Wolf Toaster Oven Reviews – Best Models for 2017

The Wolf Gourmet is a new appliance that was introduced in the market in the year 2000 by the Sub- Zero Company. This toaster is fast replacing the usual toaster oven tray due to its high quality and highly specialized products.

The company has an extensive range of products that include the wolf toaster oven, wolf countertop oven, wolf countertop convection oven and Wolf gourmet toaster oven.

These products do not disappoint at all, and they provide a robust solution to meet your cooking needs. Let us have a look at each of these product reviews.

This is one of the Wolf Gourmet cooking appliances that Sub-Zero Company added to their line of goods. The wolf

Convention Countertop Oven 2 does not disappoint at all making your baking, roasting, and broiling in the kitchen so straightforward and fun. It has a robust convention system and superior heating elements that operate smoothly and efficiently thus reducing cooking time and energy use.

The high volume vents have powerful air flow that circulates heated air ensuring food is evenly baked or roasted. The five oncology heating elements not only provide enough heat in the oven but have high-grade stainless steel and nickel base that prevents rusting and burnout thus increasing its durability.

The wolf countertop convention is easy to clean up since it is made up of a sturdy stainless steel which is nonstick and is dishwasher safe. The wolf convention oven 2 comes with a recipe book, user’s guide, baking pan, temperature book, technique and broil rack. Wolf Gourmet appliances come with a five-year warranty from the date of purchase. What a good deal!

From juicy roast chicken to mouthwatering beef tenderloin, the wolf countertop oven 2 provides the perfect taste of this foods convention. You can broil, roast, toast and bake food. It has perimeter agreement that evenly surrounds food with heat in circulation manner reducing the time taken for food to cook. The temperature probe also enables you to know when the chicken or beef is ready to serve.

The wolf gourmet countertop comes with a user’s guide, smooth glide rack, and buttons that make it so easy to use by beginners. It is also spacious enough to accommodate a large turkey or chicken. The door is made of springs with a seal to prevent heat loss and ensure smooth opening and closing. The interior is nonstick thus giving it natural cleanup process, and it is dishwasher safe. The unlimited five-year warranty is a plus and enough proof that the oven is of very high quality.

Product Description

Temperature Control; The five heating elements provide an even and superior heat for baking, roasting and broiling to give tasty, delicious meals. The probes are labeled for selection of mode, function and cooking time. The convention tubes are finely structured to ensure heat is evenly distributed to the food.

Smooth Glide Rack; The rack is well fitted to accommodate nine by 13-inch dishes and slides smoothly in and out making food safe when handling so that it does not fall over. The rack is also portioned for baking, broiling and toasting positions.

Easy Cleaning; the nonstick interior ensures food does not stick in the oven thus making cleaning much easier. The stainless steel is dishwasher safe, and it smoothly slides out when cleaning. For exterior maintenance clean it with a damp cloth to maintain its pristine nature.

High-end Stainless Steel; this is vital for all Wolf cooking appliances. Steel is nonstick and quite durable making it the best material for countertop ovens.

a) Nothing beats the buttery bagel or English muffin for breakfast for your complete to your cup of French roast. You do not need to stress up with fitting artisan bread or toasting them to achieve that good taste. The Wolf Gourmet 2 Slice Toaster comes with innovative features that include; advanced toasting technology –provides a self-centering bread guide that accommodates both thin and thick bread sizes that are evenly toasted to achieve even browning. Durable construction –It is constructed with stainless steel dies cast material that is very durable. The high-end heating elements are similar to the ones in the larger restaurants and kitchen that will serve you for long years. Extra wide slots-

Full slots ensure you slide in your favorites slices without crumbling from crumpets, bagels, and brioche. The bread is easily accessed after toasting since it rises to the ideal height. Convenient Features-The slide out crumb tray is easy to use, and the bread lifter does not need an operating manual.

This toaster enables you to prepare the thickest slices to achieve the brown spectrum from crisp to dark brown crunches. Each pair of the slot has independent controls with superior toasting technology that ensures food is always warm up to the time it is served. Regardless of the bread type, the self-centered bread guides ensure bread is evenly toasted for perfect results. You can toast thick slices of t tender brioche, thin slices of grain bread and sesame bagels to your desired preference by selecting a button. This toaster is ideal for artisan bread lovers due to its high performance.


Wolf Toaster ovens are undoubtedly high end cooking appliances that come with high performance and cannot disappoint at all. From baking to roasting to broiling, wolf toaster ovens will leave you to yearn for more food delicacies for you and your family offering you for meals any day and any time from breakfast to dinners. Countertop ovens’ exterior can help warm up the house during cold seasons and heat up plates before serving.

Although these wolf toaster ovens seem pricey, the benefits of durability, performance and five year warranty is worth the cost. They will serve you for very many years while giving you delicious food taste.

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