $79.99 with free shipping but seems to have a high quality about it. The heat output is strong which is perfect for large spaces needing to be heated. It has the needed safety measures installed in it, and it’s most popular compliment is it’s silent factor. That being said it is a bit harder to move because of its poor grip, which isn’t a big deal, but the longevity, at least according to some customers, is only about three or four years, so that might be a risk if you’re wanting a long lasting heater.

Which is the Best Oil Filled Heater for a Large Room?

From what I’ve gathered I would have to say that in terms of price, performance, and quality, the Costaway heater will probably give you the best bang for your buck. It might not be entirely flashy but it will get the job done and it’s not at an absurd price! I hope you found this helpful in finding a product that will heat your home for the coming winter.